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FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 07 Dec 2012
How anyone can rate this app below 4 stars is beyond me. This app is outstanding. For quite a while I've been looking for an OS X Calendar replacement. However, at BusyCal's previous price of 50$ I was willing to live with OS X. Since BusyCal's price has dropped I will happily spend 30$!

It has been a 30$ well spent. Wow, I love the features. My biggest complaints about OSX Cal were: no flexibility in view features, boring, not robust, ...etc. BusyCal has largely addressed all these issues. I really dig the graphics you can add and the integrated To Dos are perfect. Finally, a mac app with some preferences I can customize!

The only thing that BusyCal does NOT do that I would really like is the ability to make the colors bolder. That is one of my largest complaints about OS X Calendar and BusyCal. I really like my calendar appointments to stand out (think MS Office or the color saturation the calendar appointment looks when it is highlighted). However, that is really my only complaint.

From reading below, it seems a lot of the complaints are over the way the developer did their upgrading, and the dropping of MS Exchange support. I don't use Exchange, however if I did at work, I would imagine not having it would be a deal killer. My 2 month experience with this app and company has been a 5 star experience!
[Version 2.0.2]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 30 Nov 2012
Pagico is one outstanding app. Not only is the app great, the company itself is amazing. I've been using Pagico for close to 2 years now and have been very pleased with the software and developers.

Pagico's strength is its ability to link objects, contacts and projects. The inbox is great for collecting and sorting. The iphone and ipad apps are robust as well and I love having my data on the go. I am a consultant so use Pagico to keep track of my contracts and customers. Initially, I didn't like the idea of keeping my pagico contacts in a seperate place as my OS X contacts, however now I see it as an advantage as my OS X contacts are JUST my personal contacts and pagico is just my business contacts.

The developers have always been very fair. For instance, v2 of their iphone/ipad app was a free upgrade for everyone...wow. Additionally, any time I've discovered a problem their responsiveness has been very prompt and usually within 24 hours.

My complaints about Pagico are more "nice to have" things, like:
* ability for a project to have a "status" (eg late, on time...etc).
* ability to save multiple contact templates
* add a picture for contacts
* ability to adjust sync frequency
* Growl/Notification center integration

With some apps I've tried, I've been unpleasantly surprised by the software and developers - Pagico has been the exact opposite. I've been shocked at how professional and responsive the company is. Definitely give it a try!
[Version 5.3]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 08 Sep 2012
I've been using this program for approximately 1 month now. The software has given me no stability issues and for the price is an excellent deal.

My favorite thing about this software is the calendar. It's much better and more useful than OSX Calendar. The daily planner also has a great layout. The look and feel of this software is extremely professional, intuitive, and has some nice touches (including adding professors and the ability to turn off the "grades" feature).

I don't really have any complaints about this software. More just "wish it did" type stuff:
- sync (export) school calendars to OSX calendar
- a way to setup repeating assignments
- attach files to the assignments and classes
- keyboard shortcuts to make inputting assignments easier.

With the software being priced at 10$ it is a great value. I also have the iOS app and it too is priced very reasonably and performs well. However, I would be willing to pay 3-5$ more to have a few more features like the ones listed above.
[Version 1.0.8]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 10 Apr 2012
Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this product. I have owned it for roughly a year and use it all the time. It is extremely handy when troubleshooting network problems at friends' houses, or at a coffee shop just to see how many users are using the network.

Something I really like about this software is that it has continually gotten better and better. The developer has added new things on just about each release.

I feel I have more than gotten my money's worth. I've also purchased the iphone version as well - also excellent!
[Version 1.2.1]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 05 Feb 2012
I'd like to submit a more objective view of this software which I feel is lacking in most of the reviews here. First, I've been using this version of Quicken essentials since it came out in 2010. Previously, I used Microsoft Money which was excellent. When Essentials initially was released, I would have rated it a 2. There were fairly limited features considering it cost 79$ (at that time). However, Quicken claimed they were bringing new features but they wanted to know what features were desired and asked it's user base to submit them via a website (a pretty ballsy move that pissed a lot of people off). Ultimately, Quicken did bring quite a few new features (more reports, more tools for stocks/MF/financial instruments) and lowered the price to 50$. They even refunded my 29$!

I like quite a few things about this software. I use this software to handle 3 bank accounts (1 international), 2 loans, 1 Roth IRA, 1 Traditional IRA and a stock account and it does all of this pretty flawlessly. When adding new accounts, I've never had any problems finding my banks/firms. I like the graphics and little icons, and the reports it can generate are extremely useful, particularly at tax time. The UI is intuitive and easy to use, and the search tool is very powerful. Additionally, I use dropbox to view my quicken data on both of my Macs.

My complaints about this software is that there are some things I would like to customize, but cannot. (actually, this is a complaint I have about most Mac software). For example, in the Overview screen, it shows my top 5 expenses for the month, however I have 3 fixed expense categories (rent, loans, and mutual funds) that will always be the top 3. I'd rather it display the top 7 or maybe the top 5, but allow me to exclude some categories from being displayed. It would be great if you could customize the Overview screen to display information that would actually be helpful based on your spending/saving goals. My final complaint is that the budget tools are weak and could be significantly improved. For example, I don't spend the same amount in clothes each month...some months I spend a lot, some I spend nothing. I'd rather just set an amount to spend per 6 months or a year or have a rolling amount.

In order to really appreciate this software, you will need to do what very few of the other reviewers in this forum have done and let go of your expectations based on previous versions. It's wonderful that you've been using Quicken software for the last 87 years, however this software is not the previous versions you've used. Does that make it irritating that you're having problems importing your data? Yes. Does that warrant your ridiculous rating of 1 star (particularly when the Quicken specifications state VERY clearly what file types are able to be imported) - no. Really, the 1 star ratings are substantiated on nothing else other than bitterness and illiteracy.

Ultimately, there are a ton of other mac financial apps out there for you to try, but I believe you should give QE a shot.
[Version 1.6.1f6707]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 03 Feb 2012
Sidekick doesn't particularly WOW me. I've used this software since it's inception and used Network Location before that.

Sidekick is fairly handy, has a nice interface, and the customer support is excellent. However, most of the actions you would actually WANT this software to do, it does not. For instance, start/stop the firewall, start/stop file sharing (sharing anything actually), swapping the dock applications, change the browser homepage...etc. I understand that there are some security risks with many of these items, however I believe users are willing to accept the risks.

Sidekicks good points are that it has a few pluggins available and are integrated well. Adding more would put it over the competition. Additionally, the developers are quick to respond to questions and usually have gotten back to me within 24 hrs. Really though, you won't need to contact the developers as this software is fairly stable and reliable.

I like Sidekick... I just don't 30$ like it. Check out: Airport Location - a very powerful, but somewhat unstable alternative OR Control Plane. Both are free and generally do the same thing as Sidekick, if not more. Their downfalls, like I alluded to, are stability.
[Version 4.0.5]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 27 Aug 2011
Solid 4 star app considering the price (50$ at the time of this writing). How anyone could rate this app 1 or 2 stars is mind-boggling to me.

There are a lot of things I love about The Hit List such as:
* keyboard shortcuts (very intuitive…awesome job)
* reasonably priced iOS app w/ sync
* intuitive layout with containers (folders, Inbox, Today and upcoming)
* tags and contexts are easy to use and effective for organization
* The Hit List doesn't force you into using a system - you can use it how you'd like
* the hints at the bottom are great!

Some things I don't like:
* developer makes me nervous… he doesn't really respond to email. Also from what I read it was 3 years of promises before this app finally made it out of beta. I understand that software development isn't a straight-forward process, but good grief.
* the price is slightly high for what it does. This is more of a 40$ piece of functionality in my mind. However, there really aren't a lot of GTD alternatives that do what I want and I've done trials on quite a few of them! Sooo… I just paid the 50$.
* no dropbox or alternative syncing.

What would make this a 5 star app (or if the price were lower… obviously you expect more from a 50$ app than a 40$ app):
* rules - for instance, if I mark something with a certain tag (ex: /important) then automatically make it a priority 1. Or if it has a certain tag, move it to this list automatically.
* the ability to drop a file into a to do (instead of it just linking)…..more of a "nice to have"
* being able to iCal sync based on priority (I guess technically you can if you create a smart folder for high priority items and then set it to sync w/ iCal)
* a preferences setting to sync every X minutes. Instead I have to manually sync. If there is a way to automatically do this, I am unaware of it.
* ability to customize a few things: folder colors, list backgrounds, text colors….etc. The blue folders and yellow notebook paper are great at first… and then get boring.

I'm happy with this app and it does about 90% of what I want it to do. If you are considering either Things, Pagico, or Omnifocus, you HAVE to check out The Hit List.
[Version 1.0.6]

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FlyinRyan7 replied on 10 Dec 2011
Update: Still working great!....however, I moved to China and the servers that THL uses are blocked by the Chinese government (no idea why). Obviously this is not something I would expect the developer to do something about. However it's a serious limitation if you travel often, or live in places with strong firewall rules (south-west Asia, China...etc), the sync'ing functionality may not work without a VPN connection.

FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 23 Apr 2011
I LOVE this program. I don't do web development but frequently have to create backgrounds for powerpoint presentations, posters, or just desktop backgrounds. This program has saved me quite a bit of time. I love the features it offers and has proved quite stable for my use (it died once when I was saving a new template). I'm just really impressed with the quality of images it creates as well as the variety of formats it can produce as output.

Would definitely recommend you try out the demo as occasionally there are limitations to the templates. For instance, on a "text" template, I'd like to rotate the text to give it an angle, however the program can't do that. Not a huge deal as I can just export it, rotate, and crop in several other programs.
[Version 2.2]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 21 Apr 2011
I love this app - it's visually very appealing and is very easy to use. There are a TON of features and data you can collect about each family member and being able to collect pictures and items is a breeze. I also like how you can compare your family time line to world events. Additionally, the map feature is genius.

I've been using this app about 5 months and my experience has been very positive with the features and stability of this program. At the same time I've never used or tried any other family tree apps so have nothing to compare this to.

My list of "wish it did this" is very short. At the top of the list though is the ability to merge two people together which I've heard is coming.
[Version 6.1 Public Beta 4]


FlyinRyan7 reviewed on 21 Apr 2011
This app is great! I've been using it roughly 6 months and love it. Keep a journal is sort of monotonous for me, however Chronories makes it fairly easy by collecting a lot of data for you.

Some areas of improvement would be more settings and customization. After all, we are talking about a journal program so it should be more customizable. Some items to customize would be: more printing/export features, location services integration, more effective diagrams/charts, and support for more mail/chat apps.

I definitely recommend this software based on it's stability and value for the money.

I noticed a few of the reviews commented on syncing, but I sync this between two macs and have never had a problem.
[Version 1.0.8]

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FlyinRyan7 replied on 22 Apr 2011
Oppps... I actually haven't been syncing... I got Chronories confused with another program
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