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Gabble commented on 23 Nov 2012
Hope to see Retina support soon… :-/
[Version 10.1.2]


Gabble reviewed on 19 Apr 2012
On my MacPro BackTrack is a CPU hog. After some time of use the Windows Server process takes all CPU cores at 99% and the whole system becomes unresponsive and slows down to a crawl. If I am luck enough to open the process manager and kill the BackTrackBA process, everything is fine again.
[Version 5.4.1]

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Gabble replied on 02 May 2012
Actually not the kind reply one would expect from the developer. Anyway, it seemed that only one BackTrackBA was running at a time, at least according to the Process Manager.

Gabble reviewed on 03 Feb 2011
Version 2.0 is out, dear macupdate, please update… :-)
[Version 1.5.14]

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Gabble replied on 24 May 2011
SimplyFatt is now at version, MacUpdate still advertises version 1.5...
Gabble commented on 17 Nov 2009
Why "Download Unavailable"?
The download link is
[Version 1.3.2]


Gabble reviewed on 16 Aug 2009
I find Ecoute a great idea, anyway...
I usually take my iPod with me, plug it to my MacBook or to my iMac@work, then play songs from there.
It would be great if I could use Ecoute to play song from iPods too, without launching iTunes.

(I have emailed the developer 16 days ago, but had no reply from him).
[Version 1.2.1]

Gabble commented on 19 Jun 2009
Still 93/100 against acid3 test (sfari4 and latest opera are both 100/100):
[Version 3.5rc2]

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Gabble replied on 20 Jun 2009
ERUNNO, if you read at:
you'll see:

ECMAScript Conformance (subtests 81-96)
Data URI scheme (subtest 97)
XHTML 1.0 Strict (subtest 98)
HTTP 1.1 Protocol

SVG tests are:
SVG 1.1 (subtests 74, 78)
SVG 1.1 Fonts (subtests 77, 79)

In any case:
"Firefox developers had been preparing for the imminent release of Firefox 3, focusing more on stability than Acid3 success. The resulting 3.0 release consequently gained a score in the 70s. The performance of Firefox has been improved in version 3.5, which scores 93/100. The current trunk builds of Firefox score 94/100 with the default configuration and 96/100 with svg.smil.enabled set to true."

Aaaannd: :-)
"Microsoft, developers of the Internet Explorer browser, said that Acid3 does not map to the goal of Internet Explorer 8 and that IE8 would improve only some of the standards being tested by Acid3. IE8 scores 20/100 and has some problems with rendering the Acid3 test page."

Surely Firefox is a terrific browser, it only could be a bit better in standards compliance.
Happy browsing! :-)
Gabble commented on 19 Jun 2009
What I really miss with iTunes is a real tagging system, with spotlight integration.
I would also miss flac, ogg, etc., but tagging support for me is vital.
[Version 8.2]


Gabble reviewed on 26 May 2009
Looks promising, but:

1) Twin is not able to use custom ports (e.g. sftp on port 54000, etc.). According to developers, version 1.0.1 was supposed to add this feature... I still see no indication in the release notes.

2) No support for incremental backups, by design. This makes some sense with remote backups, but not with mass media backup (where Twin is rather a complement to Time Machine)

3) no bit-wise comparison of files, which is vital for large files backups (images, video, vmware images,...). Every time the new file gets deleted then replaced. This is a real time, bandwidth (and money?) waste with remote backups. Dropbox and Qrecall both deal with bit-wise comparison. Unfortunately Twin developers don't seem interested in such feature.

A real pity... :-(
[Version 1.0.1]

Gabble commented on 24 Dec 2008
How do I tag documents imported in the database?
The info panel has a Tags field, but I cannot write anything into it (cannot set the cursor inside).
The same happens with the document properties window, I cannot write inside any of the fields, "keywords" in particular.
What am I missing?
Is it a limitation of the public beta version? No indication on their website anyway…
[Version 2.0 pb1]

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Gabble replied on 28 Dec 2008
Thank you so much.
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