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Globe-Trotter rated on 17 Jan 2013
[Version 3.4.1]

Globe-Trotter commented on 28 Jun 2012
This is interesting...

Since I was wondering why the 'official' VLC Media Player website did not mention anything about this so-called version 2.0.2 (they still distribute v. 2.0.1 for various architectures), I went and checked the VideoLAN forums.

This is what the Site Administrator had to say about MacUpdate's v.2.0.2: "macupdate are liars." (source:
[Version 2.0.2]

Globe-Trotter rated on 21 Oct 2011
[Version 3.0.3]


Globe-Trotter reviewed on 17 Sep 2011
The price went up today from $39.99 to $49.99 on their website. Consequently, the 50% off temporary deal on the Mac App Store went from $19.99 to $24.99. I wonder why they apply this commercial strategy just when there is such a buzz around the soon-to-be MAS only availability starting with v4.0.
Too bad I did not buy it earlier this week. I'll have to spend 5 bucks more (maybe even more if I wait even longer...).
[Version 3.8.5]

Globe-Trotter rated on 29 May 2011
[Version 1.3.3]

Globe-Trotter rated on 27 May 2011
[Version 1.3.1]

Globe-Trotter rated on 27 May 2011
[Version 1.3.0]


Globe-Trotter reviewed on 27 May 2011
Excellent support from Guillaume Boudreau!

He's also very quick to update the widget when Vidéotron changes the different plan features or when they modify the consumption retrieval user id system without prior notice to customers (like they did this week scapping the previous 'vl...' user id to a new user key).
[Version 1.3.0]

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Globe-Trotter replied on 27 May 2011
According to the dev. website, v.1.3.0 works well only on Mac OS X Lion. The developer confirmed to me that an update fully compatible with current Mac OS X will be released shortly.

Globe-Trotter replied on 27 May 2011
@ Run-Home-Slow: right after you wrote your note, v.1.3.1 was also updated here !

Globe-Trotter reviewed on 21 May 2011
Granted it looks nice. And thanks to the developer for offering it free (for a very short time) so we could appreciate the quality of his work.

However, once installed, this app takes a huge 2,26 GB of space! Twice the size of the full edition of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, more than 3 times Apple's iWork '09 and much more than the 5 Apple iLife apps combined! Just to watch some sea creatures on a kind of electronic new age music...

Also, there is no mention of the source of the undersea clips or who are the composers of the music (and if you look in the app package content, you'll discover some music tracks from the well-known commercial video game 'World of Goo' - in there you'll also find a couple of tracks from the Razordoll album 'Dysnomia', an obscure Hungarian rock band).

Are the video clips and music tracks in the public domain? Or was the music composed and the clips shot by John H. Meyer himself, the 16 years old developer of Real Aquarium HD? I simply wonder because the 'Animal info' that explains the species has been cut and pasted directly from Wikipedia...
[Version 1.1]

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Globe-Trotter replied on 28 Jun 2011
0.5 stars because I found absolutely no interesting or practical use for this app. No way to use any other app at the same time because it grabs the full screen display (OK: I understand that this app is designed like the 90's flying toasters PC screensaver: just to gaze at it...). The logout control is not practical and not explained (you have to try things intuitively to stop the app). The videos take a lot of CPU (and I have the latest 2011 Intel i7 MacBook Pro, very fast) and most of them are not HD as advertised. So, I trashed the so-called 'Real' aquarium...

One more thing... the price of this app changes back and forth continuously from anything from free to 9,99 $ and any price in-between depending when you check it on the Mac App Store. A puzzling commercial strategy... At the time I'm writing this, the new v.1.2 is 'on sale' at 1,99 for one... hour! Tonight, it might be at 9,99 again and in two days at 4,99. Very puzzling commercial strategy.

Globe-Trotter rated on 19 May 2011
[Version 1.4.9]

Globe-Trotter had trouble on 23 Jan 2008
I was able to use a previous Beta version once or twice a few weeks ago, that's it. Now, any new version crashes at startup, even if I uninstall app., pref., etc. and reinstall from scratch. I use, on a daily basis, other app4mac applications with no problems but this one needs serious fix before spending 49$ for the final version of a software that does what OS X already has mostly built-in or other freeware/shareware do for free. Great look, though...

(MacBook Pro 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo 1.5 Go RAM - Leopard 10.5.1 - French)
[Version 0.9.9]

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Globe-Trotter commented on 23 Jan 2008
Crash at launch might be caused by Firewall Security settings in Leopard. Pay attention if you setup firewall to monitor incoming services and applications individually. This may not function properly with CheckUp (beta version) the first times. It finally worked for me after 3 attempts.

Technical support at app4mac was quick to reply to my inquiry (and in my language: French!).
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