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Frosty reviewed on 13 Sep 2013
Make sure your drive verifies and your permissions are fixed and you should never have any problems.
[Version 10.8.5]

Frosty commented on 29 Mar 2013
A quick comment to Macupdate… it seems that with all the updates made on version 10, the star rating for 10 doesn't reflect all the improvements done on FCPX. Is there anyway to break it out so that the rating system better reflects all the improvements that have been taking place?
[Version 10.0.8]


Frosty reviewed on 08 Feb 2013
It does the job, no problems.
[Version 6.2]


Frosty reviewed on 11 Oct 2011
Works fine for me... its so important to regularly repair your permissions and check the file system integrity. This solves a whole mess of problems, such as iTunes not installing all the way.
[Version 10.5]

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Frosty replied on 11 Oct 2011
You can check the filesystem integrity by restarting your Mac, holding down the "command" and the "s" keys until a DOS or Unix like screen pops up. Once its fully loaded, you'll be able to type "fsck -fy" and let it check your filesystem to make sure there are no lost files, etc... I do this every now and then, and after every time I have to do a hard restart for some reason.

Once you've run it, just type 'reboot' (or is it 'restart'?) and it'll startup like normal again.

OS X Lion may have another solution, booting from the the extra partition it installs with Disk Utility, and Mac OS X install on there... haven't looked for it yet.

But maybe someone else has more experience they'd like to share?

Frosty replied on 11 Oct 2011
@Donmontalvo -- I'm no pro, but I can't repair the startup disk in Mac OS X. The only way I know how to do that is by booting in single user mode. By this I mean, that if you go to Disk Utility and clicking on the actual volume that is listed (say, Macintosh HD as opposed to 320 GB Hitachi etc...), the Repair option is grayed out. Is it for you?

I clicked the repair that is available when you click on the 320 GB Hitachi, and it checks partition map and the hardware of the drive, but it doesn't go in and repair the volume tree.

I'm open to corrections... always willing to learn something new!

Frosty replied on 11 Oct 2011
Hey Don... Yah, verifying would be a lot faster than rebooting and running fsck. I need to remember that when I'm just suspicious. :D

Frosty commented on 27 Aug 2011
Can it pull video from
[Version 9.0]

Frosty commented on 16 Dec 2010
Two questions:

1. Will it work in Europe/Germany?

2. Can you watch Top Gear episodes with it?
[Version 4.0]

Frosty commented on 23 Nov 2010
I must say, talk about cutting out a lot of people with MacBooks or MacMinis who don't have a dedicated video card. The requirements for this game seem pretty steep. My 1.5 year old MacBook Pro barely qualifies! Civ 4 --there's plenty of gameplay left in it for me.
[Version ]

Frosty commented on 05 Apr 2010
For all intense and purposes its an abandoned project. Moving to Omnifocus. See ya, The Hit List. I wish it'd worked out... good $50 down the drain.

Frosty tipped on 12 Sep 2009
According to Aspyr, Quicktime 7.6 broke the Civ App. If you want the replacement app, download it here:

I've played now for several hours and no problems.

[Version 1.74]


Frosty reviewed on 11 Jul 2008
I love this ftp app! There are somethings that could be improved in terms of interface and the way it handles multiple ftp tasks, but I can't complain about the price, stability and speed at which it does things.

[Version 3.1b1]

Frosty had trouble on 13 Sep 2011
Do you have to uninstall MacFuse to install this one? If so, how does one go about doing that? I have Mac OS X Lion.
[Version 0.8.12]

Frosty had trouble on 31 Aug 2008
This program will break your copy of MS Office 2008. After you remove the various language packages, it works fine, however, you will not be able to install an MS Office updates thereafter as the installer likes to have all the language packages there. Presumably it installs updates to the various language packages as well, and when it can't find them it pukes out.

I have tried to 'fix' the updaters by following advice from various sites that detail how to override the 'check' so that you can install the updates anyway, however, the result was that MS Word crashes on launch now.

So, use with caution.
[Version 1.3.9]

Frosty had trouble on 25 Jun 2008
Plug in is non-functional. It uploads one picture then errors out. So you can do one picture at a time, but what's the use of that?
[Version 1.0.3]

Frosty had trouble on 14 Jul 2007
I entered in my first two books and I wanted to try out the Smart List feature. However, when I went to delete the list, I couldn't. The error message said: "Cannot Remove List. The remaining list can not be removed", even though there is another list already there.
[Version 3.0.5]

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Frosty commented on 14 Jul 2007
A follow up on my problem... I added a regular book list to the list and then I was able to delete the smart list, even though I still had the original "My Books" list still there... strange.
Frosty had trouble on 27 Jan 2004
Running 10.3.2 with all the latest updates off software update.
Was running Stickies, Mail, Safari and iChat. Launched Desktop Manager 0.5, moved to the second window and by accident launched Mail again. Well, it didn't launch, but it drew a white box where the window would've been. I quit it. Quit DM 0.5 and asked it consolidate all the windows. After that, everything was hosed, Safari's google search was missing. Pieces of windows were left on the screen. I quickly restarted, check disk, and rebooted. Nothing wrong now. Kind of a serious bug though.

1. Either need to prevent multiple launches of same program, or...
2. Figure a way for them to be launched simultaneously. (obviously ; ) )

Great start though
[Version 0.5.0]

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