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Funjoy commented on 17 Apr 2014
This appears to be abandonware. The app has not been updated in over two years, and the site's blog hasn't been updated in a year (and the last blog post said the dev was working on bug fixes to the app, which he never delivered on).
[Version 1.0.5]


Funjoy reviewed on 29 Mar 2014
Buggy, incomplete (one example: no AU support?). Hard to believe this has been in development for 4 or 5 years.
[Version 1.0.1]


Funjoy reviewed on 29 Mar 2014

Devs screwed up: you cannot open an Incognito window, History is only viewable from inside Preferences, and you cannot open a just-closed tab any more with a key command (you need to select it in Preferences->History).

These changes were not supposed to occur, so wait for a fixed update hopefully out soon.
[Version 33.0.1750.152]

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Funjoy replied on 29 Mar 2014
I downloaded the latest raw build for Chromium 36.0.1917.0 (260370) at and all the issues with 33.0.1750.152 went away, but I assume it's a fragile/buggy build, so be careful if you download it....

Funjoy reviewed on 21 Mar 2014
Stable, useful alternative to Chrome that doesn't auto-update in the background like Chrome does.

I like Chrome but for some reason it freezes on some websites and then my Mac's temperature starts skyrocketing. Weird! So I downloaded Chromium and it works perfectly, and uses all extensions from the Chrome store as well.

Highly recommended!
[Version 33.0.1750.117]


Funjoy reviewed on 05 Feb 2014
It's back?!

If so, bravo! I downloaded this app a few years ago when a dev wrote about it on a post on ArsTechnica. Has worked great for me for several years (at least on my Mountain Lion machine) and then the app & developer seemed to have disappeared. I hope they are back and people check out the app.

Tip: follow the instructions carefully or you'll be confused. First select/highligh the songs for which you want lyrics, THEN switch over to MassiveLyrics and proceed to retrieve lyrics.
[Version 1.2]


Funjoy reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
Long-time registered user. 3.0.25 just came out, I upgraded from 3.0.23a (3.0.24 was pulled right after release): HUGE UPDATE!

Older version of Cookie apparently were not seeing most installed Flash cookies. Right after I updated, Cookie showed be that I had 113 Flash cookies on my Mac that had apparently been hiding (for months?)!

So... zap. All gone.
[Version 3.0.24]


Funjoy reviewed on 21 Dec 2013
I bought this app a couple of years ago. It works well, but a year or so ago the developer a) made the app free then b) purposefully crippled the app's speed unless you pay $10/year subscription for "Speed Boost".

[Version 3.2.8]

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Funjoy replied on 05 Jan 2014
The point I'm making is that I *PAID* for this app, and now that it's "free" my transfers are being slowed down unless I pay an additional yearly fee.

As for your giving away Facebook codes, so what? The one you just posted only uncripples the app for less than one month.

Funjoy replied on 29 Mar 2014
"We've accepted donations few years ago and send free code to all donators. If you did not received yours contact us via email."

Yes, I donated a few years ago, but never saved a record of it since donating didn't come with a code at the time. Either I never got an email from Mediahuman with a code or if I did I assumed it was spam and ignored it. Don't know which email I used, and PayPal Account Statements are only available for the last 3 months. So, all I know is that the app I donated to is now is speed-crippled and filled with ads.

Funjoy reviewed on 22 Sep 2013
Useful, stable, dead-simple to use. One of my fave OS add-ons, alongside Popclip, Moom, Caffeine, Dropbox, etc... Worth every penny.
[Version 1.2.9]


Funjoy reviewed on 27 Aug 2013
I bought this a week ago and am really loving it. It combines the features of SnapNDrag Pro, Jing/SnagIt and Paparrazi into one app that works really well at screenshots as well as video, and has awesome sharing capabilities (including to Dropbox).

Previously, I used SnapNDrag Pro to grab stuff I wanted to keep on my Mac, or used Jing if I wanted to upload to the cloud to share a URL or inline-image, and if I wanted to capture an entire webpage (that extended beyond the window bottom) I used Paparazzi. Voila can do virtually everything these apps can.

It has great organizing (folders differentiating between screenshots, web snaps, and diff types of exports (Flickr, Youtube, FTP, Evernote etc).

Only two downsides for me. First, some of the actions are a little convoluted (like the only way to screenshot a webpage is from a little camera icon in the Voila web browser). Second, with Dropbox uploads you get a URL that send you to a Dropbox-page hosting the screenshot, but the page is formatted so you can't snag a URL just for the image. So, if I want to include an inline-image in a forum post I still need to use Jing (which uploads to, where you can derive an image URL).
[Version 3.5]


Funjoy reviewed on 20 Jun 2013
Great utility. I own iStat Menus and for some reason the fan control module started getting flaky on me and my Mac mini was getting hot and staying hot, and only cooled down when I set the fan to an annoying volume.

So I tried Macs Fan control app... and the mini is running cool again! Works fine in conjunction with my other iStat modules too. Recommended!
[Version 1.0.3]

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