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G4ff3r rated on 29 Jun 2011
[Version 2.1v155]


G4ff3r reviewed on 29 Sep 2010
Very good and does what it says on the tin.
However, be aware that it also tries to send your info to ad based sites without your permission.

Here is a shot of my Little Snitch rules:


As you can see, there are 6 rules pertaining to the scrobbling features, 1 for the app itself (update), but 4 for other sites.

Whether they're all spam related I don't know, but I don't want ANY of my info being sent to a doubleclick site for instance.

In short, great app if you remember to block the dodgy behaviour with Little Snitch first.
[Version 0.4]

G4ff3r commented on 29 Jan 2010
Hasn't worked for over a year now (blank window/no graphs with the word "undefined"). Isn't it about time MU updated their database and trashed this non-working widget?
[Version 2.0]


G4ff3r reviewed on 23 Nov 2007
Terrible, terrible, nasty app.

Firstly, why pay forr a torrent app when there are free ones out there that do better for free (eg, Azureus).

Also, xtorrent has been banned by a large majority of torrent trackers. Apparently, it's a pretty shoddy implementation of a very old version of libtransmission. Again, why pay for a shoddy version of an old library?

In fact, in direct reference to this rubbish, from the transmission forum about licensing changes - "Portions of the code will be changed to avoid blatant attempts to profit significantly from our work".....

That says it all really.

One to avoid.
[Version 1.1v53]


G4ff3r reviewed on 23 Nov 2007
Pastor uses RC4 = UNSAFE, easily crackable
Keychain & 1Password uses TDES = virtually uncrackable (would need years and cost billions to do)
Filevault & WPA2 uses AES = 100% not crackable

Overall, 1Password is all you'll need imo. Once Keychain gets upgraded to FileVault standard AES, that's what 1password will start using, so I recommend that app instead.

This (Pastor) on the other hand is INSECURE and easy to crack - steer well clear (it's been years since AES arrived, and the author is STILL puttering along using weak RC4, with no plans on his part to upgrade this app).......use at your own risk.
[Version 1.7.5]


G4ff3r reviewed on 07 Nov 2007
Fantastic with iTunes 6.......broken with iTunes 7.

An update is needed but it looks like the author is no longer developing this program (which is a shame because this is so much cleaner than the alternatives - not made with Java so it's fast, doesn't require an IM client to share, or a webbrowser, doesn't require a buddy list etc etc).

My score is for the 1.50b1 version working with iTunes 6
[Version 1.50b1]


G4ff3r reviewed on 07 Nov 2007
Pros: Better GUI than limewire (one of the prettiest?) and you don't have to wait till the file is fully DL'd before realising it's spam, click on the download and it will reveal what it is (unlike Limewire, where you have to resort to navigating to the partialDL folder and seeing what's in there). Also takes up vastly less CPU and RAM. VERY impressed with this side of things......BUT..........

Cons: I always seem to get more results on Limewire ?????? .....which is odd seeing as they are both using the gnutella network

You also cannot specify to just look for (for example) programs. I'm afraid that you really can't. Acquisition will STILL look for everything and the filter just filters the results you SEE, it's STILL searching in all the categories (for instance, typing up toast will search for ALL toast files)....Limewire on the other hand, is able to search in the one category you pick ALONE rather than search everything but only SHOW you one category (so acquisition's not as focused as limewire here).
Or put it another way, with filter "prog files" on; Limewire will ONLY search for prog files, giving you a quicker result (it won't even register other file types...very focused searching); whereas acquisition will register ALL files, but only DISPLAY the prog files....it's still searching for everything though (it still wades through ALL the files with that name).....slower to find things and less streamlined. (Limewire does a true search filter, acquisition is merely a display filter, nothing else).

Thirdly, tends to crash on shutdown a lot (unlike limewire). So much so, that this issue is even a permanent fixture in the help/faq section (you have to trash a file in the lib, which means you have to enter your serial number again and again). :( .....not too impressive on this side of things then.
Having used this a bit more I have to say that the "crashing on app shutdown" is SO recurrent that it reminds me of a windows program :)

Fourthly, tries to secretly "phone home" (use little snitch to prevent this).

Number Five, AcqLite is like Acquisition but free.....use that instead.

Number Six, the NagWare side of things is VERY annoying (again, Acqlite to the rescue here).

OVERALL, if all you're interested in is a pretty GUI, go for it.
However, if you also want an app from a developer with the honesty to keep his promises (eg re:updates and costs as mentioned below), and that DOESN'T act like a broken windoze app or malware, then stay well clear.
There are other apps that do this better and for free...Caveat Emptor.
[Version 2.0v204]


G4ff3r reviewed on 05 Nov 2007
Fantastic little minesweeper clone.
Unlike others here, using 1.4 has resulted in no issues whatsoever. I am able to start new games with ⌘N as per normal....no crashes, no hangs. It also redraws the map straight away.

When using a keyboard, it is shift rather than ctrl-click that adds the flag, but this wasn't too hard to find out within a few seconds of my first opening.
It would be useful to have a line or two in the readme for the sake of those that STILL can't find it though ;).

I like the customisable tile sets....overall a great little find here.

Keep up the good work.
[Version 1.4]


G4ff3r reviewed on 05 Nov 2007
Great little minesweeper clone. Looks really "aqua"-esque, like it belongs on the OS X desktop.

Unfortunately, it is no longer being supported by MindQuirk? (their site doesn't list it)....
[Version 1.1]


G4ff3r reviewed on 05 Nov 2007
Great app to use....especially if you make web based graphics in photoshop.

For features, it would be great if it would also use pngcrush at the the same time as optipng to remove the pesky gamma info (as it is, I have to use a separate program....using one for both would be great) - so as it does only 50% what I want, it has to drop a few marks (hopefully v2 will add this?)

For ease of use...READ the readme file people. It works perfectly well. The only problem is that it has to be visible somewhere (either in an open finder window or in the dock) to be able to drop stuff in......but that's a minor issue (an optional CLI would help here I think).

It's free, what more could you want?

It has never crashed for me. I recently reduced a set of buttons from about 30k to
[Version 1.0.1]

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