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Gary W. commented on 16 Feb 2014
Regarding the subject of developers 'soliciting' reviews, I think the main consideration should be whether or not the public is being offered some kind of reward to write a review.

If so, the reviews of a flurry of new registrants should be regarded as invalid. If not, then their reviews should be regarded as 'influenced', but not necessarily invalid.

I remember the 'Mackeeper' controversy here on Macupdate. This was a clear case of people being rewarded for reviews, which most would probably frame as positive to insure their reward.

Gary W. commented on 29 Oct 2013
Ironically, 1Password wouldn't fill in the fields via the Safari plug-in to log onto MacUpdate. (Version 3.8.21) That happens once in a while for various sites at various times, not that big of a deal.

But my main question/concern is whether I can mix this new version with the old version on two machines, one maxed out on Snow Leopard and the other one on Mountain Lion, synced via Dropbox. Should I update the one machine, or would it be better not to?
[Version 4.0.5]

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Gary W. replied on 29 Oct 2013
Thanks Dteare,

Yeah, that was it apparently MU changed something. Fixed now. I guess maybe that's why I suddenly wasn't logged in after getting used to always being logged in. Sounds like I can update to version 4 on the one machine with no real problem; just need to investigate whether new features make it worth it.

Thanks again for your info, and for 1Password, which I can't imagine being without!
Gary W. commented on 23 Apr 2013
14 KB? :-)
[Version 1.0.39]

Gary W. commented on 15 Mar 2013
Appears one has to purchase a new 2.0 'powerpack' for use with this new 2.0 version? I tried plugging in the 1. version # but no go.
[Version 2.0]

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Gary W. replied on 15 Mar 2013
Sorry never mind. I see now the upgrade option at the lower right of the powerpack panel in the preferences.

Gary W. reviewed on 02 Mar 2013
This is such a great alternative to the big clunky Google Earth, which of course has lots of features and capability eMaps lacks, but 90% of the time you just want to check a route, a street view, calculate mileage, or just locate something. I was just doing taxes and used it to calculate mileage between two points and also save the picture and info for future reference and hopefully not an audit.

Finally I've been able to get the street view to perform properly following the advice below from the developer regarding flash player preferences. Before it would just come up with a black screen until clicking it, but then there was no action to be had on the street view. I did find however that enabling the map inset function slowed things down noticeably. Disabling that makes the street view perform fast and flawlessly, but then again my computer is far from the latest and greatest.

Thanks for such a great program, and I'd like to encourage everyone to donate to help with its continuing development and improvement.
[Version 3.1.1]

Gary W. commented on 29 Jun 2012
"To archive this goal"?

I think you must have meant -- To achieve this goal. :-)
[Version 2.7.0]


Gary W. reviewed on 29 May 2012
This has been a very useful tool for me for a long time. Nice to be able to see for instance: Tue 05/29 7:02:15 in the menu bar, and have a calendar right there handy with iCal notifications and the like. There has been one harmless bug where MCC would pop open upon closing certain other programs, which was weird, but that may very well have been fixed with this release, not sure yet.

Listing should be clarified however not to imply that Lion is required; this version still works on Snow Leopard, and is compatible w/ Lion.
[Version 4.5.1]

Gary W. commented on 16 Mar 2012
MacUpdate Warren commented on 07 Mar 2012
A note to MacUpdate users:

We monitor our site for any reviews that we find to be obviously fake, or perpetrated by developers for marketing purposes. We do our best to remove those types of reviews as quickly as possible.

Just throwing that out there. ;-)


I think that most fair-minded individuals would consider the paid for comments posted here to have been "perpetrated by developers for marketing purposes". Perhaps not directly, but certainly indirectly.
[Version 2.1]

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Gary W. replied on 18 Mar 2012
Don't we have to make a distinction between asking users to write a review (which for some reason I've never had asked of me for any product anywhere) and compensating them for doing so? The difference between a manageable trickle and a never- ending flood? That's my point regarding "perpetrating".

I've never gotten the impression from any other software here that anything like this kind of manipulation has gone on. Perhaps it has. I guess it's a good education for all of us as to what to watch for in terms of commenter history and date of sign up.

Kudos to you for opening up your site to comments in the first place, but IMHO it would benefit your site to move toward policies and terms with developers that discourage at least the paying of people to post here. I've noticed that several actual devotees to MacUpdate in addition to myself, as opposed to one timers, have expressed a loss in confidence in the site over this issue.
Gary W. commented on 15 Mar 2012
I think what you're missing Warren is the manipulative nature of this operation. By whatever mechanism, the outcome of Zeobit's campaign is a bunch of uniformly glowing comments that contradict the ratings average existing before the campaign, and also at the app store for their "911 Bundle". (currently the consensus there is in pretty negative territory -- does the app store perhaps have a policy against such a campaign??) These positive comments, while maybe reflecting satisfaction by these particular users, are being culled from thousands and logically are not representative of the whole. In fact, normally I believe software naturally gets a lower rating than it deserves due to the fact that more people tend to express dissatisfaction than satisfaction. But in this case it's the opposite, and it's UN-natural.

Whereas probably most of us have depended on the comments and the overall rating of a product to make informed decisions on whether to inject certain software into our systems, suddenly, at least in this case, that methodology is rendered useless and invalid.

If nothing is done to stop this practice, I guess we're just going to have to rely on our ability to detect manipulation by virtue of a commenter's history and the generally generic tone of the comment. Seems a shame we have to play detective all the time, because IMHO it wouldn't be wrong or difficult to simply put in your TOS that compensating customers to write reviews will result in being delisted. (can't believe something like that doesn’t already exist) Seems to me it'd be a very common sense move that would serve to preserve MacUpdate's reputation and reinforce its reliability.

I've come to regard MacUpdate as the best place to learn about software, and updates, what's new and what's been improved --- and spontaneous comments and ratings are a big (main) part of it. Please .... nip this in the bud.
[Version 2.1]

Gary W. commented on 14 Mar 2012
OK so now the truth comes out. These pages and pages of glowing comments ARE bought and paid for in the form of a free upgrade. I'm assuming the review has to be verified somehow to receive the upgrade; obviously then someone would tend to write something positive.

Therefore these generic sounding 5 star comments are anything but objective, and should be ignored.

IMHO the software should be avoided on this business practice alone, regardless of the software's performance, and not to mention the pop-ups. Companies or individuals who produce truly valuable and quality software don't need pop-ups or to manipulate the ratings on boards like this. Their products stand on their own merits, which of course is the way it should be.

Maybe it's time to change your TOS, Macupdate. Don't allow this practice, and de-list companies who engage in it. Or at the very least provide a disclaimer informing people that some reviews may be coming from people being motivated to write them by the company. This alone would discourage companies from dong this.
[Version 2.1]

Gary W. had trouble on 11 Dec 2011
Love 1Password; however sure seem to be getting a lot of "problem with database" error messages lately. App and extension are both up to date, but regularly get the red box. Usually restarting browser fixes it, but that often results in disrupting your workflow.

Any suggestions?
[Version 3.8.12]

Gary W. had trouble on 08 Aug 2009
I'm experiencing a problem with Cosmopod and 10.5.8. Certainly not a big deal in the whole scheme of things, but annoying in that it conflicts with years of learned behavior.

The problem is that with Cosmopod installed, (paid and registered) when you hit the Safari icon in the dock or elsewhere, (with Safari already running but windows closed) a new window does not pop up, contrary to normal behavior. Uninstalling Cosmopod fixes the problem.

Unless I'm missing some setting or something, I assume this is a bug easily fixed, and that the next revision will address it. Otherwise, I love the application, as it makes it pathetically easy to download and convert video.
[Version 3.0.1]

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Gary W. replied on 10 Aug 2009
My apologies. After further consideration, it appears the problem with the new window not coming up is still cropping up even after deinstalling Cosmopod. It seems like you can get a new window perhaps 2 or 3 times, but then nothing. With Cosmopod, it would only come up once and then no more.

I therefore cannot say that Cosmopod is necessarily my problem, although it seems like it somehow affects the severity of it. I suspect the root of the problem is elsewhere, like with me perhaps. :-)

Gary W. replied on 13 Aug 2009
Cosmopod completely innocent! Sorry, Cosmopod. The problem was the search add-on "Glims", which needs to be updated to address conflict issues with latest Safari updates.

Uninstalled Glims and put back Cosmo. All working fine now.
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