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funkboy reviewed on 21 Jun 2009
Nice app to see how your app is doing through the only official data Apple posts - the Top 100 lists for each category and overall.

The history graphs are helpful to see trends over time. It ships by only showing the biggest sales countries, but you can track your app (or your competitor's!) on every single app store worldwde.

Only improvement I can think of is faster graph drawing (which the author has already promised is coming). Overall it's a great program that I use many times during the week. Plus, it is free! Glad to see a nice app made available for free like this.
[Version 1.3.2]

funkboy commented on 07 May 2008
This program looks promising. However, why does it need to launch an installer? I would be much more inclined to install it if I could just drag and drop the program into my Applications folder - I do not understand why this program would need to have me enter my password to install files somewhere. Could you please explain?
Otherwise, the ability to import files from old databases (GEDCOM, for instance) could be very useful for people still stuck on other or older programs.
[Version 2.387]


funkboy reviewed on 18 Mar 2008
GREAT program. Beautiful interface, even at this beta stage. I am unfamiliar with GTD and have never used a tool like this, but this is great - the system-wide shortcut key is wonderful, and it's easy to organize info.

I can't wait until dependencies on people get implemented - that's one of the primary things that slows down a project: waiting for other people. Being able to identify and work well with this would greatly improve its usefulness to me. I like focusing on what tasks I need to get other people started on (or finishing) first, so I am not held up by them as a project progresses.

Once this small thing gets implemented, and the bugs go away and drag-and-drop is implemented, this will be one truly amazing way of working. Very few bugs even now, though.... I haven't found any.
[Version 0.9]


funkboy reviewed on 26 Dec 2007
Great job on this free utility! It did exactly what I needed it to do; now that Mac OS X 10.5 has this functionality, I will not have to use it, but I was stuck on a 10.4-powered laptop and really needed to combine some pages.

Only two things I could suggest: page numbering, as mentioned by another reviewer, would be sweet, as would the ability for the program to detect where in the list I am dragging and dropping the files. It automatically puts newly dropped files at the end of the list, but it would be nice if it let me insert it between two pages already in the list.

Great job, I owe the developer a mighty large beer.
[Version 3.0]


funkboy reviewed on 09 Dec 2006
Very nice program! Solid feel, fun icon, beautiful interface, totally smooth integration with iTunes. This just feels right.
As far as the actual quality of the playlists it creates: I created a workout playlist. Looking over the songs it selected, Tangerine has chosen wisely. The only clunker on its first try (before all its analyzing is done - because who wants to wait for it to finish when first downloaded?) was sticking Miles Davis's excellent but decidedly slow performance of 'Round Midnight right in between Foo Fighters and Eric Clapton's original (fast) Layla. It's the only obviously misplaced song in the playlist, which is pretty impressive for only having completed analyzing 400 of 2500 tracks in my library. My older 1.42GHz G4 Mac Mini looks like it will take about an hour and a half to analyze all 2500 tracks. It's also doesn't feel like it's totally bogging down my computer, though it is working hard in the background. The analyzed file it's creating appears to be very small in file size - not much bigger than 1MB for my 2500 tracks.

Tangerine has done a great job with this first playlist, with only one oddity in these 80 minutes. The aforementioned wonderful look and feel results in amazing execution for a 1.0 product!

I cannot say I feel this is worth $25, especially when I can pick up an iPod Shuffle for about $70. I would purchase this for $15 without too much thought, but $25 seems a little optimistic right now. I could just be being miserly, though.

Supporting iTMS songs is completely necessary for future improvement, though. Everyone's library of iTunes songs is growing daily. For those with mostly DRM-free music, though, Tangerine is a wonderfully smooth product.
[Version 1.0]

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funkboy replied on 09 Dec 2006
I was hoping I could edit my original review, but I guess not.

Tangerine reported time to analyze my 2500 song library was 59 minutes. Pretty good for my old G4.

It seems to want to use the same songs over and over again, which makes sense since it has somehow identified them as certain BPM. Really, it's doing a pretty good job though. Reminding me of music I had lost in the shuffle of 2500+ songs.

Good job, I'll keep my eye on this one!

funkboy replied on 09 Dec 2006
A great future improvement would be to have Tangerine identify whether a song has vocals or not. No clue if this is easily done, but having a checkbox for "Instrumentals Only" would be a very nice feature for creating a playlist of calm, soothing back ground music. Maybe we could hear calming Tangerine-generated playlists in doctor waiting rooms instead of elevator muzak.

I hope the developers are reading all these posts, I'm making way too many! That should show a level of excitement about the product :)

Funkboy reviewed on 26 May 2005
I agree, very good idea, and the implementation is very smooth so far. Possible improvements (since this is 0.1, after all!) :
- allow scrolling with a mouse's scroll wheel
- resizable (maybe just vertically, or maybe both along the x and y axes)
- user comments would be very nice... maybe make it a check-markable option? or within another pane? (that may be strange looking though)

Good job for a 0.1 though!
[Version 0.1]


Funkboy reviewed on 18 May 2005
Very nice widget. Having all the different versions be accessible very easily is wonderful. The only thing I can think of is some sort of link on the back of the widget to get more information about the differences between different translations. Job very well done!
[Version 2.0]


Funkboy reviewed on 17 May 2005
Awesome visualizer, I absolutely love it!

I agree, that if there is multiple artworks with a song, could it display the second (or even third or fourth) picture on the back of the CD?

If there are more than two or three songs, what about a picture in the background flying by occasionally with the third or more pictures on it?

(also, I can see why some people would want an installer, but I'm *very* glad you gave a URL to download the bundle by itself - thanks for being a pro-user friendly developer!)
[Version 1.8]


Funkboy reviewed on 18 Apr 2005
I've used this with at least four different Macs, if not a few of my friends and other computers - I've finally decided it's time to purchase it. I've used it on an iBook G3 (dual USB), iMac G4 17" flat panel, iBook G4 (both iBooks are 12"), and most recently a Dell 1704FP with my new Mac Mini.

Every time the color response and display appearance is highly improved, and with my new flat panel it's done it again. Thank you for such a great utility!

The only things I could suggest as improvements are a slightly lower price (for $15 I would have purchased it a time or two earlier), and maybe... um... any other color tests? I have no idea, it sure looks good though.
[Version 1.1.4]

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