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Gryffin reviewed on 02 Oct 2013
Tried this while waiting for Reeder to get updated to work with Feedly et. al.; I still think Reeder has the edge in usability and presentation, but there's no denying ReadKit has more functionality, synching with every RSS sync engine I know of.

When Reeder *finally* gets updated, I'll probably switch back to it, if only because I use the iPhone and iPad versions, but that takes nothing away from ReadKit, it's one of the best readers anywhere.
[Version 2.3.1]


Gryffin reviewed on 27 Aug 2012
Does what it says on the tin: route Growl alerts to the 10.8 Notification Manager. Until most app devs get around to fully supporting Notifications, it's a good way to leverage all the Growl-enabled apps out there, without the need for Growl itself.

There are some limitations: all Growl alerts show up under one App group in Notifications. This isn't a bug; Notifications groups the alerts by app, and it can't tell which app sent the alert to Hiss. Not much the dev can do about that, it's an Apple architectural limitation.
[Version 0.3]


Gryffin reviewed on 30 May 2012
Finally, finally, FINALLY the long-awaited Task functionality!

Seems to work well, but it could use some documentation. In the entry window, they've added a small toggle next to the Event/Task name, to switch manually between an Event and a Task. But where's the fun in that? Hafl the joy of Fantasical is the natural language processing.

By trial and error, I've figured out this much: if you start your text entry with the word "todo," it forces the entry to be a Task; if you assign a date/time using the verb "by" it also forces it to be a Task. In fact, it seems to default to creating a Task, unless you specify a date/time.


• "TEST mon" creates an event named "TEST" on Monday

• "todo TEST mon" creates a Task named "TEST" due Monday

• "TEST by mon" also creates a Task named "TEST" due Monday

• "TEST" creates a Task named "TEST" with no due date

Makes sense so far, but if there are any additional features I haven't stumbled across, it sure would be nice of the dev to document them!
[Version 1.3]

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Gryffin replied on 30 May 2012
Whoops, my bad. I forgot that Fantastical had built-in Help, and the Reminders functionality is pretty well documented there.

For any users who haven't checked out the Help, you should. I guarantee you'll find some feature you didn't know about. The way it parses text is very flexible and well though out.

Gryffin reviewed on 08 Mar 2012
Just a nice, no-frills, attractive app for managing and reading ePub books. No extraneous whistles and bells, but it organizes and presents your eBooks cleanly.

[Reviewing this partly to offset the chucklehead who gave it a half-star because he can't grok the Mac App Store. That's the app/dev's fault *how*?]
[Version 1.0.1]

Gryffin commented on 16 Feb 2012
Geez, so much half-star-rating and gnashing of teeth...

First of all, it seems half of you are complaining that it's not changing enough, the rest that it's changing too much. Do you want progress, or stagnation? It's new, it's different, it's moving in a direction that makes sense considering that Apple's selling four iDevices for each Mac.

IMNSHO, this is a pretty minor release, comparable to the upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard. Most of the improvements are in consistency in the user experience; in more polished apps; and exposing APIs to private features already in 10.7.

Secondly, no one's gonna hold a gun to your head to install it. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

Thirdly, we don't even know if Apple's gonna charge you for the upgrade. 10.0–10.5 cost $129; 10.6 was a "minor" upgrade, and appropriately cost a mere $29. Apple got generous with 10.7, a more major release, and kept it $29; since this is a SL-like "minor" release, and since Apple's making money like a drug cartel, they just might give it away.

Fourthly, it seems the vast majority of you HAVEN'T EVEN RUN IT YET. Talk about uninformed opinions... Give it a while, read the inevitable in-depth reviews, and maybe *then* form an preliminary opinion; even better, wait until you actually installit and use it in daily use before you bless us with your *informed* opinions.
[Version 10.8]

Gryffin commented on 05 Dec 2011
Site seems to be gone. Too bad, this was a fun Christmas toy!
[Version 1.5.8]


Gryffin reviewed on 21 Oct 2011
I stuck with BananaTV for a while, because it was more reliable, but AirServer 3 is rock solid. I run it on my home theater Mac Mini, so it works just like an AppleTV. Sweet!

Now, with the Media Center Safari Extension, I can be surfing, find an interesting video on YouTube, Vimeo etc., and with a click, put it up on the big screen to share.

What I don't get is, why doesn't Apple bake this functionality right into Safari/QTPlug/QTPlayer/iTunes? They tout the technology, but don't give you even basic tools to use it on OS X, whereas you can send *any* media from your iPhone/iPad to an AirPlay device. Doesn't make sense.
[Version 3.1.1]

Gryffin commented on 21 Oct 2011
µTorrent just added it's own RSS tracker, so you don't need a separate program to auto-torrent your favorite TV shows f'rinstance. It'd be REAL nice if Transmission had that feature!
[Version 2.42]

Gryffin commented on 08 Aug 2011
I dunno 'bout this "rapid release" crap. One of Firefox's strengths is the wealth of extensions available, but they generally only function in the current *stable* version, not the betas; and with these rapid releases, the extension devs barely have time to get compatible with the current release before a *new* release comes around. It's getting ridiculous.
[Version 6.0]


Gryffin reviewed on 06 Jul 2011
Free. Simple. Does what it says on the tin. Works for me!

(Five stars mostly to offset the half-brained half-star review from Soo-Soo.)
[Version 1.0.3b5]

Gryffin had trouble on 17 Jun 2011
I've been using Adium since forever, but this is the first time a full update caused me a problem. In this case, since installing 1.4.2, I can no longer create hyperlinks. When I right-click, the "Add Link" item is there, but doesn't do anything. Ditto the main menu item.

Checking the console, I'm seeing this, twice, fer every attempt to create a link:

6/17/11 10:37:02 AM Adium[30127] +[AHHyperlinkScanner isStringValidURI:usingStrict:fromIndex:withStatus:schemeLength:]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x21e5140

Gonna see if I have a copy of 1.4.1 laying around, and roll back.
[Version 1.4.2]

Gryffin had trouble on 26 Feb 2011
I've tried MacUpdate Desktop several times over it's history; I never cared for the early versions, VersionTracker's app always was more stable and reliable. But with VT gone, and AppFresh chronically incomplete and out of date, I thought I'd give this one another try.

All in all, it's a huge improvement over those early versions. The latest 5.0.8 version is blazing fast at scanning and finding updates. Even the installation feature — which I've never entirely trusted in previous versions — works very well. I like the way you can archive the old version, too, just to be safe.

However, I think I've found a bug: while it lists the apps in ~/Applications, every one is grayed out, and shown as "Information Unavailable". Since I like to keep my non-Apple apps there, this severely limits the app's usefulness.
[Version 5.0.8]

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Gryffin replied on 28 Feb 2011
I'd be happy to, but I don't know how to contact you. If you can email me, we'll see what we can do.

Gryffin replied on 02 Mar 2011
Problem fixed. Now THAT's a responsive developer!
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