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Garlicbreath reviewed on 24 Apr 2013
Wanted to set a constant value for a fan, wouldn't even let me enter a value in the field, so it was useless to me. I could highlight the value, but I couldn't change it.
[Version 1.0 beta 4]

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Garlicbreath replied on 24 Apr 2013
Thank you for your quick reply. I apologize for the one-star rating. Is thee a way to change it? I should have posted a troubleshooting comment.
Garlicbreath commented on 19 Jul 2012
Only 10.7 & up now : - (
[Version 1.7b2]

Garlicbreath commented on 20 Jan 2012
In the app store there's something called "PDF Reader" with the exact same icon as Skim, and nearly identical description. Did someone rip off this open source project?
[Version 1.3.19]

Garlicbreath commented on 06 Jun 2011
Something left out of the long, detailed description above: this is a paid upgrade from 10.3.7. Nothing in the in-app upgrade process tells you this until after you've installed it. Most software companies would change the version from 10.x to 11.x to indicate a paid upgrade. Just so you know...
[Version 10.4]

Garlicbreath commented on 03 Nov 2009
At the bottom of the clock: 6 in Roman numerals is VI; IV = 4
[Version 1.1]

garlicbreath commented on 07 Nov 2008
Thank you for making this 10.4 compatible.
[Version 2.0b2]

garlicbreath commented on 01 May 2008
Used to be able to select black and white as the color space for the saved file, which saved about half the file size when saving as PNG. Better for emailing. Now files are saved as 32-bit/millions of colors. Can this be changed?
[Version 1.2]

garlicbreath commented on 26 Jan 2008
Since I "upgraded" to the latest version of quicktime, Taply won't play files encoded with the Apple Lossless Codec. Can this be fixed?
[Version 1.5]

garlicbreath commented on 01 Sep 2007
Beware of saving in FLAC format with this version. I selected highest compression and when it was just about done, the app quit, and my recording was gone. There was nothing in the Amadeus cache folder to use "import raw data" on, only two files 4k in length.
[Version 1.1.1]

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garlicbreath replied on 01 Sep 2007
OK, I found the temp file in the trash, like it says in the manual, but using import raw data on it produced a file completely filled with noise. I changed the file's extension to FLAC, just in case, but opening it gave a corrupted stream error...

I got it back. I had to select "little endian" in the import dialog. I'm glad it wasn't gone. Thanks Amadeus' developers.

garlicbreath replied on 07 Sep 2007
Re-downloaded as suggested. Problem seems to be fixed. Thank you.
garlicbreath commented on 23 May 2007
Was able to work through the demo, but the next day when I wanted to try actually playing it, it crashed on launch. Several times. (intel core 2 duo iMac)
[Version 1.9]

Garlicbreath had trouble on 20 Mar 2010
Used to like this, but the last two releases crash on launch on 10.4.11
[Version 0.2.7 RC3]

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Garlicbreath replied on 06 Apr 2010
At the time, the Macupdate listing said 10.4 or later.
Garlicbreath had trouble on 09 Jan 2010
The last 3 versions or so, including this latest one have not worked on my iMac with 10.4.11

OS Version: 10.4.11 (Build 8S2167)
Report Version: 4

Command: iTunesShut
Path: /Users/lmt/Documents/download folder/iTunesShut-3/
Parent: WindowServer [57]

Version: 4.9.9 (4.9.9)

PID: 1878
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Symbol not found: ___stack_chk_guard
Referenced from: /Users/lmt/Documents/download folder/iTunesShut-3/
Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
[Version 4.9.9]

garlicbreath had trouble on 28 Nov 2008
not compatible with 10.4, as stated
[Version 1.0]

garlicbreath had trouble on 23 Apr 2008
Tried this newest version on my Intel iMac Core 2 Duo running 10.4.11. Thought it was working fine. After an hour or so, I noticed a high percentage of CPU usage (I have iStat menus running). TotalTunes was using 100% while in the background. Am I the only one with this problem?
[Version 2.0.8]

garlicbreath had trouble on 06 Mar 2008
This is the first time I've tried this program. I like it, except there seems to be a problem. CPU usage has grown from around 25% and now is close to 60%. iMac core 2 duo 10.4.11
[Version 2.0.4]

garlicbreath had trouble on 28 Feb 2008
Won't launch on my intel core 2 duo iMac 10.4.11
[Version 3.0]

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garlicbreath replied on 29 Feb 2008
Thanks. Works now.
garlicbreath had trouble on 13 Oct 2007
If you create an encrypted archive, then try to re-expand it with the wrong password, the growl report says it has been successfully decompressed, but what has happened is that a zero-length file has been created. The worst part is that this file has over-written any existing file with the same name without any warning. At least a new file with "-1" ending or something similar should be created. There are no preferences to change this behavior e.g. warn before overwriting files, as far as I can tell.
[Version 1.6.5]

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garlicbreath replied on 14 Oct 2007
Fair enough. I look forward to the new release. Thank you.
garlicbreath had trouble on 15 Sep 2007
Danger! This program can destroy files without warning!

I was cleaning up some archives of font files. Many were .sit and .sitx and I was changing them to .zip so I wouldn't need stuffit. PC-compatible was selected, and I was getting really good compression. It turns out the compression was so good because YemuZip deleted the resource portion (I'm guessing) of the font files, totally destroying them.

Luckily I do have backups, but be careful what you do!
[Version 2.2]

garlicbreath had trouble on 18 Feb 2007
I tried this. The code I stored in it disappeared. It is no longer there when I select its title.
[Version 1.0.1]

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