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Ficheye reviewed on 28 Apr 2011
I haven't run this application yet, but be aware that you are not downloading a plug in, you are downloading a standalone application. It's not a big deal, but they want you to go to their site to download the plug in itself.
[Version 5.0.838.7812]

Ficheye commented on 19 Nov 2010
Downloaded it. It asks me for the file 'Version.Dat.' Now, what would that be, exactly? And why would you just not google 'online bible' and go online to access it? There are already plenty of online bibles. This seems weird. If someone could explain why this app would make things more convenient then please do so.
[Version 4.1.1]

Ficheye commented on 09 Jun 2010
I have never been happier since I started playing backgammon with real people again. That's the way to go. In fact, it's really the main attraction, the banter and human interaction, the click of the dice (real dice). Not a bad game if you can take the flames.
[Version 6.7.5]

Ficheye commented on 18 Apr 2010
It would also be nice if the trees wouldn't disappear from time to time. As far as the ball is concerned they are still there.
[Version 2.28]

Ficheye commented on 01 Apr 2010
I like this game. Fun to play. HOWEVER... on occasion, when I get a hole in one and press 'R' for a replay, I do not get the hole in one. I miss the hole and am set up for a birdie. Everything else is cool, but don't take away my score. That defeats the purpose of it being a game if it's not fun. There are also inconsistencies with wind strength at times.
[Version 2.28]

Ficheye commented on 14 Dec 2008
Yes and yes... IceClean has a function command that I've been looking for... 'Perform all tasks and reboot'.

I just don't want to be drawn into the ever deepening complexity of a computers architecture. If somebody wants to learn to program, go for it. But I just want to trust that the software performs as advertised and run the application for the desired effect. IceClean gives the user BOTH options. And it's performed perfectly for me.

Onyx and some of the other programs make you develop a script, or run the tasks one at a time, or just require that you engage their learning curve once again. IceClean all the way!!

A progress bar would be nice, since a lot of people stare at their computer whenever any analysis is happening. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
[Version 3.0.8]

Ficheye commented on 07 Jul 2008
Well now. I enjoyed reading a comment that reflects, exactly, what I have felt about this game for some time. Thanks for the well worded vindication.

The game is really good, but questions arise when the skill level seems to be defined by the dice rolls and not by actual game play.
[Version 5.7.3]

Ficheye commented on 08 Jan 2008
Nice try. I stopped playing the game eventually. And the best way to get me to stop making comments is to stop digging in your heels about the perfection of your software. Also, disclosing my real name is an incredibly immature move by someone so intelligent and businesslike. Best to have a few positive reviews so that mine just goes down the list. I will report you to the management here since you are supposed to take it like a man when someone has a problem with your software. But I guess that may be the real issue here. By the way, where are all the positive reviews if I am so wrong about the game having some flaws? There should be a cascade, even an avalanche of supporting reviews, then I'd be pushed farther down the list and I'd forget about this game. But....
[Version 5.6.1]

Ficheye commented on 04 Jan 2008
When you download this thing it sits there, inert.
Then you click on it and you get a dialogue box saying that you need additional software at the quicktime site. Only when you get there it's not clear just which of the several components you need to download to make it work.

At this point I usually just delete. When you post ANYTHING requiring additional software and downloading, you need to indicate that right from the start, or else it feels like some kind of trick
[Version 1.0]

Ficheye commented on 29 Dec 2007
Boy, am I chagrined! I have received the dreaded 'five exclamation point' response. One thing is clear... everyone owns a rubber duck. And as long as this game has been around (both forms) there are negative reviewers who feel somewhat like I do. Never fear, because we are 'out of our element'... we can't possibly know anything... even noticing some slight problems in gameplay, or saying that the game isn't quite perfect gets a response meant to 'hush you up'. So...

This is a beautiful game. Perfect in every way. You will find the computer opponent to be fiercely intelligent. You will never notice any gameplay inequities because there aren't any. Buy this game. You won't be sorry. And if there are odd 'occurrences'of chance during a game, it's all in your imagination which you don't have very much of or YOU would have developed a game as fantastic as this one. Get on board! And remember... don't think you know anything, because it's all an illusion... knowing requires thinking, and that is just too difficult for us mere mortals. And remember... don't make any comments that might seem knowledgeable because you are 'out of your element' and you don't have the right swimmin' suit!!!!!

In conclusion ( and in all seriousness), I have to say this: Most people who make negative comments really do appreciate the skill required to create a game such as this. And the game(s) is/are very good for the most part. There are just times when there are weird things that happen (I'd better not say what they are), and, therefore, people will always make comments about these things that we can't possibly understand. You'll just have to forgive us. In the long run it is much better to have a nice beverage and play lots of games with a real person, using a real board and real dice. I now bow out of this 'discussion' most completely.
[Version 5.6.1]

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