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GBukalders reviewed on 25 Jul 2012
Spark's demon doesn't run properly on Mountain Lion. I can launch it, but after 10-20 seconds it silently quit. That is, I launch Spark, launch demon, quit Spark, press shortcut to launch TextEdit with the shortcut specified in Spark, when TextEdit has launched, I quit TextEdit, and that's it, can't launch any other app anymore because demon has quit.
[Version 3.0b9]

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GBukalders replied on 03 Aug 2012
Sorry, I guess part of the problem was application name changes in Mountain Lion. For some strange reason Spark could launch Contacts with the Address Book shortcut and app reference and Calendar with the iCal shortcut and app reference, but then later could not. Go figure. Now I did all necessary changes and Spark works again. Although sometimes have problems with launching TextEdit.

GBukalders replied on 15 Nov 2012
Now it works for me too. No problem. Perhaps Mountain Lion updates have helped. All works as expected. Excellen!

Guntis Bukalders reviewed on 23 Nov 2005
Very good start! This is almost what I used to have as image preview in Windows :) However, it would be good to have several improvements:
1) Full-screen preview (black or user-defined background);
2) Command+- to zoom out, Command+= to zoom in, Command+0 to 100%, Command+Option+0 fit to screen. These are shortcuts used in professional (Adobe and many other) programs. It would be good to keep them...
3) Why complicate browsing by pressing Page Up nad Page down, when I could use just arrow buttons left or right? Command+left arrow goes 10 images back, while Command+right jumps 10 images forward. Home button jumps to he first image, End to the last image.
4) Add Xee to the contextual menus in the Finder. ("View with Xee" or just simply "Browse images").
5) Add optional toolbar for previous/next image, Zoom in/out/Fit to screen/100%, Rotate left/right, Flip vertical/horizontal, Delete.
What else? Probably that's all we'd need for the good'n'fast image browser... :-)
Add these few extra features and it'll be THE BEST image viewer for the Mac!!!
[Version 1.0]

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Guntis Bukalders replied on 23 Nov 2005
Yes, user-defined shortcuts would be great! Could you add shortcut editing tab in Preferences?
And please add the ability to drop folder on Xee's icon to view that folder's content.
Guntis commented on 21 Nov 2005
I even won't download for the testing purposes. The price is simly too high... Very high. It's the price of the hard drive disaster recovery tools. When the price will go down to about $30, max $40, then this program will be on my wish list.
[Version 1.14]


Guntis reviewed on 17 Nov 2005
Very nicely done! I like that all domains are listed only once, and all different cookies for that domain are listed in the second column, that cleans up the clutter.
However, there are several areas for improvement:

1) Add preferences not to show warnings when I delete multiple cookies. I really don't care... If I press Delete, I want to delete them, without additional confirmation.
2) Undo even for multiple deleted cookies: if you could store all deleted cookies as a "playlist" which should be executed upon program exit, you could offer undo for any deleted cookie as long as the program has not been closed.
3) If you could add internal database (just a plist file actually) of the all existing cookies, you could offer easy way to track newly added cookies by adding color label to all those cookies which did not exist when the program was opened last time...
[Version 1.0]


Guntis Bukalders reviewed on 30 Oct 2005
I can only quote someone else's review: "I tried QuickSilver for about a month because I thougth its Bezel looked so cool -- but went back to LB and thought it worked a lot better for me."
It's really true. I also wish that LB would provide bezel interface of QS, at least as an option.
[Version 4.1b1]

Guntis Bukalders commented on 04 Oct 2005
Message to the developer:
1) Please add option to move all KoolClip shortcuts from the main KoolClip to the separate (hierarchical) menu to free up the main menu space for additional clipboards.
2) Currently changing Preferences window panes immediately shows message "There are unsaved changes", although nothing has been changed. Please fix this!
3) Could you please change the way how the flash window is shown? Currently it stays predefined seconds after pressing Ctrl+Command+[ or ]. THe problem is that for some clips I'd like to see it ofr 4-5 seconds, for some just for 1 second, just to see it. So I'd prefer to see it visible until I release Ctrl+Command keys. Is that possible? - Just press Ctrl+Command+[ or ] to bring up flash window and keep on holding Ctrl+Command keys until it's enough. Releasing these keys would cause flash window to disappear immediately.
[Version 2.3]

Guntis commented on 02 Sep 2005
For laptop users iScroll is for free. For the rest of us... Well, if you're using Apple one-button mouse, you can try ClickScroll :)
[Version 1.5]

Guntis commented on 13 Jul 2005
I tried to contect the author about my problems to open FreeDMG, but his page doesn't respond to clicks on the Submit button... Not in hte Contact Me page, nor in Bug report page...
He must be completely sunk in bugs... :(
[Version 0.5.2b]

Guntis Bukalders had trouble on 23 Nov 2005
Actually Previous/Next image navigation isn't Command+,/., but Command+left arrow/right arrow.
[Version 2.0a]

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