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Glw commented on 13 May 2013
I decided to try the demo. So I first deactivated WindowShade so that there would be no conflicts. But even though I have WindowMizer set to "Reduce to Titlebar" on the Double-click titlebar action under the Minimize Behavior setting, all that happens when I double-click the titlebar of a window is that it goes to the dock. No titlebar left on the screen -- which kind of defeats WM's purpose. I am running SL. Am I doing something wrong?
[Version 2.1]

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Glw replied on 13 May 2013
Unchecking that Appearance setting did the trick! Thank you for a prompt response!!
Glw commented on 06 May 2013
I am running SL and really love Unsanity's Labels X haxie which will color file/folder ICONS, rather than just their NAMES. Unfortunately, Unsanity is DOA and Labels X will not work with any version of OSX beyond SL. (This lack of icon coloring is the major thing holding me back from upgrading my OS). I have visited forums where other icon-coloring seekers have posted, and I have seen more than one comment to the effect that Path Finder will do this. So I have checked out a trial of Path Finder 6.0.7 (not the latest version, but the latest that will run on SL). Unfortunately, all I am seeing is the same old NAME-coloring ability that is in Finder. So my questions to Path Finder users: Am I missing something? Is the ability to color ICONS a feature of only the newer versions of PF? Or are these commenters I have been reading just blowing smoke? Feedback would be MOST appreciated.
[Version 6.1.5]


Glw reviewed on 21 Dec 2012
A very useful menu bar addition -- but that said, it is very frustrating to use. VERY FREQUENTLY when I click on the "Download XXX" item, it takes me to the "Order XXX" site instead. I wish that whoever manages this from the MU end of things would realize that ORDERING is not the same as DOWNLOADING. As a result I often have to go the the MU site, find the item and click the DOWNLOAD button to download it -- which rather defeats the purpose of having a convenient menu bar item.
[Version 2.1.4]

Glw commented on 17 Sep 2011
According to the product notes, this version is supposed to work with OS X 10.4 or later (I'm using 10.6); but the INSTALLER tells me that it requires Lion!
[Version 3.9b4]

Glw commented on 19 Nov 2009
Maybe it is just me, but I cannot get the v3.9.3 disk image to mount.
[Version 3.9.3]

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Glw replied on 19 Nov 2009
Belay that last comment!! After trying repeatedly, the disk image which wouldn't mount previously, now mounted. (It must have noticed that I had posted a comment ;-) . Go figure!)

Glw reviewed on 12 Jul 2009
This program makes it very easy to download videos from YouTube. And because you can also view and search for videos within the program , there is no need to flip back and forth between YouTube and some download utility -- as soon as you find something you like, just click "Download" and the downloading starts quickly and smoothly.

I have been using iTubeX Ultimate for some time as my downloader of choice, and until lately it worked flawlessly. Then something must have changed, because version 5.0 suddenly would not download ANYTHING for me. However, the developer got right onto the problem, and very shortly version 5.1 was released, correcting all the difficulties and adding other improvements as well. Five stars for customer service!!

Well worth the modest investment!
[Version 5.1]

Glw commented on 09 Jul 2009
Is it just me, or does anyone else find three releases in one day to be just a tad excessive? If the program is that buggy, why not give it a thorough working over then release ONE update? It takes a lot of unnecessary bandwidth to download versions that are superseded before you even get a chance to install them!
[Version 9.1.3]


Glw reviewed on 09 Jun 2009
I don't know if it is just me, but every time I try to install this, all I get is a zero-K "Classic Application" which, of course, does nothing.

And there is so much "spoof file" garbage on the Gnutella network these days that it is almost impossible to find anything of value any more. So I'm finding LimeWire to be of less and less value.

(Intel Duo-core iMac, OS X 10.5.7)
[Version 5.2.1]

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Glw replied on 16 Jun 2009

YES, that was the solution!! Thanks for that hint.

I still think that's a funny way for an installer to work, though.... Usually they will just add the new version, or possibly do an automatic replacement of the old.
Glw commented on 11 Mar 2009
I was hoping to try this out (since I have been accused of changing keys when I sing!!) but I found that the PPC implementation -- whether part of the Universal application or the PPC standalone -- begins loading, briefly starts to open a window, then suddenly quits.

G4 iMac
OSX 10.5.6
[Version 1.0]

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Glw commented on 12 Mar 2009
Thanks for responding so quickly! I ran the console as you suggested and the stopNumber was 256. (Before I entered the filter, Console also said that it exited with exit code 6, if that means anything significant.)

The program quit so quickly that I did not get any windows opening, so I did not see Felix at all.

BTW, my G4 iMac has 2GB of RAM


Glw replied on 21 Mar 2009
I put the app at the root level of the hard drive (shortest path possible), but it still doesn't want to launch. It seems the reasons are different now; this is what I got off the console (don't know how much of it is relevant):

2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] An unhandled exception occurred at $09AD8D48 :
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] EAccessViolation : Access violation
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $09AD8D48
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $09AA4B24
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $09AA6690
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $09A85BC0
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $09ABB0D0
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $0904BE50
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $0002D188
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $0004BFC0
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $00004914
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E005650
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E008B00
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E022DDC
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E022E6C
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E00FA74
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $3E0227E4
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM [0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208] $00006194
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM com.apple.launchd[133] ([0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208]) Exited with exit code: 217
2009-03-17 5:35:10 PM com.apple.launchd[133] ([0x0-0x22022].com.AlgorhithmsAndDatastructures.ListeningSingingTeacher[208]) Exited with exit code: 217
Glw commented on 01 Feb 2009
On my G4 iMac (OSX 10.5.6) this program gives nothing but a blank window. It seems that something has broken from earlier versions.
[Version 2.2]

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