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Frontpage reviewed on 21 Oct 2011
Love it! After reading the instructions on another site to clone a replacement MacBook Pro drive to install a larger replacement, I can only be happier if the cloning process didn't take so long, with 150 GB of system information having to be swapped from the original, to a separate external, and then from that bootable, to the new one.

And it's free when that's all you need.

SuperDuper wants to wipe the drive before cloning onto a temporary one. I had hoped that it could be done using the free space on a 2TB drive, but the program warns that it must erase the whole drive before installing data to make it bootable. So don't just hit OK, unless you're fine with having all information wiped out. My original internal 2.5" drive rated at 5400 rpm xferred @ 9 MB/sec, while this 7200rpm drive is accepting @ 24 MB/sec, all information shown as the copying process takes place. Great app!
[Version 2.6.4]

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Frontpage replied on 21 Oct 2011
Important addendum! When cloning, do NOT move ANY files anywhere - on the desktop, from any folders, whatever. As the cloning process was taking place, I chose to move a TextEdit file to the trash from the desktop. Just moments later, I got a copy failure notice. When I opened the report that is made available, it showed that the cloning process was stopped because I moved that single file off the desktop. That mistake (my own impatience and ignorance) made it necessary to start from the beginning, wiping all that I had accomplished (half of the cloning process) because the new drive then had to be erased and reformatted.

So to be safe, don't add or delete or move anything during the process. It would be nice if, when the app sees a problem, that it can pause instead of stop, and ask if you really need the changes to be applied, or whether you need the whole thing to start over.

FrontPage reviewed on 06 Nov 2008
I have a networked media tank. For whatever reason, the files I chose to delete would just sit in the trash can. The finder said it would empty. It even acknowledged the files were there. But it failed to empty through any means I tried.

Taking Action:
A download of Graveyard and dropping it into the applications folder, and after the first attempt to drop the files directly on the app, and the files were completely deleted.

Smiles all around, and a 5 Star Rating. Many thanks for a useful app that does exactly what it says.
[Version 1.3.1]


FrontPage reviewed on 14 Mar 2007
This is mad-crazy-kewl! You know, I never even knew that I'd be seeing animated desktops, like that on my MacBook Pro. So, now I CANNOT wait to show it off to a Mac-sellout, a friend of mine who chose to go with some kind of D-E-doubletoothpicks laptop with Windows Vista. While I'm picking up some neat qtz compositions, like EarthWeather and Mr. Sparkle, for the screen savers, shoot, now I can use them as animated and smooth wallpaper? I can't wait to see his face; the poor guy sold out cuz he got a cheaper deal on a %ELL, but Macs rule!

Okay, there are some quartz comps that run a little slowly. Meteor, NoisyBubbles, Rainbow, Lines, Cube, and a number of others run really smoothly, while a couple, like CitiesoftheFuture and Lines seeemed to struggle a little. The size of the qtz files is generally so small, just start adding to your collection, but it'll make you giddy to see your desktop move behind your work! Most excellent!
[Version 1.0.1]


FrontPage reviewed on 02 Nov 2006
The thing I truly LOVE about file list? The ability to change the list by selecting via name, date (modified or created) and several others. And it's stable, too. I've tried around 6 others, this one not only gives you a barn-sized number of choices to start or end your file(s) with, but it's simple to use. While ading or deleting, or inserting, you can add, delete or insert other things as well.

A-plus rate.
[Version 1.2]


FrontPage reviewed on 21 Oct 2006
I dunno... am I the only one who has a completely negative experience with AJ?

Using it in my Quicksilver 1st gen, it seemed to work. But then it kept rebooting on its own. I tried powering down, but to no avail. It simply wouldn't shut down. Finally, I unplugged it and now... it won't start. I tried holding down the restart button, after many attempts to boot it up. The button glows but fades to nothing.

No fan noise, no *bong*... no nothing. It was my first attempt at using AppleJack; now I'm scared to ever use it in any of my other Macs. Sorry.
[Version 1.4.2]


FrontPage reviewed on 29 Jan 2006
I am in the market for a good and comprehensive movie cataloging app with all these DVDs I've been getting.

At first, I tried DVDPedia, but the things it seemed like I needed to do were just too much. It's a chore with the amount of disks one has... if you have over 20 or so, there's quite alot of stuff to work with.

Not exactly satisfied (although I had intended to purchase DVDpedia, sorry), I checked Movie Collector. Much more detail, more comprehensive, IMHO...

It tends to be easy to manage and update, if you want to add some info.

Now, the tough points. There is a big 'ol bump in the road with dual- named titles for my most cherished database, IMDB. I love spaghetti westerns and martial arts films, and IMDB lists them usually with their original titles (either Italian or Chinese). Try searching with the English, and it can be next to impossible to get hits with IMDB, Amazon, and my other favorite, DVD Empire (with its large cover jpegs). Either you get 2 out of 3 hits or IMDB stands alone, when you have to search for the original title name.

Try getting the trifecta, though and you're lucky to do it. You can use the UPC barcode, but IMDB doesn't recognize that. Perhaps there's a way to configure the "aka" title that IMDB uses? But then, some searches give me more hits than I'd imagine for IMDB. Should I give it the high five? I think so, since this is the best I've found.

I only hope the developers can see what I'm talking about, like for a movie like "Find a Place to Die." IMDB didn't recognise the search, but if you put "Joe... cercati un posto per morire!" in, it will, yet the other sites I like to garner DVD info from, don't.

But geezypeezy, it's fun to use. I've literally been up all night, and plan to buy this, because I've put almost 50 titles in, which is the shareware limit. You can configure and add genres, change pictures, so many different ways to make your search one that YOU choose and like to search.

It's very stable, not one crash. Two times it seemed hung up on a search item and it ended its search saying the effort timed out. For ease of use, I started giving 4, but 5 stars since it was easier to manage than the other I tried.

It does have search strings for adult titles hrough Adult DVD Empire, but I haven't tried that yet.

Works well with OSX 10.4.3 and a G4 processor. It doesn't heat up my Powerbook, so it doesn't seem to consume lots of CPU space.
[Version 1.0.1]

FrontPage commented on 30 Dec 2005
It's a decent prog, but I wonder, is there any way to allow the owner customize the DVD menu background? I tried doing some Christmas stuff last week, but when you have options like TV, Beach, and Adventure, it makes it difficult to find a menu that would fit.

[Version 7.0.2]


Frontpage reviewed on 06 Jun 2004
A very interesting and progressive version since the first release. It didn't bother me as it seemed to bother others as far as the initial release's appearance and function was.... Unless the visualizer has no form, function or vision, I feel that reviewers should be more positive in their criticisms. I have read some rather brutal critics -- please try giving suggestions instead of simply panning or slamming someone or one's software. I'm impressed at how the iTunes visualizers work, and it's got to be rather complicated to get such visualizers to perform with any degree of decent entertainment.

The ease of use is quite simple, and you see just what the visualizer does before you close out the prefs window. For value, it's free and it isn't a large file size. Very stable as well. No iTunes or other software conflict in hours of continual play, toggling from full screen to other screen size options.

I like the fact that the developer has included more user- controlled preferences than the initial release. The 3-D spins and amber option is a nice touch, as well as the text options.

I would like to see an option to keep the text window in one spot; sometimes when music changes, the text box pushes too far to the right, making it impossible to see the stream's name, except for having to draw down the font size.

And one question, a bug I hope to pop in the developer's ear: Is there any way to add the capability of the "Matrix" code's colors to change or fade to different colors randomly? Keep up the nice work, Eric Yost.

Hardware: 1 Ghz G4 Titanium; OS X 10.3.4; 768 MB DDR SDRAM; ATY,RV350M10 64MB VRAM @ 1152 x 768 full screen.
[Version 0.0.2a]

FrontPage commented on 24 Aug 2003
Enigmarelle Development, would you create some firmware for my 4Runner to up its efficiency 33% like BOX does for my download rates?

I have returned to update info and will not vote since I did so on 6/28.

As long as I carry broadband (currently DSL through Verizon), I will keep BOX (BroadbandOptimizer X). I am getting a Quicksilver and an iBook soon and will download this software to install on each. If that isn't a vote of confidence, I don't know what is.

I have not seen a single problem generated by BOX.... No incompatibility issues with software or hardware. I'm not a casual user, I log in hours per day online. As of now, BOX has been installed in:

G3 Beige 233 and 333 Mhz Minitowers
(The 333 was also upgraded to G4 466)
Powerbook G3 400Mhz "Lombard"
G4 500 Mhz iBook white 12"
G4 450 Mhz "Sawtooth"
(which has since been upgraded with a 1.2 Ghz Sonnet CPU & Radeon 8500 video card)

I am curious why some people rave about the BOX but give it less- than great votes. One here, Steve Tolkien... it reads as though he rated it but never used it (" I dont like system hacks as you dont really know what they do....I've be (sic) using Speed Download and its absolutely amazing.") Another hammers the features, yet posts a 30% increase in performance.

If my SUV suddenly posted a 30% increase in efficiency, I'd kiss the tires!
[Version 1.0]


FrontPage reviewed on 25 Jul 2003
Well worth the download! I hope Fruitz of Dojo will create more of these. We have one G4 iMac at work, and I had installed it there. Others lately have asked about copying the screensavers because they liked this so much.

Positives: How the user can add color and "fog" to the tunnel. I am traditional and work with greens and blues, but I've also put some skanky colors in as well.

Negatives: That it isn't longer...

Fruitz, is there any way to create tunnels that start and end, with some environments between?

A little CPU speed is needed for this. My iBook 500 Mhz G3 struggles just a little with the resolution at 1024/768 and millions of colors. I have this on a beige G3 /333 Mhz (1024/768-millions) and it's pretty sluggish, so I pretend its a SPOVCAM ("slug's point-of-view").
[Version 1.2.3]

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