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Gregm commented on 13 Apr 2014
Heads up: Due to some weird behavior, I went to the support area for DW.
More than two years later (Oct 2013) -- DW has yet another updater called 4.4 (yup, same name/number as 2011 update). Can't quite figure out what is going on -- other than my *guess* that it has something to do with Mavericks.

And the new updater still requires an original disk and burner to complete the install.
Don't these guys pay *any* attention to the hardware that is currently available?
[Version 4.4]

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Gregm replied on 13 Apr 2014
According to DW Marc -- there have been no changes.

Apparently just confirming declarations of "it still works!" -----
as the OS upgrades create challenges for some others

Gregm reviewed on 22 Mar 2014
Calls home to the Feds? WTH? Additional connectivity problems

I shifted from Sophos to this because of the ratings referred to by an earlier poster. Note that that comparison chart is *NOT* for Macs -- you need to dig deeper to find out the Mac info is just-inherited-4year-old info, not yet updated.

Little Snitch said a helper wanted to connect to Chased it down with Whatroute to a server shared with LAX, Moffet AFB and ??

I uninstalled it and all my secure connectivity problems went away.
[Version 8.0]

Gregm commented on 13 Jan 2014
The $18 needs some clarification:

1. The trial is limited to some number of animals. I've seen the number vary with each version.

2. $18 actually depends on the exchange rate for Australian Dollars.

3. Lion and older OS: runs with no limitations. Visit the developer's website for details

Also note that it has versions for multiple platforms. The registration "key" and the data files are not platform specific -- which means I can work my wife's BrandX OS files on my Mac.
[Version 5.07.02]

Gregm commented on 28 Dec 2013
Cookie v3.0.24
Posted on December 27, 2013 by SweetP Productions
Cookie v3.0.24 has been prematurely released in the Mac App Store…. it has a major bug in the Flash handling. Ill upload v3.0.25 to Apple for review as soon as iTunes Connect opens from the holiday break tomorrow.
if you can, hold off on updating till 3.0.25 lands.
[Version 3.0.24]

Gregm commented on 22 Nov 2013
Stable 3.1.3 has been available for a few days
[Version 3.0.6]

Gregm commented on 12 Nov 2013
9 Days later and the update is still not available at the App Store. I am regretting doing the version update via Apple, instead of via the developer.

Can I change question will be asked ---
[Version 6.1]

Gregm commented on 10 Nov 2013
I find it entertaining to notice that Monolingual does *NOT* remove those extra language packages from itself -- :-P
[Version 1.5.8]

Gregm commented on 28 Oct 2013
Does this have any advantage over Open DNS?

OpenDNS Home or OpenDNS Family both provide excellent DNS services quicker and more reliably than many ISPs that I've used. 19 Servers scattered about the world for redundency

Can be set up in your router to cover all your internet activity at home, and/or on individual machines. “Family” filter is preconfigured.
[Version 1.0.0]

Gregm commented on 27 Sep 2013
Ver 5x now available, Maverick ready (works fine on my ML).

$5 (previous payments for previous versions are credited towards the $5)

Is now an app, instead of pref pane.
[Version 4.1.2]

Gregm commented on 16 Jul 2013
Installed the 206 update, ran system clean followed by a run by XSlimmer.

Interesting to note that CleanMyMac missed Sophos slimming and it's own extra language files ---

All else seems to be fine.
[Version 2.0.6]

Gregm had trouble on 13 Sep 2013
Lost all of my iCloud services mail failed, calendar & address book would not sync, -- even trying to log on via browser failed.

Solution was to log off of iCloud via System Preferences>>Internet and Wireless>> iCloud> sign out --- then sign back in (being mindful of the service checkmarks)
[Version 10.8.5]

Gregm had trouble on 13 Mar 2012
Dog slow- excessive CPU and memory hog -- fixed by developers response (1/2 hour after I sent the email):

I wonder if you have Synk Pro set to "Issues and Activity" mode? The constant sorting and re-sorting of the items in that display seem to be the major CPU consumer when Synk Pro loads are high, so you might want to try setting that to "Issues Only" when not actively watching what Synk is doing.

Even better, just quit the Synk Pro application when creating a new sync (during which time Synk is creating a database of file metainfo, which is what takes so long)---it's actually the Synk Engine process that's doing all the heavy lifting, and the Synk Pro application isn't needed at this time.



Tony Gonzalez
[Version 7.0.12]

Gregm had trouble on 09 Feb 2012
Removing net.whatroute prefs and cache created by older version "cures" the lock-up when 1.10.7 is installed after using older version.
[Version 1.10.7]

Gregm had trouble on 16 Jan 2012
Check the preferences.

1. By default, it checks for updates hourly -- and it does appear that they do frequently update their data because I see downloads happening during many of those checks.

You can change that frequency.

2. You can choose to have it look inside archives routinely or not. If you choose not -- it will still check the contents when you actually open an archive -- or manually select an archive to scan.

3. You can also tell it wether or not to do networked drives.

4. In addition to these "built-in" do-it-or-not choices, you can add specific files/folders/drives for it to ignore.

5. You can choose what it does when it finds a problem --- clean, block, move assorted sequences.

6. To save time for manual system back-ups, you can disable on-access scanning during the backup

7. Lastly --- if you out-geek yourself into the realms of outer darkness confussion --- there is allways the "restore to defaults" button. ;P
[Version 7.3.5]

Gregm had trouble on 01 Dec 2011
It *WILL* fail if you try to run it from the downloaded disk image. Drag it to your applications folder/ desk top/ where-ever to run it
[Version 1.10.6]

Gregm had trouble on 26 Apr 2011
version 3.4.5 , PPC --- huge logging issue.

Replaced the app with version 3.4.4 from my backups. Re-installed logger with version 3.4.4 ---- seems to have successfully recovered from the 345 bug without having to get into preference files/ support files.
[Version 3.4.5]

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Gregm replied on 27 Apr 2011
Fixed hours later with 3.4.6
Gregm had trouble on 02 Mar 2011

From the docs included with the updater:

To prevent problems from arising while using this updater, Alsoft strongly advises you to quit any running applications first. If possible, you should restart your Mac immediately before continuing. If you encounter any errors during the update process, you should restart your Mac in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key during start up. You can release the shift key when you see the words "Safe Boot."
[Version 4.3]

Gregm had trouble on 29 Oct 2010
****INTEL***** only.

If you have a PPC, stick with your old one !
[Version 2.7]

Gregm had trouble on 25 Feb 2010
PPC Only

per the developer:

" Unfortunately the current version only runs on Intel based macs. We are working towards removing some dependencies to make it work on PowerPC, but for now, unfortunately it's Intel only."
[Version 1.4.1]

Gregm had trouble on 20 Jan 2010

My dock no longer functions beyond getting the command balloons up. They don't respond and just hang there 'til I move my cursor to "Finder" in my top menu bar. Grrrrr

Yes, I did run a permissions repair.
[Version 2010-001]

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Gregm replied on 20 Jan 2010
Tossed the Dock Prefs and .db file --- rebuilt the dock with my apps. works OK now
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