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Fonsr reviewed on 02 Apr 2012
Paperless 2.1.4 is buggy. They have known about it for some time (see reviews - plus I know from my personal emails with them), but have failed to correct as of this date. Crashes in several scenarios, e.g. if you are using Twain Scanners in prefs and try to scan multiple pages; if you try to cancel a scan; etc. Also they have changed the feature to allow you to enter a repeat merchant or category in any case and it be recognized; you must use the same capitals recorded in the library. I think this is the only app I have that allows repeated entries that has this limitation—in my opinion, an aggravating requirement. I used the previous version and it worked well. While this version has some new features, be prepared for these, and it seems from other reviewers, other glitches.
[Version 2.1.4]

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Fonsr replied on 16 Apr 2012
Followup to April 2 post - Since releasing Paperless 2.1.5, one improvement is that, even with Twain scanner prefs selected, you can add a file on your computer to a something already scanned in without Paperless crashing. However, with twain scanner prefs selected and using the Pentax DSmobile 600 scanner (one Paperless recommended when I originally purchased it) it still crashes if you try a multiple scan (when you hit "cancel" after last page scanned) or if you simply chose to cancel a scan.

Also, if you are interested in non-case sensitive entering as I am (and as was available on version 1.x, and common on all other repetitive entries software I have), write Mariner and let them know. They say they gage whether to include this feature baed on requests.

For now, I still use Paperless. However, I would be interested in alternatives.

Fonsr reviewed on 18 Nov 2011
Downloaded syncmate, set it up with EVO HTC and iCal and Apple Mail on my MacBookPro and all worked fine. Then, received an update notice thru syncmate. Since doing the update it hangs. Have written to support three times now. First time Alex said to send the log. I did. Twice. No response yet. Maybe they are busy and will get back to me. Why I am writing this is to warn that if it is working for you, beware of the update. If I do not hear from support soon, I will try an uninstall and reinstall and see if I can get it working as before. Good app when it works.
[Version 3.5.1693]

Fonsr commented on 26 Oct 2011
I purchased this app in Feb of 2011. Now, only eight months later, I must pay if I want an upgrade to the latest version. Several other software co panies charge for upgrades, but give you free upgrades for a couple years. Be aware!
[Version 4.0]

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Fonsr replied on 26 Oct 2011
Added note: Try the edit brush in may find it does about as good as inpaint.

Fonsr reviewed on 25 Oct 2011
Just downloaded and synced my wife's MacBookPro iCal and Contacts to her HTC EVO. For the first sync and I chose to sync one way-from MacBk to EVO, and it seemed to work flawlessly. We shall see as time goes on if it continues to do so. Also, may try two-way sync later. In my opinion, much better than having to jump through the hoops using Google etc.

You do have to enter IP addresses and you do have to scan a QR code to download the Android companion app (free) to your phone. If you are unfamiliar with doing either one of those, it may present a little level of difficulty to get rolling. But Google how to scan a QR code on EVO (or whatever phone you have) and it will tell you how to do it. The IP address can be found in "Network" in System Prefs on the MacBkPro.

If this works as good as it seemed to this first time, it will be a very useful app.
[Version 3.1.1681]


Fonsr reviewed on 03 May 2011
Downloaded FoldersSyncronizer and thus far have found it to be excellent. Quick to set up, fast to sync. Not sure what the difficulties people are writing about are. And - the support has been very responsive.
[Version 4.0.7]

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Fonsr replied on 11 Jun 2011
Update 6/11/11. Things have gone downhill since writing the original review. Had difficulty syncing my documents folder because FoldersSynchronizer said one file was a folder and the other a file. That was not the case. Support was responsive, but they did not provide a solution. Used another sync app (Mimmac) and simply replaced the older files. The problem may have been due to an older format used in Pages on one of the files.

Also, tried the "Multiple Folder" option to sync several folders in my Library. Kept getting "insufficient privileges" messages. Support said read the "backup the boot disk to remote voulume" instructions. I did and tried it. No luck. Again, while support was responsive, again they had no solution. Connected the external drive (MacBookPro) via FireWire and used target mode and reverted to Mimmac to back up these folders. All went well. No errors. Maybe it would have went well with FoldersSynchronizer had I used FireWire and Target Mode, but that was not a suggestion in their instructions (unless I missed it-?) nor in support response. May because this app seems to have developed from Windows is why the support was not aware and why the instructions for this procedure were so convoluted.

Oh well, others have had good luck, so evidently my experience is not the norm. But, if interested you may want to try Mimmac - only $10.

Fonsr replied on 11 Jun 2011
My apologies - I said in the post below that FoldersSynchronizer instructions did not suggest using FireWire and Target Mode. At the very end of a LONG and rather involved set of instructions, a "work around" mentions this procedure. My oversight.And, going back and looking carefully at support responses, I see they did mention briefly about Fire Wire mode being a work around.
Fonsr commented on 23 Sep 2010
I tried Sharetool and even with their support helping me we could not get it to work. I then tried Slink and it worked easily and flawlessly. Good app!
[Version 1.5]


Fonsr reviewed on 26 Aug 2010
I have and use Password Wallet. I heard about 1Password and how good it is. Decided to try it. What I heard is justified! Besides being so easy to use from the browser and having several great features, the support has been prompt and courteous. I have been impressed. Thanks, Agile!

I would readily recommended 1Password and Agile Solutions.
[Version 3.3.1]

Fonsr commented on 26 Jul 2010
Tried Sharetool and do wish it would have worked. However, although the developer made several suggestions, we could not get it to work. I am working on a 24" Intel Mac running OS10.6.4 and using a Time Capsule wireless router. Should be the perfect setup for Sharetool, but no luck in making it connect, even with the settings the developer recommended. Try it before you buy it ... hope it works for you.
[Version 2.0.3]


Fonsr reviewed on 26 Oct 2009
Amazing! I downloaded CardRaider to see if it would restore photos on an 8gb SD HC card. I had already reformatted this card with my camera thinking iPhoto had imported them. There was a problem with iPhoto and I lost them all. Until CardRaider. Restored them all, and FAST. In FULL resolution! If I never restore another photo, it was worth the $20 for these 83!
[Version 2.0.4]

Fonsr commented on 09 Oct 2009
Bought this on a MacUpdate Promo. Used it for the first time today. Worked effortlessly. The developer of the app says it will save you money on delivery confirmation. I tried it and he is right. I printed the label using sendIT and took the package to the Post Office. They said delivery confirmation would cost me .80. However, when they scanned the label I had printed, it was .19 just like sendIT had calculated. And the total was exactly as sendIT had calculated. The clerk at the Post Office was surprised.
[Version 2.9.2]

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