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HackDefendr reviewed on 07 Oct 2013
Assuming since this is v1.0, and more features could be coming, I think my review of this application is correct for version 1.0.

There is really only one design that can be warped, kerned, bent, and put into a circle. I think the App Name leaves to much expectation, because artful css text really can be so much more.

For example...using Google's Font API, and no application at all, you could create Anaglyph, Brick Sign, Canvas, Crackle, Distressed, Fire, Fire Animation, and much more.

Using the Google API is free too...
[Version 1.0]


HackDefendr reviewed on 29 May 2013
Its very simple...No matter how awesome this screensaver looks, and how easy it is to span multiple monitors, and how funny it is watching my cat try to catch the fish - I just cannot agree with any of the other people who commented about how good this screensaver is.

--- the lack of support for Mac OS X 10.8 is stunning
--- the lack of actively fixing known issues is abismal
--- the lack of technical support for the Mac OS is painful
--- the fact that the Crash Error has become part of the screensaver is more aggravating than Republicans doing anything.

I wish I could get my money back...because this screensaver just sucks. I share this with you, because I believe everyone else that has commented may just be accepting the shortcomings for the gorgeous looking screensaver.

But I just cannot stand it anymore...Don't waste your money on this rubbish unless you are OK with crap, crappy support, and just plain overall crap.
[Version 1.0]

HackDefendr commented on 19 Feb 2012
Sorry...but Ghostery does everything Cookie Stumbler does and more for free. Not sure why anyone would pay money for something they can get for free.
[Version 1.0]

HackDefendr commented on 08 Jun 2011
Here is what I don't get...

It says create a VPN between your laptop and your wireless router...if first you have to connect to HotSpot Shield to create the VPN, how is this done without being connected to your wireless router? Does it disconnect and reconnect you once the VPN is can't do this without breaking the connection.

If this is just routing through an external VPN, what is the backbone connected to the Anchorfree network, can it handle my bandwidth usage and everyone else's too?

But seriously...if you have to connect HS before associating to your wireless router, how can this possibly be done without breaking the connection you already have to your wireless router?

Something just isn't adding up.

"I'm not in this for the points or keep em for yourself!"
[Version 1.581]

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HackDefendr replied on 08 Jun 2011
WPA2 already encrypts traffic between your laptop and your wireless router. This is a huge waste of time, and misleading for those who do not know any better.

HackDefendr reviewed on 05 Jun 2011
Simply put, I agree with 'Thresher the Shark', and '808armada'.
[Version 0.3]


HackDefendr reviewed on 19 May 2011
This looks to be the perfect application black hat's would search for to help install their malware without prompting a user for credentials.

[Version 1.0]


HackDefendr reviewed on 03 May 2011
Still doesn't support my 4GB 2.3 Core2Duo 15". Its supports 64 bit, and none of the other so-called switcher apps support it either. So 2.5 across the board is what you get.
[Version 1.2]

HackDefendr rated on 03 May 2011
[Version 2.6.2]


HackDefendr reviewed on 22 Mar 2011
Why does Firefox use 88% CPU when idling on a Flash enabled website? Chrome v10 on the same website only uses 31%. For me, this is just more of the same from Mozilla. Someone over there needs smack in the face for believing that aesthetics was the way to go, instead of rewriting code to make the plugin implementation more stable.

What a waste of time this has been...back to Chrome, the real best browser on the net.
[Version 4.0]


HackDefendr reviewed on 08 Jan 2011
I actually love this media server. It allowed me to migrate all of my movies, music, and picture to my big Mac. Coming from several years of using Mediatomb (which seems to have stalled out)...and having tried a few other media servers...Serviio provided everything I needed to stream my collection to my PS3.

Granted, there were a few moments when I thought it was not working. But, after waiting a few minutes for it to complete the initial startup, and then adding all of the media folders...a little more waiting for the initial database creation and imports, and Serviio works flawlessly. This server can stream every format I have and just is not slow about doing it.

Features are at 3 stars, only because I think that the Console and Server should be one application, or at least have the Console be able to launch the server in the background without the need for two Application bundles. Added to this, I think the Console should have a Dashboard for statistical viewing, as well as, the current status of the server, ability to start/stop/restart the server daemon. There may be others I have thought of or will think of...but the above really would make this a solid media server capable of all 5's.

As for Value and Stability...they got 5's because, face it, how hard is it to install a Mac application. And with a little patience and understanding, setting Serviio up and getting it on a network capable media player really is very easy. Other settings are very easily other words, self-explanatory. Stability is easy to explain...5 days uptime since install and initial setup and not one crash or restart needed. I did see the server app icon go un-responsive, though the actual server operation was unaffected and within a few minutes the Icon recovered without human intervention.

In comparison to PS3 Media my opinion, Serviio is faster, easier to setup, and actually works. My brief experience with PS3 Media Server was painful, as everything I tried to stream or view from my PS3 came across jerky, slow, and took several seconds to minutes for images to clear up. It was not what I expected at all...and it really makes me happy to have found Serviio.

[Version 0.4.2]

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