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Gpatpandp reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
For all practical matters, I deem VueScan to be in the category of another "Corner Of The Market" very overpriced/highly overrated piece of software. While it does what it says, I find the quality it produces to be sorely lacking at best. When compared to the output achieved by the Twain drivers issued by my scanners original manufacturer, there is simply NO comparison quality wise. And the mint Power Mac G4 MDD only cost me $55 when I bought it several years ago for exactly these types of instances. Overall I find Vuescan a far lessor of the many options/alternatives available when a given scanner is no longer supported in Mavericks.
[Version 9.4.19]

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Gpatpandp replied on 20 Jan 2014
Oh yes poor Ed Hamerick toiling endlessly, working his fingers to the bone no doubt and making the ultimate sacrifice in furnishing Vuescan to the entire ungrateful planet…please give me a break.

Ibookmaster, one simple/obvious solution that immediately comes to mind is that when conducting a simple search on Ebay, at any given time there exist dozens upon dozens upon dozens of scanners in excellent condition all possessing Mavericks drivers available directly from the manufacture that can easily be purchased for well under $40 dollars including shipping. And that would be just one example/solution (among many).

Gpatpandp replied on 22 Jan 2014
Sorry not buying your logic. Folks doing this for a living (i.e. true Professionals) own/use scanning equipment/models that will work in OS X 10.9 Mavericks right out of the box. With that said and none the less SOLUTION # 2:

As my foundation is more on the Pro Audio side, it is VERY common to use software and/or equipment where drivers only work or are only available in a previous OS X version. When that is the case, a simple partition or easier yet, the case of the Mac Pro, another Hard Drive installed in an adjacent bay containing both the compatible OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8) version coupled with the appropriate drivers is a no brainer. Given the fact that pretty much anyone who owns a Mac currently possesses the operating system that there equipment previously worked on, this solution is entirely free and would cost nothing.
Gpatpandp commented on 06 Feb 2012
I agree with many that are reporting a significantly lessor amount of functionality/reliability/stability as time goes on. It used to be a great app for condensing/compressing Video_TS Folders down to one 4.7 Disc while retaining exceptional quality. Now I cannot even get it to compress two 3.8 GB Video_TS Folders without the app continuously crashing less then midway through the process. It's to bad to because I ALWAYS relied on the app for such task and now it appears I can no longer :(
[Version 2.4.2]

Gpatpandp commented on 22 Apr 2011
For the life of me, it completely and utterly baffles my mind why on earth anyone would pay 1 Cent for what basically amounts to Finder "eye" candy that does not resolve, prevent, or in a practical sense accomplish a darn thing. Rather, a close inspection of this app revealed that it generally creates a huge drain on ones system, and the irony is that its "sensors" are mostly picking up on the added strain both in increased heat and processing cpu's that it is causing in order to run on your computer. Having issues at start-up and erratic fan behavior with this app installed perhaps ? What a surprise...not. If your inclined to desire a smoothly, efficiently operating Mac then for pete's sake stay far away from this boat anchor. If you simply cannot live without the "bells and whistles", you would be better off stringing a line of flashing christmas lights around your monitor and saving your money and increased life to your computer as well.
[Version 3.16]


Gpatpandp reviewed on 30 Jan 2010
I have been a staunch advocate of this application pretty much since its inception. It was always very reliable and did exactly what I had expected it to do. And furthermore it had been doing it well with the operative word being "had". This latest release (3.3.0) despite the claim by the developer that it run more efficiently I am afraid for myself at least is simply not true. Case in point, I attempted to remove an application that had run its course from three separate machines and within all the removals, CleanApp found different associated files upon which to trash. Luckily, I was able to dig up the actual uninstaller for this particular app otherwise it would have been quite the mess. Furthermore it seemed unlike ever before to bog down each operating system CleanApp had been an application that I readily updated and never looked back. Unfortunately in this case, I will be "looking back" to the previous release "3.2.3". Hopefully this finding is anomaly not to be repeated within future updates.
[Version 3.3.0]

Gpatpandp commented on 23 Jan 2010
Firstly, although the link here was not available when I attempted to download here there does seem to be a more recent version (0.2.6) available here:

Upon reading earlier today of the significant risk internet web browsing poses, I liked the idea of making my IP address anonymous and after looking at several other apps (NetShade, JonDo, MacPoxy...which unfortunately does not have a PPC version etc.), I acquired Tor to accomplish this task. After spending the better part of an entire afternoon trying to get it to function, I gave up and regrettably relinquished it to my trash bin. The instructions where to vague for a newbie like myself. For instance does it ONLY function with Firefox or is it suppose to also work with Safari as I had tried ? Within the advanced settings of the Network utility, specifically under the "Proxies" tab in the space provided before entering the port number (8118, 9050), does one enter localhost the actual word(s) or a specific number ie 170.0.0 etc. Bottom line is that no matter what I tried nothing worked. Is anyone actually running this successfully and if so would it be to much to ask for a simple step by step that is of more detail then the site provides ? Too bad as in theory it seems like an excellent concept.
[Version 0.2.5]


gpatpandp reviewed on 18 Jul 2009
Hurrah For these DRIVERS !!!

...I still own/use a very reliable Epson Printer I bought brand new in 1997. I grew SOOOOO dag gone sick and tired of having to finagle and coerce the system drivers to work each and every time I updated to the newest version of OSX 10.5 (10.5.7 this time around). In these tough economic times (in case anyone has forgotten), WHY in tarnation should I have to run out and buy a new printer when mine works perfectly fine if/when/ever the system drivers will operate correctly.

Out of sheer frustration, I came SOOOOO close today to scrapping my whole updated system in favor of reverting to my OSX 10.5.6 (of which I had absolutely no issues printing at all once I spent a few days finagling and coercing it to work from the previous update) system backup because this time around I just could not get them to work in OSX 10.5.7. Then "whola !" I discovered these drivers upon which I happily got rid of those old pieces of junk and feel quite certain that I will never have to revisit this nonsense ever again. ***Whew*** !!! :)
[Version 5.2.4rc1]

gpatpandp had trouble on 02 Jun 2008
Just a follow up to my post the other day...I did everything possible in running every disc utility I own/possess (ie Tech Tool Pro, Disc Warrior, Cocktail) and I even acquired Apples own Service Diagnostic DVD and completely ran every test. Despite this fact, every test I performed passed and cleared any possible relationship to my machines hardware or existing software as I continued to experience frequent system stalls (blue screen lock up) while either restarting or shutting down after updating to OSX 10.5.3. Upon erasing my hard drive and transferring over from my firewire back the exact same system though still of the previous 10.5.2 OSX version, I am back up and running flawlessly. I resent the very brief and ineffective conversation I had upon indentifying this issue with an Apple Care technical support representative the other day. I tried in ernest to express that this problem was unique in my updating to the latest OSX 10.5.3 release, though she was dead set on wanting to attribute it to something on my end thereby justifying the $50 fee. Well at the very least this proves I knew what I was talking about and I am glad that I did not succumb to needlessly pouring my own money down the drain
[Version 10.5.3]

gpatpandp had trouble on 31 May 2008
Since updating to OSX 10.5.3 the other day, my iMac G5 20" iSight model is "freezing" at times (sometimes it does this other times it performs as it should) on restart meaning the computer begins to boot down though locks up once the finder and dock disapear and a solid blue screen remains. This seems quite odd as I never had this problem with either the original release nor the previous updates (10.5.1 & 10.5.2). I have been to the Apple support forums and noticed that there is an insruction for what appears to be a similar issue though the one caveat is that upon stalling at restart or shutdown, the machine will boot up upon forcing it to quit when pressing the on/off on the back. Has any one else encountered this issue since performing the new 10.5.3 up date ? Apple won't help me as they claim it can be either a hardware OR software issue and therefore unless a shell out the $50, I am on my own :(
[Version 10.5.3]

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