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Foulger reviewed on 18 Apr 2014
First thing I do when I get a mac in for servicing with various complaints like slow down, funny behaviour etc is home in on Zeobit and destroy iy utterly. The only plus is that I make a little more on each repair eliminating their crap.
[Version 2.10]

Foulger commented on 12 Apr 2014
TTP has been vilified (and rightly so) for many years now. The developers have come up with a rejuvenated product. Unfortunately for the price, I cannot justify buying without a trial. Why have Micromat not provided, say, a 5 or 10 try demo version so the "new" product can be judged prior to purchase?
[Version 7.0.2]

Foulger commented on 24 Feb 2014
Would be nice to try before we buy? Perhaps a demo version with demo embedded in each template? Surely this would generate more sales?
[Version 1.0]


Foulger reviewed on 14 Jan 2014
I too cannot heap enough praise on this diagnostic app. Since finding it a few weeks ago I use it constantly and am amazed at the old and redundant processes that keep on loading up and slowing a system down. Sincere thanks to the author(s)
[Version 1.9.5]


Foulger reviewed on 09 Jan 2014
Ever the optimist, I wrote to Startly, asking them to consider upgrading QK. No reply at all. For me, QK is dead and gone. I have since moved on, read the KM manual and found just how easy to set up macro's are using their slightly different system. Two hours last evening and all 30 macro's are now recreated in KM and are working at blazing speed. Highly recommended to all who want to automate their system
[Version 6.3.2]


Foulger reviewed on 08 Jan 2014
I regard this maintenance app as probably the best in its class. However what I have found is that of late, the author is not answering E-Mails. -I have sent 3 E-Mails now asking if MCC also cleans out the caching server on Mavericks server, which is very important in fact,and have so far received no reply. Maybe Alaska is frozen over but that should not affect good manners and communication. I still rate it highly but am disappointed at the non communication issue.
[Version 8.0.3]


Foulger reviewed on 01 Jan 2014
This is the most used product I "lease" from Koingo but I will be quite happy to drop it along with the others I subscribe to if someone at Koingo doesn't grow up. I sent a message to Koingo on their web site this morning which reads as follows:
Good Morning from New Zealand, This is not really about Data Guardian but about my relationship with Koingo. I feel it my duty as a free citizen to point out that your current licensing policies are an anathma with a great many subscribers, planet wise. Coupled with this, your ongoing mountain out of a molehill spat with macupdate is doing no one any good, least of all your companies revenues and koingo licence holders attitude towards this petty little squabble which has grown to enormous proportions. If you do not read the comments on in regard to your leased products and your policies, then I suggest you do so with urgency. It would appear that someone in your company is harbouring a "pride comes before a fall" attitude and I would say that if common sense does not prevail, then the future of your ompany is bleak. I use three products from your companys lease stable, with Data Guardian being the most used but there are alternatives and I would not cry too much if you went under. 2014 is a new year and when the holidays are over, surely its time for someone at Koingo to grow up, bite the bullet and mend some bridges before its too late. Anyone can be stupid, it takes a man with guts and fortitude to evamuate his failures and apologise and then move on. For goodness sake, grow up you guys!
[Version 3.1.2]


Foulger reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
New Year, New Direction. After contacting the author of KM and negotiating a very reasonable crossgrade from Quickeys, the divorce is over. After four years of unresponsiveness and continual headaches, I have "taken a new wife" who is quick to communicate, responsive to my every need and no headaches. End of an era for me, the only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.
[Version 6.3.2]


Foulger reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
New Year, New Decision. After struggling for four years without an update, I explored Keyboard Maestro, made contact with the author and negotiated a crossgrade. Once I got used to the different way of doing things, I was converted in an instant. So sorry Quickeys, the marriage is over and I have taken a new wife, who is responsive to my every need, with no headaches at all. Goodbye and good luck
[Version 4.0.7 (131)]

Foulger commented on 25 Dec 2013
As a very long time user of Quickeys, since OS 7, it occurs to me that there must be very many QK users who could be persuaded to switch to KM if the Author was generous enough to offer a crossgrade price for QK 4 license holders. I for one would be persuaded.
[Version 6.3.2]

Foulger had trouble on 07 Feb 2011
Would be nice to be able to contact the author. I recently had to clone a system from a damaged HD with one bad block. When the clone was completed, all the invisible folders (eg usr, var etc) were visible. This handy little app made them invisible again but the aliases (eg var) although were marked as invisible by the app, still showed up as visible in the HD.
[Version 3.1]

Foulger had trouble on 12 Nov 2007
Beware - good as Leopard is, it breaks EFI Fiery Rip drivers. I now have a NZ$26,000 Konica machine that only prints to one tray (4) and wont print A3 at all. Fiery are as useless as tits on a bull and don't answer E-Mails!
[Version 10.5]

Foulger had trouble on 18 Nov 2006
Since Installing version 1970 on my Mac Pro 2.6 Quad (4Gb RAM), Parallels has worked flawlessly. When finishing with windows, I habitually suspend operations. Since installing Firmware update 1.1 a few days ago, every time I start parallels, it crashes towards the end of the restoration process. If I stop windows at the end of each session and rerstart upon booting paralles, everything is fine. At the developers suggestion I reinstalled Parallels but its still the same. I can only assume something happened to put a glitch in Parallels as a result of the change in parameters following the firmware update.
[Version 2.2.1970]

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