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Fsckthemembership! reviewed on 26 Sep 2013
Version 2.2.1 FAILED to launch on Mac OS X 10.6.8 as stated in the requirement and multiple areas within their site and Apple App Store.

I'm sure this is just a glitch because many Apple computers are and will continue to run OS X 10.6.8 due to the inclusion of Rosetta for both medical, scientific and education software the has yet and will probably never be update for the newer OS.

Please correct this and that's again to the Pixelmator coding team for allowing us to kill PhotoShop!

[Version 2.2.1]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 09 Oct 2012
Is there any way on the Mac to actually decompress the "Flash Player.plugin.lzma"? I mean truly to have an application actually decompress the .lzma so that the Flash Player.plugin can be manually put into the internet plugin folder?

Before posting suggestions, I'm looking for actually success NOT StuffIt Expander or Unarcheiever listing .lzma as being supported…but the plugin in it's complete form setting on the Desktop.

[Version 11.4.402.287]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 09 Oct 2012

Would prefer NOT to be reminded that the "Protection Preference Pane" needs updating if it's NOT installed!

[Version 6.0.6]


Fsckthemembership! reviewed on 07 Sep 2012
Same old crap from a new owner (Corel)…
Windows Restore in a pkg for the Mac? Uh?
Flat package installer? What about drag and drop?
Update issues…again!
Blah, blah blah…
[Version 11.1]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 05 Apr 2012
Installed it then ran the uninstaller to check for any remnants of the program…which there are many even after a restart in "safe mode"…such as the following:

/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/


I didn't want to hunt any further so I re-cloned my 'experience hard drive' software image back unto my test FireWire drive.

I'm looking for an application to STOP all caches, cookies and other website data unless I allow it…period! Any suggestions?
[Version 1.9.4]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 09 Mar 2012
Well here's the update…

After two weeks of dealing with TurboTax Customer and Technical Support regarding the lack of manually downloadable updates they "approved course of action for TurboTax Deluxe 2011 (Mac)" is to force you to create a TurboTax Support account membership! This gives them all your personally information and in exchange they "push" what is supposed to be the "current TurboTax .dmg" into your account.

The .dmg contains what appears to be a Windows/Mac hybrid image because if you open the package it's filled with Microslop files! Additionally, if you launch the TurboTax application it does NOT obey the User's Preferences file (i.e. do NOT check for Updates). It also automatically installs a price list…go figure! Additionally, watch your User Preferences, Cache and Application Support folder/files change after you launch TurboTax from this .dmg and collect the data stream sent to Intuit's servers. Totally different than the boxed version! This behavior breaks the trust between a company and the user!

Now I purchased the "boxed" Mac version and if behaves totally differently than Intuits "pushed current .dmg".

Having used Intuits tax software since the MacInTax days and tolerated the decline for years, this is the finally straw. I will be starting the refund process and moving unto H&R Block tax software which will import the previous years TurboTax data and does have manually downloadable updates.

Why the concern over manual updates? My personal financial information is my business and the US government (theirs only to get accessed for tax liabilities) NOT Intuit (i.e. read the EULA on how they use, sell, market and distribute your personal data worldwide)!

Although if might be convenient to eFile…if you have ever been through an IRS tax audit then you will be happy that you mailed a paper copy of your tax return via certified mail to the IRS, kept the tax software include the updates that you used at the time of tax submission. It eliminated a lot to the guess work and potential for, well, electronic misappropriating of your information…

As an aside, the issues with Quicken 2007 and Essentials is crazy! I'm looking into iBank today!
[Version 2011.r09.015]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 22 Feb 2012
To MacUpdate Admst.

What would be a service is to provide the download files and/or download link for the "MANUAL UPDATES" as they are released!

This would be a great service for those who are on a painfully slow dialup (i.e. 28k speed via 56k modem) in the remote woods!

Attempting to do the "within the application update" is too problematic during winter/spring months with the weather changes.

Thank you for looking into this option as well as posting your findings. :-)
[Version 2011.r09.015]

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Fsckthemembership! replied on 21 Mar 2012

No...MacUpdate would need to contact Intuit Mac Tech Support.

The individual manual update would be a great service to the Mac community since this is the Number two Mac site on the net and the "go to update site" :-)


Fsckthemembership! reviewed on 23 Jul 2011
Safe boot then Combo 10.6.8 and now Safari 5.0.4 is being loaded with Cookies from visited sites and stranger still non-visited sites dispite having Safari set to "never allow" any cookies! Tried updating to Safari 5.1 and it seem worst.

Clean install then Combo 10.6.7, Safari 5.0.4 and all is back to normal!

Go figure! Surprised that Apple pulled an Adobe or Microsloth with this need to track information…I'm open for payment if they want to negotiate my fees to provide this service! :-)

Smell of a hugh security breach, need to force Lion on us or I did something stupid…however, it's reproducible by updating to 10.6.8.
[Version 10.6.8]

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Fsckthemembership! replied on 22 Aug 2011

Still a great piece of programming Marc! :-)

Fsckthemembership! reviewed on 23 Jul 2011
Great piece of programming! :-)

How do I disable the "automatic update checking" feature (i.e. dial up, wireless, etc.) so that I can check for updates as needed?
[Version 2.3.1]

Fsckthemembership! commented on 08 Jul 2011
Suggestion: Install on a separate HD and manual install the Flash Internet Plugin files (2) into the User account only (i.e. NO autoupdate appl, etc.).

Reason: What company needs to have their own compression scheme and installer in OS X? What user wants their Mac compromised?

Problem: The Flash Preference Pane will "overwrite" the User Macromedia preference folder contents even if they have been changed to "Read Only…Apply to all items" then "Locking" the folder. Open the Flash Preference Pane and bam changes! Open Safari and go to a flash website and bam changes!

Safe Approach: Cover your camera and microphone, manually install the Flash Preference Pane and Internet Plugins. Launch the Preference Pane, set your preferences then remove the Flash Preference Pane. Configure the Macromedia preference folder to "Read Only…Apply to all items" then "Locking" it… Use Click to Flash and only allow flash to run on trusted sites.

Totally unbelievable because I would think that it should require the User or Administrative input to change the permission settings! Dang! Imagine what's going one if someone "just installs" this crap into the "first user/administrative acct"? What actually is Adobe, Flash, Flash site collecting and using that requires some covert changing of the permissions?

The very low marks are due to the performance hit when the Flash Preference Pane is active, covert behavior and overall lack of "Mac like" approach to this aging crap!

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