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FredB7 reviewed on 18 May 2006
Finally a decent bookmark manager, with tags, excellent search, smart folders and a nice UI. + the developer is very friendly and responsive.

Bookmarks are quite important in my workflow. Being able to tag them, search them efficiently, put them on delicious to be able to get them from everywhere, etc. with a nice UI is quite important for me.
I already had thousands of bookmarks and had an hard time organizing them. And now, with rss, delicious etc. the number is increasing rapidly. Thanks to WNH I can handle them!
[Version 1.0]


FredB7 reviewed on 01 Mar 2006
This is a really useful little gem.
You don't have to open the big boy (PS) when you just want to do simple things.
Nice. Thanks.
[Version 2.1]


FredB7 reviewed on 28 Feb 2006

After installation and once Grammarian input Menu was enabled, my mac just went frenzy: the menu bar crashed and restarted, then the Finder crashed and restarted, the menu bar crashed and again... Nothing to do in this endless loop. Restarting didn't fix it.

I had to restart on another drive to remove the fscking grammarian.component (in ~/Library/Components/). I am an experienced user and this was not too hard to fix, but as my girlfriend said: "If it happened to me, I won't know what to do except sit and cry" ;). Contact the support when your computer is out is harder...

Bugs can happens, I know that. But why using the Input Menu at first? This is not its purpose. The system needs it, so if you apps screws something the all system is down. I'm sure Apple doesn't recommend this at all. I'm sure too that there is a lot of other ways to achieve the same (Contextual Menu, Services, Input Managers, whatever). The strength of OS X is to separate things so what happened to me can't happend.

So my only advice is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS.
At least until they find a better way the integrate their software with the system.
BTW, I never gave the worst rating to any software before.

Can someone points me to a decent grammar/spell checker on OS X?
I'm used to Antidote Prisme in french and I can't find something as good in english. There sure is more english users so this must exist.
There's Grammatica but it's far from Antidote's quality.
[Version 1.6.2]

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FredB7 replied on 04 Apr 2006
Yes that was harsh. Sorry, but i was really pissed. Same reason I didn't contact you, all I wanted was getting rid of Grammarian. I'm usually very gentle with devs, I provide feedbacks, sometimes beta test or even make translations for free. But things like that should not happend.

I still don't think using the input menu is a good idea, but I don't care about autocorrect, autotype, etc. I just want a good spell/grammar checker. For french, Antidote is a pleasure to use (and I heard that Prolexis was good too), I'm really puzzled by the lack of a similar apps for english.

Sorry again for the harsh review, but please, consider using another way than the input menu hack. I won't recommend Grammarian as it is now.

FredB7 replied on 05 Apr 2006

If you mean that I didn't follow the instructions, you're wrong. I spent 12 hours a day in front of macs for the last decade and I know what I'm doing.

@ DL

You write "I've never seen or heard of this happening to ANYONE before.", but taking a look at the other reviews I see someone who had the exact same problem with v 1.5.1:

"(...) activating its input method instantly kills every running application, including the Finder, which (due to being auto-relaunched) goes into a loop of launching and being killed endlessly. The Finder can't even stay running long enough to deactivate the input method, so even a forced reboot doesn't break the cycle.

Logging in remotely and doing an "rm -rf" on its input method component finally put an end to the chaos."

Two people having this problem, it's not an isolated case anymore. You should fix it.

About TSM: I understand the only way Apple provide is far from perfect, but I just want a grammar checker, no auto-correct, etc. A simple service, or even better an Input Manager would do the trick for me.

Back @rogertjackson

2 users having the same problem on 13 reviews is a bit far from "high marks the app has gotten from so many users".
FredB7 commented on 02 Feb 2006
Doesn't work in 10.4.4
[Version 4.0]

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