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Hal Itosis rated on 09 Apr 2014
[Version 4.5.8]


Hal Itosis reviewed on 08 Apr 2014
Simply amazing. THANK YOU!!!

[Version 4.3]


Hal Itosis reviewed on 20 Mar 2014
Charles... are you alright?
[Version 3.2.8]

Hal Itosis rated on 17 Jul 2013
[Version 4.5.3]

Hal Itosis rated on 08 Jul 2013
[Version 3.1.1]

Hal Itosis rated on 20 Jun 2013
[Version 2.14]

Hal Itosis rated on 18 Jun 2013
[Version 3.1.1]

Hal Itosis rated on 05 Jun 2013
[Version 3.3.4]

Hal Itosis rated on 10 May 2013
[Version 1.1]

Hal Itosis commented on 26 Apr 2013
This program appears to be TOTALLY oblivious of the hidden file (used mainly by google) at the following pathname:

~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/.tracked filenames.plist

Note the leading dot, as well as the space. ^

Use terminal (or TextWrangler, etc) to check it out... it's quite fascinating. NB: it's also a very persistent item, as neither clearing our history nor resetting Safari have any effect on its existence.

[Version 3.0.13]

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Hal Itosis replied on 10 May 2013
>>it clears the folder that contains the file in question while Safari is open< <

Hi Artie, my best to you and all at FineTunedMac.

True enough, as Cookie seems predisposed to deleting entire folders (as opposed to only their content), it does indeed —by pure fluke perhaps —eliminate the dreaded beast. That file's very existence, however, still remains shrouded in mystery... as no specific mention is ever made of it anywhere (neither on the SweetP website nor within any of the app's windows).

I do appreciate this app though.


Hal Itosis had trouble on 11 Oct 2011
Oh come on. All of a sudden (right after upgrading from 7.3.1 to 7.4), the BROWSER no longer properly displays images which were saved with Photoshop Elements:

The entire "right section" is gonzo. I.e., the image data is missing info for size, resolution, format, length and compression. The histogram and the 100% slot are not functional. And the large preview is really ugly (fuzzy). Why? This wasn't the case before.

Files in the same folder which were saved with GraphicConverter display all the above just fine.
[Version 7.4]

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Hal Itosis replied on 11 Oct 2011
Also... the 'Fast Preview' feature (i.e., sorta like QuickLook from within the browser) just stays gray, showing the text 'Loading...' ad infinitum. (again, that's only with Photoshop JPEGs... whereas items saved with GraphicConverter work as expected, as usual).

The only clue in Console is several lines, all of which say:

10/11/11 2:16:40 PM GraphicConverter[644] com.apple.console Error +[NSString stringWithPascalString:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0xa0031238

Hal Itosis replied on 12 Oct 2011
i have exchanged e-mails with the developer, and after deleting prefs and caches all is working now... better than ever in fact.

many thanks Thorsten,


Hal Itosis replied on 15 Nov 2011
Hi. So far it seems that version 7.5 has cured the browser problem which 7.4 introduced... so i am quite happy.

As far a "deleting the application prefs" goes, there are two unfortunate issues with that: it's a huge PITA and it only works temporarily.

It's a huge PITA because there are around 30 or 40 changes i make to the "defaults" in order to get GraphicConverter to look and act the way i prefer. (as you know, there are many MANY pref possibilities). Deleting the prefs means i need to go and retweak a whole bunch of of stuff (not just the browser section, but everything). But after all that retweaking, and after some time goes by, version 7.4.x reverted back to the same misbehavior described above.

So far, version 7.5 is doing fine... and i didn't even need to delete the prefs!!! (i.e., my first "test" was to see if it would misbehave while my prefs were already set to what i consider ideal... and it worked out right away).

Let's hope it lasts this time.
And thanks again Thorsten.

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