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Gregorgy commented on 31 Aug 2013
Just get tagalicious instead. Costs MUCH less ($15) and is from the Little App Factory, who have always been decent Mac developers.

TuneUp particularly loves crashing.
[Version 3.0.2]

Gregorgy commented on 22 Jul 2013
Since CSSEdit seems to have died (or been swallowed by Espresso), this may just be the tool I am looking for - except, without a demo, that's kinda hard to guess. If it is the next big thing in CSS standalone, then $5 is a good price. I'll think about it for a few days before taking the plunge...
[Version 1.3]


Gregorgy reviewed on 04 Apr 2012
Jeez - MU really should clean out these developer remarks. The real problem comes in when someone naive uses this virus and then wonders what went wrong. I understand these people advertise here all the time - maybe that is why they are allowed to have their fake reviews. Either way, it steals from MU's long-established reputation and this kind of thing can bring the MU community into disrepute. Thankfully, people like those below who constantly rate this and that other pile (Stellar Pheonix) 1/2 stars and warn buyers are still around to defend the user.
[Version 2.1.2]


Gregorgy reviewed on 27 Mar 2012
Highly configurable, highly adaptable, remarkably successful at downloading MUPromo's recent CivIV while I was at the pub waiting patiently.

Don't waste money on the competitors when this baby is free and powerful.
[Version 1.0.2]

Gregorgy commented on 14 Sep 2011
Put me down as disappointed. This upgrade policy is nothing short of insulting to former users. Worse than the BBEdit insult to long time users. Even Toast looks acceptable by comparison, if only because they are part of a wider MU bundle.

I have v3 and to think that my investment means nothing on the upgrade price I have to think twice before I consider any kind of loyalty to the provider, seeing as none is due to the users.
[Version 4.0.1]


Gregorgy reviewed on 31 Aug 2011
Very cool - works a charm. I have the Miglia TVMax which is bulky (size of a Mini) and while it's great, it's hardly portable. EasyCAP is cheap and portable and goes with my MBP and this software very nicely.

Could do with an icon though...
[Version 0.5.3]

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Gregorgy replied on 09 Sep 2012
ICON has arrived!!! Still one of the best things you will ever get for free - many thanks to the dev.
Gregorgy commented on 30 Apr 2011
My first impression is that once this moves out of Beta, it will definitely be a contender to the lower end of the market. In fact, it is already. I use Mixxx and FutureDecks, depending on how I feel. So far, I do like this. Until I have done a live event, I won't review it though.
[Version 0.9.0]

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Gregorgy replied on 05 Jun 2011
Chris and Scott are quick to reply to bug reports etc. So far, each issue I have raised has been addressed. Really looking forward to the complete package.

Gregorgy reviewed on 28 Mar 2011
I bought this because I thought I needed it. I didn't - it was play-play. So I changed a whole lotta icons to Wall E and then I clean forgot about it. Time passes. So, the other day, I need to change an icon on something I rolled myself and figured what Icon software do I have and I remembered this. Can it do the job, I wondered. Dragged the 512 PNG, clicked export and DONE. The 512 down to the 16x16 icons - created ICNS without issue. Thank you IB!

Just one thing - the four modes and the things they do are not that intuitive.
[Version 2.1.0]

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Gregorgy replied on 02 Dec 2011
Sweet stuff Florian. Sweet Stuff!

Gregorgy reviewed on 20 Feb 2011
I am surprised they never bumped a ver with this release - 1.9 is so much more than 1.8 was. And then, I wonder if this will go the route of djay - Born Free, died $50. Even if it does, in its current form, it certainly is a good piece of software, for the casual DJ especially. In fact, I think I may just prefer it to djay...
[Version 1.9.1]


Gregorgy reviewed on 20 Jan 2011
I got this on MUPromo a while back. Since then, I have run it on my first edition MacMini PPC with 2 usb cameras plugged in to watch my office while I am not there. I have it setup to email me when the motion detectors trigger. Finally, peace of mind. It took me a while to set it up properly (RTFM fail! on my part) and a note or two between myself and the developer. Support is good. I made a feature suggestion and they told me it was already there, showing me how to do it. Within a day.

Recommended. I tried several of the other apps listed for this purpose and none works as well as this, considering it is running on a 2005 PPC Mac!
[Version 3.7.1]

Gregorgy had trouble on 09 Oct 2010
It would be really nice though if the registration screen would allow copy-paste. I have tried to type the code in 5 times and each time it says error and then clears what I have typed so I cannot even try to spot the error. Please FIX - this is a serious flaw.
[Version 1.0.0]

GreGorGy had trouble on 13 Nov 2007
Still have to pay for another functional "upgrade"

Intel cost me $250 a year ago and now Leopard will cost me another $250 since I have a pro license
[Version R5]

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GreGorGy replied on 16 Apr 2009
Either I have misunderstood you or you have misunderstood me. RB2006 did not support Intel. Several apps simply could not compile and whatever did ran in emulation. I had to upgrade to compile for Intel. Ditto for Leopard. And ditto for Cocoa later this year. TCO for RB is turning out to be a little hefty...
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