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Greg Raven commented on 08 Sep 2012
May be great software, but it's not free. It's free only up to a point. I have been send a huge GEDCOM file that seems to be oddly constructed. I was hoping that GedScape would open it with each field in its proper place. Unfortunately, I can't tell without buying the full version first. I'm not begrudging them the right to charge for their software, but they shouldn't call it "free" if they're actually charging for it.
[Version 2.5.01]

Greg Raven commented on 23 Feb 2010
Launches but nothing happens on my iMac running Snow Leopard. The icon doesn't even show up in the Dock. I have to go into Activity Monitor to kill the app. :-(
[Version 1.4.9]


Greg Raven reviewed on 14 Jan 2010
I had never tried a clipboard manager until I downloaded PTHPasteboard about a year ago. I was instantly in heaven, and this was with the free version. I looked at the features of the paid version, decided I didn't need them, and was happy not to have to pay the $25. Then about two months ago, either I pressed the wrong button or something, but my free version went away and all I got was messages about upgrading to the Pro version for $$$. I was pissed, so I tried just about every other clipboard manager out there. Unfortunately, by that time I'd been spoiled by PTHPasteboard. I even tried to get along without a clipboard manager, but that turned out to be a massive pain in the neck. Today, I gave in and bought the Pro version. Bliss again. Like others, I wish the price was more reasonable, but the basic functionality is so nice that about my only complaint is that now I have to investigate to see all the other things that PTHPasteboard Pro does so I make certain to get my money's worth.
[Version 4.5.3]


Greg Raven reviewed on 08 Sep 2009
It's wonderful having a new version of MAMP Pro. I'd stopped using the old version because the developer seemed to have abandoned it, and between the built-in Apache server with Mac OS X and the new, easy-to-install MySQL, it was easier to roll my own local development server.

But now I'm back with MAMP Pro, not only for the ease of use, but for the little extras that are difficult to do when rolling your own. As opposed to using the built-in server, MAMP Pro also allows you to keep most of your development server files outside of the /etc/ folder, which makes them easier to work with, back up, keep track of, etc. -- especially through the OS upgrade process.

So far, I've come across only a couple of gotchas.

First, even though there seems to be an httpd.conf file in the conf folder inside the MAMP directory, it's not the one that controls the behavior of MAMP Pro. For that, you have to go into your /Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO/conf folder. Because MAMP Pro puts all the NameVirtualHost and VirtualHost info inside the httpd.conf file, you'll have to take a step back from doing it the new Apache way, but it's not that big a deal. I have just over a dozen virtual hosts on my machine, and I set them up in what seemed to be a few minutes.

Second, MAMP Pro isn't really ready out of the box to run a local instance of Movable Type. WordPress is just about a no-brainer, but with MT, you can wander into blind alleys that seem to have no exit. I finally got mine to run by setting up my SQLite databases under the cgi-bin directory, rather than in the /db/sqlite section of MAMP Pro. Of course, even once you get it running, there are perl modules missing so MT throws error messages all over, but you can work through them ... at least to get your development instance working.

About the only thing on my wish list is that it would be nice to be able to store the MAMP and MAMP Pro files someplace other than the /Applications directory, because that's not the way I have may files arranged.

Bottom line: If you need a development server environment and don't feel like fighting with BitNami or xampp, or rolling your own, or making do with the lesser utility of a VirtualHostX-based system, MAMP Pro is just about the shortest way of getting there.
[Version 1.8.2]


Greg Raven reviewed on 28 Aug 2009
These icons may be great if you view your icons at huge sizes, but when viewed at what I feel is a normal size, you can barely tell what differentiates one icon from another. It doesn't help that a large percentage of each icon is consumed with the same "chrome," which lends nothing toward legibility. Nice looking, but useless.
[Version 1.0]


Greg Raven reviewed on 27 Jun 2009
The last two updates (1.08 and 1.09) have performed perfectly for me on a couple of different Macs. The only thing I don't like is that the features of the Mac version lag behind the features of the Windows version. Still, the new versions do everything my original version did, and the set-up for remote (Internet as opposed to intranet) viewing is now seamless.
[Version 1.0.9]

Greg Raven commented on 19 Apr 2009
I hate to say this, Steve, but I agree with Paladino. I can do many of these data-clean-up tasks with my copy of Excel (only $229), Filemaker (only $299), Panorama (only $299), or some combination of the three. When the data are really bad, I can always fall back on BBEdit to start getting the data in shape in the form of HTML tables (only $125), and then open the resulting file in Dreamweaver (only $399) to continue the with manual labor. Of course, after manually manipulating the data, I need to open the file with Excel in order to get it into Filemaker or Panorama. Even though this can take hours and hours of my irreplaceable time, and I have to remember GREP and various commands and syntaxes in Filemaker and Panorama, at least I'm not paying $80 -- $80!! -- for R10Clean Professional.
[Version 2.2.1]

Greg Raven commented on 14 Apr 2009
While MAMP Pro on the surface seems easier to use, it hasn't been updated in almost a year, and support for it seems to have ceased for all intents and purposes. From what I can tell, to set up virtual hosts in XAMPP you have to edit httpd.conf to allow virtual hosts, and then edit the virtual hosts file in the extra folder. This is more difficult that simply adding a line to your hosts file, which MAMP Pro recognizes, but it is also the new standard for managing virtual hosts. It's also nice that XAMPP has the more recent versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc. Last but not least, XAMPP is free, where you have to pay for MAMP Pro.
[Version 1.0.1]


Greg Raven reviewed on 01 Oct 2008
We discovered SlingBox and SlingPlayer by accident several months ago. Since then, we've been completely happy with it. We can watch TV at any computer in the house, and when we travel, we can watch our home TV on my Powerbook. Once the Mac version of the software catches up to the Windows version, SlingPlayer will be even better.
[Version 1.0.6]


Greg Raven reviewed on 13 Sep 2008
After using an IBM Selectric II for many years to write screenplays, I thought MS Word 3.0 was a tremendous step up. Then I switched to FrameMaker, but Adobe stopped Mac development. That dumped me back into Word, but the newer versions are weird for screenplays, despite the power of the program. I've tried other screenplay-centric programs, but Celtx has been my favorite for the last few versions. I've converted each of my old and current screenplay projects into Celtx, and I'm almost completely happy. About the only thing I'd change about the program is the way it handles (V.O.) next to the character name. First, it capitalizes it, which is not the Universal Studios format I learned many years ago. Second, when it builds lists of names from your screenplay, you will see (for example) CARL and CARL (V.O.) as separate entries. I can kinda see how some might find this a feature, but it bugs me. Still, this is a tremendous program, and it is free, AND you can sign up to share and discuss your projects on the Celtx website, which could be really nice if you're collaborating with others. By the way, the HTML files Celtx generates are very clean, code-wise, so posting your work on-line doesn't involve 30 minutes of code munging as with MS Word.
[Version 1.0]

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