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Gordon Bell commented on 28 Jul 2010
Jax has not been offered on our website for sale for quite some time now.. We still have the informational pages up there, but we have not been actively selling Jax for awhile now..

Since Jax was introduced, we saw a drastic shift in the market. Most of the "to go" features that were cool and popular years ago were now surpassed by technology of the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Sales for Jax became almost non-exhistent shortly thereafter and because of this, as a developer we had to reevaluate the product's feasibility.

I would invite you to contact our support team however, we do have a beta of Jax that has some fixes in place that might interest you (Jax also runs as a stand-alone app, not as an iTunes PlugIn which further helps its stability)...

As far as the other Joesoft products:

Klix continues to be sold and updated and continues to win awards for its ease-of-use and powerful abilities.

Stox continues to be sold and updated and will soon have a new update that adds some more features.

Hear continues to be sold and we just released a new version yesterday that addresses some of the bugs that we had with Snow Leopard. We are also looking at some other enhancements to Hear in the coming months as well-
[Version 1.0.3]

Gordon Bell commented on 26 Jul 2010
This is definitely not old version we're posting-- this is indeed a new version with the fixes mentioned-- Version number showing should read 1.0.4 (we're fixing that with MacUpdate now)... Download this free update and contact us with any issues----

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Gordon Bell replied on 26 Jul 2010

Our last release of Hear was 1.0.3. -- That was back in 2008....I'm not sure how you got anything other than 1.0.3 at any time other than today's release of 1.0.4.... The version we have posted and released today is indeed a new version that we've been working on for some amount of time now and is definitely not something from 2008 (as it adds support for Snow Leopard 64-bit,etc)... We're excited to finally have fixed some annoying bugs that we know have been upsetting for our customers. We have other improvements for Hear on tap over the next few months too.

I'd like to look into your particular claim of receiving a version of Hear back in 2008 that was labeled 1.0.4, since we never formally released anything after 1.0.3... Do you recall how you got what you are saying was labeled 1.0.4 and was received by you in 2008?

Please email me directly at gbell (at) prosoftengineering.com and I'll try to get some answers regarding your concerns--


Gordon from Prosoft-
Gordon Bell commented on 28 Apr 2010
Hi there-

I can assure you that Data Rescue 3 and our products are not a scam-- Check the Magazine reviews, check the numerous reviews online here and other sites...Amazon reviews, Apple Store reviews, twitter comments, our own hall-of-fame section on our website-- even apple uses Data Rescue internally--

The crux of the issue is you seem to be emailing our support team with no response at all. My question is, are you using the online form on our website? Perhaps your emails are just not getting to us.. Our support team is here to help and we'd love for you to contact us.. If you are in the US can you call us (you can call our toll free number and have the sales group pass your name/number onto our support team, or you can call the support phone line directly at 925-426-6306

We'd be happy to help you out, as we have for thousands over the years-- Just not sure why your emails aren't getting to us...


Gordon from Prosoft-
[Version 3.0.2]

Gordon Bell commented on 12 Apr 2010
Hi Membership fan :

Thanks for you interest in Drive Genius 2... I'll try to answer as much as I can here. You can also email or call us on the phone if you want to, we always like to hear from our customers.

1) RAID will be supported in Drive Genius 3, coming out next week... We're also adding some new features, new power, etc...

2) We do rebuild differently than both TTP and DW.. Each product has success in some cases where the other products might not, so it's good to have each on hand for various situations.. Rebuild is only one of the many tools included in Drive Genius though...

3) Apple has been using Drive Genius for many years now at the Genius Bar as part of the ProCare program ( yearly Tune Up where among other things, they will defrag your drive)...

Hope that helps--

Gordon from Prosoft-
[Version 2.3.0]

Gordon Bell commented on 05 Feb 2010
Hi there-

Please contact us at Prosoft. We have not received your request and therefore you didn't hear back from us...

If you bought Data Rescue II 16 days before Data Rescue 3 came out we would give you the upgrade to Data Rescue 3 for free (that's not something special we're offering to just you, it's our longstanding policy)..

We have full contact information on our website, www.prosofteng.com


Gordon from Prosoft
[Version 3.0.1]

Gordon Bell commented on 22 Dec 2009
What's preventing you from using your copy of Data Rescue II? I mentioned the upgrade thing below (reasons, etc) and I think we've got a great history of low costs (we don't play the game of charging $25 for every new boot disc for instance).. I'd love to hear from you if you want to contact me directly (full contact info at the Prosoft website).

gordon from Prosoft
[Version 3.0.1]

Gordon Bell tipped on 27 Oct 2009
Any customer who purchased Data Rescue 3 earlier can contact Prosoft directly to get a new boot DVD download link for free (if you paid to have a Data Rescue 3 DVD shipped to you, Prosoft will re-ship you the latest DVD this time at no additional cost---Just contact Prosoft sales (check prosoft website for contact info)..


Gordon from Prosoft-
[Version 3.0.1]

Gordon Bell commented on 13 Oct 2009
Boot from the DVD if you need to recover your main boot drive (or, if you have one, you can boot from a secondary bootable drive that has Data Rescue loaded as an application)....

Run as a regular application if you're scanning anything other than the main boot drive....


Gordon from Prosoft
[Version 3.0]

Gordon Bell commented on 13 Oct 2009
Hi Tank,

I just replied to another similar post on another site so i'll use the same message I posted there. Your feedback is very appreciated but I did want to reply to you as we love to interact with our customers...

First off, thanks for looking at Data Rescue 3, as a current Data Rescue II owner.. We know that most customers use Data Rescue typically once or twice and then they put it away, maybe reaching for it again many years later. So we know that for most customers, upgrading isn't really something they're interested in. They used it when they needed it, but don't need it currently and therefore don't need or want to pay for an upgrade...With that said, we do have some staunch followers that always want the latest and greatest version around and we thank them for that continued support--

We could've released Data Rescue 3 as the only version that would be Snow Leopard compatible simply by never releasing Data Rescue II with the Snow Leopard compatibility built in, but that's just not our style ;-) We wanted to have all our Data Rescue II users get a Snow Leopard compatible build before we came out with Data Rescue 3.. I think that's pretty generous and I'm proud we did that, to be honest..

We launched Data Rescue II back in September of 2005 and we've done lots of builds since then.. We added support for Intel Machines, support for Leopard and then Snow leopard, all as free updates to Data Rescue II... I think that's probably a record (4 years of development and updates with no paid upgrades...). That's something I'm pretty proud of too...

So we've been giving away a lot of updates and stuff for free over the years.. This is our first paid upgrade since 2005... But we still know that most customers will only care about what version is available now, buy it, use it once and that's it... For those that want to keep on using Data Rescue II, of course it'll still work, but we're excited about the new features, power and performance increases in Data Rescue 3...

We'll have a new Data Rescue 3 down the road that will be 64-bit, and that'll be a free application update to any owners of Data Rescue 3 .. Making it 64-bit is indeed a substantial change and one that will take quite some time.. But it's on the radar for sure... In the meantime, this new version really is a substantial effort of engineering, worked and perfected over the past few years... We're excited about the new performance features like FileIQ® and improved scans and additional files supported.. It is a huge improvement over Data Rescue II, plain and simple..

We appreciate your thoughts and we know that for some, Data Rescue II will serve them just fine if they already own it... Down the road they may look to upgrade to Data Rescue 3 and we'll be there for them when they do...

Thanks again for the support and please contact us if you need anything--

Gordon from Prosoft--
[Version 3.0]

Gordon Bell commented on 30 Jul 2009
Hi all,

We did see some Defrag issues that would affect less than 1% of customers in past versions. Although that's a small percentage, considering the sales of Drive Genius, that was affecting a group of customers and we had strived to improve on that.. Even with a warning message to recommend a backup before running Defrag (or any major disk utility type of feature) we still saw many that didn't backup and if they were one of the very few that had an issue, it was indeed pretty upsetting (Understandably). Of course, when that happened, and there was no backup in place, it was frustrating and those customers would post their experiences (which is what MU is for..)-- Unfortunately most of the 99% that didn't have a problem usually wouldn't post and therefore doing a search would typically only show the posts of those that came into problems.

Defrag was greatly improved with 2.1.1 and therefore we're not seeing that at all now. However, with any disk utility software it's always recommended to have a backup before you work on your drive (we include the Clone feature which provides you with the fastest most thorough type of backup with a quick click).

We're very excited about these latest versions of Drive Genius as they represent improvements in all features, especially the popular features like Defrag and Repartition and DriveSlim.

Even with the improvements and continued performance boosts, we still always recommend a backup before using any disk utility. Any company that tells you to use their disk utility product and not worry about backing up first is indeed leading you down the wrong path, so we'll never really change that recommendation. Some people will take that recommendation and think, "Oh, wow, they want me to backup, their product must not be very stable." but that's just the case with this type of software. Even apple warns customers to backup before doing major changes or upgrades to your system---

We do appreciate all the feedback and I truly welcome those comments as they help us strive to improve our product.


Gordon from Prosoft-
[Version 2.2]

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