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Frankof reviewed on 17 Mar 2014
The new version gives me problems every evening. I have the setting to "work late" - because that's what I do - and it kicks in properly. However, regularly at midnight it abruptly changes back to daytime colors, then goes down again, then up once more for a short peak. It really drives me crazy and "wakes me up".
The last version did not have this problem - at least not for me.
[Version 30.0]


Frankof reviewed on 24 Feb 2014
The previous version 2.7.1 worked fine for me in Mavericks, but the new version does no longer start up when I attach my external drive. That never used to be a problem. I already deleted old settings (including the files that hold them), and set up a new schedule to automatically backup when the drive becomes available, but the program just does not come up.
[Version 2.7.2]


Frankof reviewed on 20 Feb 2014
"All your bookmarks in one place!" sounded like I really really need this program. I was happy to find it in a software bundle recently, and it was one of the reasons I bought the bundle. Downloaded, installed, opened: NO bookmark in one place! Not a single one. How can that be? I had a look in the documentation, and quickly realized: I misunderstood. This program does not organize anything FOR you. YOU have to organize the bookmarks in the program. What a disappointment. For years, decades even, every single browser I installed had an function to import bookmarks from other browser with a single click - or even fully automatically. Not so this program. To make your bookmarks "work" in this program, you have to manually export them from each of your browsers separately, then import it into the program. Which means, the bookmarks are NOT imported automatically, and also will NOT be synchronized automatically when I add a new bookmark in one of the browsers. In essence, the program creates a lot of work, rather than saving it.
Maybe I just do not see the point. But why does this program not work like a self-synchronizing storage place for the bookmarks of my folders? In the sense that: I open the program, and ALL my bookmarks are in one place (as the slogan says). THAT would be really useful. I don't want to import stuff manually, or use a browser plugin to add the bookmark to the program AFTER I have also added it to the browser itself. The authors say you can synchronize the bookmarks between computers, but you have to register for an account. Why? We all have iCloud and/or Dropbox to provide platforms for cross-machine syncing - the program cannot work with either of it.

So, the program should basically do three things: Get bookmarks from all browsers automatically, provide additional features for the bookmark handling, and allow synchronizing via iCloud and/or Dropbox. As it is now, the program can do only the second thing. What a disappointment.
[Version 1.7.1]


Frankof reviewed on 11 Feb 2014
I like the program for what it does. For my likings, it has too much eye-candy in its main window, but that's just cosmetics. What REALLY bugs me that NetShade does not remember the user's proxy settings. I use proxies a lot (one example for a local proxy I use is Glimmerblocker), but every single time I use NetShade for something I have to remember to go to system preferences and manually type in the proxy settings again. Why does NetShade not simply save the proxy settings it encounters when the program starts, and restores them when it quits???
[Version 5.4.5]


Frankof reviewed on 11 Feb 2014
the program looks good, but there should be an option to direct the
"ganttproject.log" and" java0.log" files into some folder of choice. Right now they are automatically saved in top level of the user folder - where they should definitely NOT be.
[Version 2.6.3]


Frankof reviewed on 05 Feb 2014
I love Dropbox -the only feature which is REALLY missing is a decent way of updating. The way it is done now gives no control over the version you run on your computer. I have three Macs, all of which run a different version now. How can it be that a program offers perfect synchronisation of user data, but is unable to synchronise itself on different machines?
Please finally add some way to "force update" the program to the latest version. I don't need any other new feature. But I certainly don't want to rely on an automatic mechanism, especially when I see that it does not work properly.
[Version 2.6.7]


Frankof reviewed on 12 Dec 2013
I tried the free "base version" to check whether the program might assist me to learn a new language. While I like the general appearance and features, I could not work with the free version at all. There is NO way to remove downloaded word sets - many of which are faulty, e.g. because they have the languages mixed up (e.g. words in the "english" column while it should be in the column of the foreign language) and you only understand this after it is downloaded. You can only delete individual words, not sets or a number of words you don't want or which are wrong.
If you think you can remove the whole language to get rid of the wrong word sets and reload good ones, you're out of luck, too. The option to delete the language is there, but you cannot click it - maybe this is a "special feature" of the paid version, but how can I know??? In addition, I am afraid that also in the paid version the words will not "remember" that they belong to a certain downloaded word set (it would be easy to implement this as a tag). I will not spend money for a program that I cannot test in real-world use.
[Version 2.1.1]

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Frankof replied on 01 Feb 2014
Hi Mr. Fridge,
thanks for your reply. Of course one can delete multiple words, as you say. But that was not what I criticise. What one cannot do is to delete a downloaded WORD LIST as a whole. As soon as the words of a list are downloaded, they apparently forget from which list they came, so they blend into the thousands of words that may be correct. Do you suggest to go through all of them to manually select those from the new, faulty word list? Honestly? Why do words not remember the originating word list name as a tag (or at least some kind of identifier, or at the very least a "last imported" tag)? As the program works with tags already, I don't understand why this is not implemented. One other thing that bugs me is that there is no way to revert the language order (as many word lists have the wrong order and show the foreign word in the english column, and vice versa) after they are imported. This possibility exists only during import. Once you forgot to do it there, there is no way to correct it later - and as you cannot find&delete the last imported word list (problem 1 again), it messes up your entire vocabulary list.

Frankof replied on 02 Feb 2014
Hi Garys,
The unstudied tab contains ALL unstudied words, and that's great for organising the study. But you don't want to delete all unstudied words just because you imported a faulty word list. If, of course, you only download a new word list after you have studied all remaining unstudied words, that would be an option. It is just not very likely that people do this. Especially when you start using the program to learn a language, you need to populate the vocabulary - and to do so, you import several word lists one after the other. Those words are all in the "unstudied" category, and - as I said before twice - do not remember from which word list the come. So, if the fifth word list you import is faulty (or you import it by mistake), there is no way to delete the WORD LIST as a whole. As I understand it, not even the paid version can do this (I would be happy to pay for the full version!). That one trivial omission makes the program, which is otherwise great, very user-unfriendly, and clearly holds me back from buying it.

Frankof reviewed on 25 Nov 2013
This is a nice program that can hardly be criticized for the work it does - but there is something missing which would make the program SO much more useful: replacing files with aliases, rather then deleting them.
I don't know about other people's workflow, but on my computer duplicate files are in certain folders for a reason. I don't want to simply delete them from there, because, for example, they belong to the project in that folder. But copies of the same files also belong to other projects in other folders. So, technically speaking, those are "duplicate" files. In principle I'd need only one copy of the file, but it makes no sense for me to delete the other copies either. It should be very simple to implement a feature to replace all duplicates with aliases. Then I can select one "master copy", and the files in the project folders would only be links/aliases to that master.
[Version 1.5.4]


Frankof reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
I now read the comment on Koingo's website about the "MacUpdate Fiasco". I was surprised that they actually, really describe how they use bundle deals to rip off people - it is never for up-to-date software, or only immediately before they will launch a new paid upgrade. Their comment culminates in the sentence "So, folks, we're going to let you decide".
So, I take the freedom to decide: I don't want to support a software company with such a business model. I had always considered the Koingo software far too expensive for what it offers, and when they say "We may as well just start selling our app for $0.99 per copy" I think it over again and come to the conclusion: well, ok, that's what it is maybe worth. There are lots of great programs in the App Store for this price, and many more for less the $5 which easily can compete with Koingo programs in terms of features and quality.
On the other side of the medal: MacUpdate's only fault was to assume that their deal would be valid for the current version and not some old one - very understandable indeed. Still I find MacUpdate's reaction (to put a red warning on pages the list Koingo software) childish and unprofessional. Stop it for your own benefit.
[Version 4.0.7]


Frankof reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
What a childish behavior from both sides. I thought I was dealing with professionals here - obviously I was wrong.
But one thing is clear: If I buy a program in a bundle, I CERTAINLY expect it to be up-to-date. It happens often enough that companies agree to sell their software in a bundle just because they know that they will update it within the next month, and the bundle-contained license will not cover the update. That's not very honest, in fact I feel ripped of whenever it happens. I then understand that the only motivation of the company to agree on the bundle deal was to drive people into buying the update. That's bad enough. But putting an already outdated program into a bundle is extremely close to fraud, unless they CLEARLY state what's going on, and customers will NOT be entitled to the new upcoming update. I don't know exactly who is to blame more in this case, but I see that both sides react unprofessionally. This is certainly not in the interest of the customer, and will undermine our trust in both companies. How does MU think we can trust them in the future for bundle deals? How does Koingo think we can trust them for receiving the latest version for our money, rather than pay for an outdated "advertisement" version?
[Version 4.0.7]

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