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H.toelle reviewed on 18 Feb 2013
For Several years now I have been using a Calendar called Sunbird. It has a problem running quickly on more recent releases of OSX . So I was pleased to find Preminder as it was basically a similar design and features. Unfortunately after 2 weeks of trying to use Preminder I reverted to my copy of Sunbird and the $20 I spent is no more.

The major problem with Preminder is the Documentation, or more accurately the lack of it .
The only copy I found was on-line via the browser and is woefully scant. Even that should be in the form of a downloadable PDF. The lack of clear illustrations and explanations of the features, fields, preferences is very frustrating. One is often left guessing is this or that the correct action, and why is it wrong or right.
My overall impression of Preminder is that it probably had the ability to meet my needs exactly. However the lack of good documentation is its downfall.
[Version 1.7.4]


H.toelle reviewed on 17 Feb 2012
Although it took 14 days. The developer did with regret finally contact me. He did resolve the issue I was having more effectively than I had. Better late than never.
[Version 1.9.9]


H.toelle reviewed on 10 Feb 2012
This program works quite well. However after 4 eMail messages over a period of 5 days requesting support in a very reasonable tone and no reply I can only conclude this developer will be happy to take your money and then leave you high and dry. Although I did enventually resolve my support problem through other channels. The developer "Limit Point Software" has managed to push this Consumer past the limits of customer care. Thank you
[Version 1.9.9]

H.toelle commented on 02 Nov 2011
In the case of Retrospect. There was a day when this program was used by me, on Mac & PC it was worth every dollar I spent. However there came a time when the writers of this App Just left their users with no tech support and no newer versions to use with newer OS s . Numerous calls and messages were met by silence or promises well into the future, which were not fulfilled. in one case the worst was years.

In short Retrospect was the industry standard which fell to a point where it lost all respect as a choice of back up tool. May I suggest to the current writers of this version, Change the name and contact your former clients and attempt to undo some of the ill will which is out there.
You need not contact me , because the damage caused was too great.
[Version 9.0.0 ]


H.toelle reviewed on 16 Aug 2011
After 20 years of Mac Use on occasion there is a program which comes along that does a job and seems to do it so well that superlatives are almost inadequate. NetShred falls into that exclusive club according to this user. The developer states basically set it up and " forget-it ". Very true.

I have one or two minor suggestions.

1) as more ways of protecting ourselves which NetShred could accomplish we are advised of same or updates come through.
2) This falls into the area of personal preference. For me Dock real estate is precious. So if in a future upgrade it could run but not be seen. In my case I have accomplished this, but can bring it back up should I need to. But like I said above generally never needed.

Just Great !
[Version 4.7.1]

H.toelle commented on 11 Aug 2011
Suggestion -- as this will be a new concept for some mac users, therefore they might be willing to try. Although I am a seasoned mac user I would also like to try. That being said experience has taught me trying a new app without documentation is an unwise move. One does not know how and when it is launched, what does one see. are there any prefs and so on and so on --- finally how does one get rid of it. Should one decide this is not for me.
Bottom line this may be a freebie but without documentation it could become rather costly.
[Version 1.0]

H.toelle commented on 05 Aug 2011
I tried this extension for 24 hr 5/8/11 . I do not know very much about this field. But my movie clip performance from the news sites I use was sort of all over the map in performance and attributes. start right up long delay ads and no ads sound breaking up. So for the present it is back to Flash. My 2⊄ worth.
[Version 1.7]


H.toelle reviewed on 19 Mar 2011
From a user who came up through OS 6.3 to the present 10.6 +. I have been through all the moves Apple has made in this area. They all had their strengths and weaknesses.
Spotlight and the search capabilities in OSX struck me as an extremely powerful tool, however for the average Joe user it was awkward to handle. When "ME" average user needs to find something I need to go from point A (looking for) to Point B (found it). Usually using a bike, not a 15 gear semi transport truck called "Spotlight".
What Apple forgot in spotlight was "keep it simple stupid " or the KISS rule.
Moving on, EasyFind came on the scene what a relief not perfect but such a vast improvement over Spotlight. I still have a copy on my machines. It can still do a few things better than it successor "Find Any File ", not much though.
" Find Any File " brought us back to the find functionality of OS 9. It did so in the OSX environment. Is it perfect ? most likely NO, but I am not one to split hairs, I am just the average Joe. For the Hair Splitters there still is Spotlight. So who has won and who has lost.


"Spotlight" is still on my machines, it is used 2% of the time by me.

"EasyFind" is also still there but now gets used also about 2% of the time by me.

My bike and I use "Find Any File " 96%. of the time.
End of story.
[Version 1.5.1]


H.toelle reviewed on 19 Feb 2011
This is a fine program and is able to accomplish a lot. In my humble opinion it falls down in one key area. Ease of use, and that mainly because the documentation is not geared to a wider range of user. The developer goes to great length to point out some of the programs it is replacing "MacDraw - ClarisDraw - Apple Works" There is no doubt INTAGLIO exceeds some of the their capabilities. Therefore the seasoned User will have greater success using this program. However the less seasoned user will encounter the limitations of less than adequate documentation, thereby ease of use. Which the aforementioned programs did have. I did buy this package and shall endeavour to work with it over time. In that way I shall overcome its present shortcomings. Finally, I have read in a review of this program. ( it was not worth its current price but only about 50% of that. In its present form, I would tend to agree. Unless like me one is willing to work at overcoming its short comings. Respectfully submitted. htoelle
[Version 3.1.3]

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