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GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 08 Apr 2014
BBah… I really can't understand the difficulties claimed here!
Installation is even easier than the instructions claims (no need to logout/login!), I simply opened the app then the System Preferences/Keyboard/shortcuts/text/Count Text; put a shortcut and use it! (OS X 10.9.2)
I need it anytime I'm preparing a text with limited character on some sites if there is not a counter in the box, it's easy, fast, not intrusive and, even if I would like to be helpful giving more suggestions to the developer, I still couldn't think out something I'm missing!
[Version 1.0.1]


GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 07 Apr 2014
What makes this app indispensable (and the developer proud!) is its unique (did i loose some other app?) skill to not just recognise the characters but also the whole document is paginated.
This should give you back the full control on a page as it was edited by the author say with Pages.
But unfortunately it's still not ever the case and the developer should give an easy possibility to send him badly converted documents as feedback to enhance this very liked skill, beside some systematic badly character recognise (of absolutely standard and perfectly readable characters!).
Bt the way, I can't wait for some more intelligent OCR which could make a kind of contextual evaluation of the probability that a character is inside a word, a word inside a sentence, which needs for sure an integration with a spell control and even a translator, all apps which have own smartness, but this is an issue of any OCR programs I've tested till now.
For now I must consider 'still a bit' overpriced this app, being it 'still a bit' disappointing and needing a faster update
[Version 6.1.5]

GianMarco-Tavazzani commented on 14 Nov 2013
My Chrome 30.0.1599.101 claims to be up to date… why????
[Version 31.0.1650.48]


GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 10 Aug 2013
Yesterday I had to use Skype 6 because I needed to show a new furniture trough video.
My interlocutor wrote me a technical information as text message and I needed about 10 minutes to understand where the bloody hell these incompetents who dared to make better what was already very good (
At the end I succeeded!
Now, guys, I use ONLY Mac by the 1984 and I can ensure many, MANY hours at each single day by now 29 years!
Is it credible that I can't find 'by instinct' such an obvious command? Naturally not!
With any new program, I can start a proper and near complete use (say the 80% of what I could need) inside seconds, only with this crap (and Autocad!) I fall in an abyss of anxiety, a nightmare!
And this is NOT 'another' program but the evolution of the one I'm using every day by 9 years! I feel deep sorrow for all the people who by decades are forced by their bosses to agonize at the desktop using a fake copy of whatever 'per-verted' by the micro&soft-brain developers of Redmond!

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GianMarco-Tavazzani replied on 11 Aug 2013
Dear David, let's focus this simple points: Skype 2.8 works FANTASTIC and MUCH BETTER than the 6 "…for video calls with friends, and it works. Allows to talk to any daughter when she's there and when not, to wish them good night and also good morning, and for them to talk to their and my friends who live on the West and even East Coast. And you could use it to show your ex wife (or husband, it works as well with him, if you have one, which is not my business) how to play guitar chords (but also violin, piano…) and how to fix things on Mac And this last much better than the 6, being the shared screen window resizable!
And not only it doesn't fail for those tasks but even for other tasks that the ms version stopped to be able to manage *think only at the notes, look at the history…)
The original Skype (2.8…) simply works BETTER, does MORE, is much nicer, USER FRIENDLY and self explanatory.
If ms didn't NOT REDUCE FURTHER the skills of version 6 (being UNABLE to keep communicating with the real Skype is nothing else than a further downgrade!) and have imposed the automatic upgrade to the simple minded users who believed that a higher number version had to be MORE and not LESS developed, no one who knows and uses 2.8 would DOWNGRADE to 6!
Word? For any professional letter, MacWrite of 1984 would already be my preferred writing program!
Excel? Is the ms version if Visicalc, which was given by Steve Jobs to… his name again? Bill something, not Clinton the other one, to be developed, and indeed till the 1.03 version of 1986 it became better. Then started the downhill and AppleWorks was and would be the best choice for both Word and Excel users.
The luck of ms is that Apple was so IDIOT to stop developing AppleWorks and it's iChat was never at the technological level of Skype, beside not being multiplatform.
We are crossing hard times, one step fort, another back sometime 2, on SW, on Democracy, on Science and, at the end of the day, CULTURE!
We are cheated as customers, as citizens, as… 'believers'!

GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 05 Aug 2013
6 STARS IF… it could solve the problem of not popping up in the menubar if Chrome (or its relatives) is frontmost app.
But by time this problem stays not solved so… ONLY 5 STARS, sorry Turly!!! :-D
[Version 2.5]

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GianMarco-Tavazzani replied on 06 Aug 2013
Turly… allow me to add that you could be so kind to explain some more about the FinderPopExtras, which I believe to can use even more, with your help :)

GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 22 Jul 2013
I only had a very simple and humble request to the developer and did send him the following suggestion:
- Couldn't you give us at least the option to let the tender bar drop down when we bring the cursor on the menu bar?

No answer, not interest at all… a cold fellow…
OK, this can perhaps explain why that scaring black icon but:
HALF STAR LESS: developer unresponsive!
Another suggestion (as the previous sent in the Vertical Archive labeled with "don't care/don't pay attention", was to call it BarTender… For sure this isn't a genial suggestion and doesn't change the functionality, simply could be less trivial and more explanatory than the lazy 'Bartender'.
[Version 1.0.9]


GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 06 Jul 2013
Nobody cares about this app!
They say, there are already a heap of apps which simply use the Terminal command 'purge' and in fact all the OTHER utilities gives the same result.
This gives by far a much deeper cleaning (and, unfortunately, needs more time and freezing effect! MAKE YOURSELF A COMPARATION, with Magican, MemoryOptimizer… whatever!
Well, just because so demanding, I'd like that there would be a preference to make it work when our Mac are idle, maybe after a given time.
[Version 2.8]

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GianMarco-Tavazzani replied on 29 Jul 2013
Placebo is the last hope of a desperate!
With 8 GB RAM (my first 1 MB RAM Lisa of 1984 had a 10 Mb HD, partitioned: 5 MB for AUX!), the latest OS X and an almost up to date HW, I'm fighting with the speed and the spinning ball by a full decade! And… (maybe I have visions) I felt that when the free memory nears zero%, my Mac slows doooowwwnnnn…
Ah, Apple… Let's wait Mavericks, hoping in a bette rmemory and CPU management!
GianMarco-Tavazzani commented on 06 Jul 2013
If I'll put my rating, the Micro&Soft-brain Talebans will drop my score down under -100…
There is something COMIC in following the… 'development' of this product which intrude in our Mac world as (wurgh…) internet explorer did at the start of the century!
But Apple is too focused in gadgets to react this INVASION!


GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 26 Jun 2013
Forced by the necessity to have SOMETIME a video call for practical reasons (for sure not to see a face while phoning!) I tried deeper this version and:
1) the integration with 'Contacts' is worse: when I ask to call a landline number, somewhere hidden a little alert asks you about:
"Are you sure??? Do you REALLY want to make a landline call with your Skype Out yearly unlimited landline calls subscription? Isn't it better to give us your money and forget to call? Ok, this number +XXXXXXXXX? (+XXXXXXXXXX)? I repeat because.. 'bis repetita juvant!'
THEN you must search that DAMNED little window (take your time, relax, have a tea, it's so healthy!) and click YESSSS, May i please? And NO WAY to check something like: "Don't show again this INSULTING message!"
2) Notes!
Where the bloody hell are my notes??? What a kind of person are you if you happily decided to DELETE ALL MY NOTES I added to my most important coworkers profiles?
Then, naturally, couldn't you really make another 'version 6' update WHICH WAS ABLE TO WORK with the previous versions? What did you changed IN BETTER between version 6.1 and 6.3 that NEEDED such a change? And... do you 'believe' to be a software company if you can't solve such a little problem?

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GianMarco-Tavazzani replied on 30 Jun 2013
:-D Great answer, Prologos!
In fact, they could rescue their huge expenses of PRISM by selling us a 'cloud service' :D
This way we would PAY TO BE SPIED!!
:-D :-D :-D

GianMarco-Tavazzani reviewed on 20 Jun 2013
Just a very little suggestion: to make thinner the Menubar space required, avoid to put 'C' near the ˚(as iStat menus does) and (even more space keeping) 'rpm'. At least as option.
By the way, even a way to choose the font size, style and colour could not damage :-)
[Version 1.0.3]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 20 May 2013
I tried to switch my Yahoo contact from Adium to Jitsi.
The groups and the contacts are only part of mine and no one of my online contacts is shown as online.
[Version 2.2.4603.9615]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 20 May 2013
the video button is greyed up with most of the previous versions:
Discouraging naiveness of the developers, panting in panic by years, lost without the compass, both technical (it practical doesn't work!) and for user interface huge issues;a product that becomes worst in amy upgrade after the!!!!
And Yahoo Messenger is practically abandoned by the 2003!

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 11 Dec 2012
Hem... I'd like to can use it, but it crashes at any start!
Hopefully a next update will fix some more bug ;-)
[Version 1.0.3]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 24 Oct 2012
'The page size is 19,72 x 27,62 inches (see "Page Setup")
Inches!!!! Bah...
[Version 3.4.1]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 09 Sep 2012
Es scheint ein Problem mit 'Help' zu sein; wenn ich erst 'Welcome to Scrapbook!' clicke und dann den Innhalt von irgend etwas, dann kann ich nur ein kurzen Augenblick sehen was drin steht und sofort verschwindet er!
[Version 1.2.3]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 03 Jun 2012
In fact I'd liked to can see the lyrics of a song which I'd like to learn to sing.
First try, "Dedicated to the one I love".
'No found'!!!
Bah, the only reason cold be a world wide black out of the whole internet system, not a reason enough to not read the lyrics in MY infos on MY iTunes library where I save something useful just in case of total planet destruction.
May I suggest to search the lyrics where they are most probably?
In the mean time I listened other 4 songs, 2 of them for sure sold in millions; nothing is found, while I could, if I could paste-in-the-past them ;-) on my iTunes library file metadata.
[Version 1.98]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 22 Apr 2012
Is't there the risk to stop applications which are supposed to be active even in background instead to 'calm them down'?
Say Mail, Skype, but many other background applications, should be never totally stopped in background.
Probably two enhancements would be useful: a % ony reduction of the activity, an upper limit of it (means: stay active in background but not more than… say 1% of the CPU) with a kind of 'stop and go', without that the activity of Appriority becomes itself too high.
Even a good help about which apps should not be stopped to not regret to have done it.
[Version 1.1.5]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 24 Mar 2012
I have a little question (by time!):
"Can I be sure that the resulting file is the smallest 'lossless' that I can have starting by the .flv file?"
Get Tube downloads whatever at 192 kB/", a bit optimistic, perhaps, other at 64 the same file…
This of the 'minimum LOSSLESS conversion is an unanswered issue also for .jpg and .mp4 files by YEARS!
[Version 2.2.2]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 04 Nov 2011
Nothing to do, it can't start, freezing with the message that the demo allows to use it 15, 14, 13… times, freezing after freezing till the end.
Rating the product without even only having seen it open would be unfair but… come yourself to the (tragic) conclusions…)
[Version 3.39]

GianMarco-Tavazzani had trouble on 08 Oct 2011
Even the good freeware alternatives are working even outside the country of the developer, THIS NOT! Sorry to be so frank, but it's A SHAME!
Hard to give 'a rating' of 'features, stability and ease of use' a product that I can't evaluate (this is why I miss so much Version Tracker!) and sorry to have been forced by this site to do it.
BUT… let YOU ME finally try it (means make it WORK, damn!) and I promise indulgence!
[Version 1.1.3]

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