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Fightingcat reviewed on 15 Mar 2014
After a lot of steps backward with version 3, this version reaching the level of the good old 1PW2. Great features like the mini app and a good support of browsers or multidomain support it's one of the most used apps on my Mac and sometimes on my iPhone.
I also appreciate that the developer change the mind to release a MAS only version.

I only missed the nice old 1PW bookmark for Safari, because 1PW on the iPhone can't still handle simple .htaccess saved pages who I have in some projects.

The price can be a bit cheaper (Mac and iPhone version). But sometimes you can catch some good offers.
[Version 4.2.2]

Fightingcat commented on 24 Feb 2014
Support for this app is dropped from realmac.
I waste my money for this lovely (that's was what I thinking in the past) for this unsupported application.

Realmac is slowly untrustable, because they also kicked all customers of LittleSnapper. No upgrade and less features in the new application who will do near the same, but with a different name (ember). And I also remember me, that in the past "LittleSnapper" got a free service for uploading the screenshots from the app to a web service, called "Ember". Also shut down by realmac after a few month's.
[Version 1.3.3]


Fightingcat reviewed on 21 Dec 2013
One of the "must have" tools under Mac OS X.
Not sure since when I'm using this app exactly but it's over 3 years and I don't want to miss it anymore.

A great tiny and intuitive quick launcher with a great support. The price of 35 Dollars sound a bit high, but this developer is one of them who will not release every one or two years a big update for money. But thats not mean that they will not release updates.

So give it a try if you want to save time to search for all your apps to start them or doing some steps much quicker than now ;-)
[Version 5.6.2]

Fightingcat commented on 09 Nov 2013
Great to see when a fresh company totally ignoring that there are some people on this world who still have Mac's who are older than 2011. That's really innovative and I'm sure that Apple will love this.
Well, ok... I think it's something about the low power Bluetooth connection. So... Thanks for the idea, but can't use it on my "grandfather iMac" from 2007.

PS: I have hear that some iPhones and Macs using a special connection like WLAN and can be pared.
[Version 1.0.5]


Fightingcat reviewed on 14 Oct 2013
A long time I was working with Delicious Library 1 & 2 and I was happy with all the given features. But with the time I wished me some other features like linking to Trailers on my HD or the web like over YouTube. I go sometimes in contact with the developer over mail or on their "complicated" feedback forum, but nothing has changed over the years. Also the application was slowing down with my growing collection (over 400 DVDs). The final brake with Delicious I made, as it was more and more clear that they won't develop again an application for iOS. Well, there was one in the past, but the dev. run in trouble with using the Amazon API and he dropped the mobile client.

Now I'm working with DVDPedia for around one year and it works so great for me. The beginning was a bit tricky, because I has problems to import my Library from Delicious Library 2, but after I contact the support over Mail, they helping me in less hours. So the support is gorgeous at ever point where you need help or has suggestions.

Also I can insert now a lot of more details around my movie collection as I ever can do before and I love the connection to a wide range of different sources to complete the movie informations... For example: If you fill in the IMDB ID of the movie, you can simply import all the information's of the selected movie in seconds. If you fill in the original title of the movie, you also can safe the time to fill in the IMDB ID, but for German movies this will often not work and I'm a German user.
Also I love to have some own free forms, where I can insert keywords who I prefer and the application will remember this keywords for future filling.
And the best thing is, that there is a mobile application available to, to sync my full collection with all the list's who I created.
This will safe me also sometimes a bit of money or time, because in the past who I using Delicious, I bought sometimes a movie two times in the store.

The only thing who can be a bit better is the handling here and there. For example... If you hit the shortcut "cmd + n" it will create a new folder. Personally I would prefer it will create a new entry for a new movie. But the command for this is "cmd + f". Well... F for found I think. But If I would found something, I prefer to using the search in my own lib and not for a new movie.

Also I missed sometimes a bit greater OS interface. Well.. It's a database, I know... But pls. let me dream a bit ;-)
[Version 5.1.7]

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Fightingcat replied on 28 Oct 2013
That is simple... It's the number code at the end of the url of a opened movie page.
For example:

At the end you will see: tt1932767. Remove the "tt" and copy only the numbers. Insert them in DVDPedia on the ID form and it's done.

Alternative you can also try to let found DVDPedia the ID by self, when the title of the movie is correct. Open an entry to edit it, switch to the tab "Extras" and take a look at the right bottom of the window. You will see a little gear with an arrow. This is a menu with some services where you can catch informations for your movies. There is also an IMDB entry in this menu. Select this one and it will connect to IMDB to search for the movie title and when it's successfull, you have now all details for your movie including the IMDB ID. If this will not work for you, do step 1 as I explain and you will get 100% the correct movie details.

Fightingcat reviewed on 14 Oct 2013
One of the best YT downloader for free who I found for the Mac.

I try several downloaders to after installing this application, who looks a bit older then some of the other ones, but it's still the best one. No ads, no over 100 connections to several services, no crashes and a simple interface.

You can search for videos directly in the app, you can play videos directly and with simple clicks you can download the videos with a format who you prefer. And if you didn't found the same video who you found on YouTube, simply hit "cmd + o" on your Keyboard and fill in the URL to the video from the YT page. Now it will show you the video and at the bottom some options to safe it on your HD.

A half star is missed for the overall rating, because a bit better interface would be great.

Anyway... You can buy a YT downloader or you can using this one here who's for free. Thanks to the developer for his work.
[Version 3.1.6]


Fightingcat reviewed on 01 Sep 2013
This solution is the best one who I ever found to encrypt and decrypt mails or text. It's quit simple to install it and config it.

Great to see, that this project is now back under 10.8 (sadly this takes a lot of time, because since OS 10.8 it was broken / not fully supported in Apple Mail).
[Version 2013.08.06]

Fightingcat commented on 28 Jun 2013
I working with Version 2.0 a long time and was happy with it to manage all of my movies, but with the time I start to missing some things. For example I was not able to put Movies from the iTunes Music Store in a library or intelligent library or there is no option to link to a trailer on YouTube or a digital file. With the time this made me crazy. So I decide to switch to DVDpedia who's cheaper and give me much more options to complete my management around my big DVD and BD collection. The support of this Software is awsome and fast. I can't remember me that I got an answer to my problems on Delicious in one day or less.
Anyway... Now this company released version 3 and they give a great focus on a new layout for this app, but they still ignore what users want. Still no drag & drop from movies from the iTunes Store for example, still no file linking or a weblink to trailers for the movie. Also I must note, that the performance of this app start's to be not so delightful. Yes, it looks great and the effect with the shadows or when you moving over a DVD Cover or an Item are outstanding and I never seen it before, but what will helping me that to manage my stuff in this application?
Oh and there is still no iOS application. I know... In the past there where one, but it was dropped because of amazon and the using of the API. I never understand why this company decide to drop the amazon API for the iOS app and bring it back to life. I need a platform to watch at my list, if I'm in a shop and looking for new DVDs or BDs. Two times I bought a DVD doubled, because I has no overview of my collection... Thanks to Delicious Lib.

Well... If you want to have a good looking user interface and some nice effects, you will love this app. But if you need good solution to manage more than 50 DVDs, it's better to spend DVDpedia a bit of time. You will safe some money and some frustrations, I think.
[Version 3.1]


Fightingcat reviewed on 27 Apr 2013
I spend a lot of time to this app. Since version 4 I used it and was happy with it until the point who I bought an Apple TV. For the latest Update from version 7 to 8 I waste my money (again).

What's happen?
Near the (silent) end of version 7 I was starting a conversation with the support around coding my videos with Dolby Sourround 5.1 for my Apple TV. My problem is, that if I coding a video with a dolby digital 5.1 track, it takes a lot of time on my Apple TV (3. Gen) to load and start the movie.
My hope was was, that I can found a solution with metakine to let coding my videos correctly, place them in iTunes and select them from my Apple TV with a quick playback after selecting the movie. I also give them the tip, that a coding with Dolby Sourround 5.1 will work perfectly when I using the free HandBrake application, who's Open Source.
The developer promised me, to look at this problem to fix it with a future update, but they don't.
A few months later, they deliver version 8 and at this point I was knowing, that I never will got a fix for my "5.1" problem in version 7, so I decide to buy version 8 to. I'm still waiting for a fix of that and I'm not the only one.

Also you need to know, that DVDRemaster is not able to rip DVDs who are copy protected. With version 7 they also delicver the tool "FairMount" who was for free. This tool using the source of the VLC Media Player to mount each DVD as an image to safe it on the Hard Drive of your mac. With Version 8 they announced, that metakine has sold the app to Mac DVDRipper Pro. Since them you are not longer able to download FairMount for free.
So if you want to safe a DRM protected DVD, you need Mac DVDRipper Pro or RipIt, who are booth shareware to. Booth applications can convert movies to an iOS format to btw. Well... You have not so much settings as on DVDRemaster.

The only good thing of this application is, that it looks nice and easy and it works good with subtitles. But you can do the most with the Open Source Application HandBrake to. This Softare came with different predefinied settings to for different devices and you are also able to edit each config and safe them for later, when you want. Only the Subtilte thing is sadly not the best on HandBrake.

With this deal you didn't safe realy much money (and there where be much better deals in the past for this software). It's an to expensive application for that what you can do with it. And be warned, that you must pay for each big update 9,99 US Dollar. And don't trust the low version numbers. The next version can berelased soon...
Version 4 was relased in 2008
Version 5 was relased on Feb. 2009
version 6 was relased on Dec. 2009
Version 7 was relased on Feb. 2011
Version 8 was relased on Jul. 2012

My tip:
If you just want to safe a DVD on your HD and search for a simple solution to convert it for you iOS devices, spend your money to Mac DVDRipper Pro or RipIt. They also came with a quick and good solution to convert a video. If you want to have a better control on the final coding for other decives, give HandBrake a try, who's for free. The price for this application is overpriced.
[Version 8.0.3]

Fightingcat commented on 10 Apr 2013
And I'm still waiting for an Auto-Update function of this tool. No Idea what's the problem for the developers around this.

I hate to do this every time manually and Dropbox got often some updates.
[Version 2.0.6]

Fightingcat had trouble on 17 May 2008
Plugin dosn't work unter Safari 3.1.1 for me. I can run the installer but after restarting Safari, i canÄt found anything of PicLens in the Pluginlist. Under Firefox it will be work perfect, but i can't use the Apple Remote.
[Version 1.5.16]

Fightingcat had trouble on 07 Jan 2006
Sounds nice, but...

Error establishing connection to database:
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

I can't connect to any server.

I using an Mac mini with OS X 10.4.3
[Version 0.7.5]

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Fightingcat replied on 07 Jan 2006
Oh... i didn't read, that i need the mysql-connector-java-3.1.12-bin.jar.

After installing, they works. But i can't connect to my server (local or webserver)
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