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Geopick commented on 01 Apr 2014
The MacUpdate price is $29.99, but when you download the demo and attempt to purchase, it is $199.99. On the App store, it is $79.99. I liked $29.99 better. Some comments at the App store suggest $15 is even more reasonable. Strange.
[Version 1.0.2]

Geopick commented on 15 Sep 2011
As of today (9/15/2011), the FUSION20 discount works if you start with a blank cart and add Fusion 4. (It does not seem to work if you are adding the educational version, that is $49.99 anyway.) So you can purchase the product for $39.99. VMWare support tells me that there is no upgrade path from Fusion 3.
[Version 4.0.1]

Geopick commented on 06 Sep 2011
I have used Firefox for several years, but now I'm switching to Safari. There seems to be no strategy to the update stream except for releasing "major" updates as soon as possible. The browser has become slow (compared to Safari and in my usage) and clunky. Need new management.
[Version 7.0]

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Geopick replied on 07 Sep 2011
FF6 last stable release
Mac OSX 10.7.1
iMac 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
FF "major" updates break critical add-ons too often
FF auto-update notifications keep trying to push beta releases
My Google home page loads slower with each FF release
FF doesn't play nice with cmd-Tab application switching; works sometimes, not others
You are correct that browsers are a personal choice, free or not. Right now, Safari runs better on my system.
Geopick commented on 02 Feb 2010
OK, so it still says you can buy this at the MacPromo discount of $68, but not really, and when you go to the Escapers web site the price is GBP I guess until you pay at PayPal. So is there still some kind of discount?
[Version 2.47.18]


geopick reviewed on 14 Jan 2009
Without a doubt, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is the worst upgrade I have ever seen from a major software publisher. Make that any publisher. I have been using CS3 since it was released to fairly good measure. CS4 is so slow that it is completely unusable on my machine (iMac 2.4 GHz dual running OSX 10.5.6). In split view, it takes 10-15 seconds for selected text to highlight. I am running no extensions, and my local site is on my local computer. I have searched all over the Web for a solution, and found much discussion of this problem in Dreamweaver and other CS4 applications. There is hardly a mention anywhere in Adobe's support site. The program runs like a non-optimized beta. I'm thinking it could be caused by Flex or weird Java. Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I've now reinstalled CS3 on the same computer, and it runs fine.
[Version 1.0]

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geopick replied on 16 Jan 2009
After searching a long time on the Web, I found this solution for slow performance in Flash CS4:

Recreate preferences of CS4 ::

Flash CS4 on OS X
1. Quit Flash CS4
2. Navigate to Users:USER:Library:application support:adobe:Flash CS4:en
3. Rename the Configuration Folder to “Configuration old”.
4. Navigate to Users:USER:Libraryreferences:
5. Trash the "Flash CS4 preferences" file.

...or reinstall Flash CS4 ...see

I tried this but with Dreamweaver CS4 files instead and the slow performance disappeared.
geopick commented on 29 Dec 2008
Please note that $30 is for a one-year license to the Lite version. The publisher has a holiday promotion at the moment from the normal price (about 4x the annual).
[Version 4.0]

geopick commented on 18 Dec 2008
Snapz Pro has been my stable screen capture utility for years. It's pretty solid, but no new features have been added for quite a while and I wonder if the developers see it as a priority.

LittleSnapper has a lot of potential. The main feature that attracts me is the ability to capture entire web pages, even those not fully exposed in the window. But LittleSnapper seems to have difficulty dealing with tabs in FireFox. It's OK with untabbed windows.

There are, as others note, some interface quirks or omissions. Some error displays lack any text. The icon display does not let you delete images with the "delete" key or standard cut. Also, a list view could be helpful.

The overall impression is that this app is still in late beta. It is expensive by about US$10 or more. I won't buy a license now but will carefully watch to see how the developers respond.
[Version 1.0.1]

geopick commented on 05 Sep 2008
I think NetFlix should make an effort to support third party developers who want to enable client access to their service. Freak was an early, useful tool. It would be great to see something like this for the iPhone, if it doesn't already exist.
[Version 2.6.3]

geopick commented on 13 May 2008
I have and like the standard version of Timeline. The 3D version has some interesting possibilities, but the downloadable demo only shows you the one trick - foldout labels. For a $25 sidegrade, it's a little hard to justify the investment for minimal effects. What about pop-out and/or tilting events? Warping of the entire timeline field? Putting an event on a bulge in the timeline background?
[Version 2.1]

Geopick had trouble on 10 Oct 2010
I do not recommend using this software until I hear back from the developer. Even though I removed the preference panel and restarted my computer, there is a faint image of the lock icon that stays on my iMac LCD, even over Finder windows. I hope it is not a burned-in image. Will report if I hear of a solution.
[Version 1.6.1]

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Geopick replied on 13 Oct 2010
Yes, your reply was quick and spot on. Thanks!
I know that LCD screens don't technically "burn-in", but there was a vestigial image of the lock icon on my iMac until I shut the machine down for three days. When I restarted, that image had disappeared. Reminds me of the Shroud of Turin.

Nonetheless, this seems to be a really well written application. It's especially valuable if you have, for example, an iPhone because you can mate the device with RedHand and have your computer unlocked on proximity. I presently use AirLock for this purpose, but it doesn't have many of the other security features.

By the way, have your screen fade to black, just to be sure.
Geopick had trouble on 26 Nov 2009
I am unable to download this version from the developer's website. The link just stalls and never initiates the download.
[Version 2.1.4]

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