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Fhf reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
This app is amazingly comprehensive, with LOTS of information about public campgrounds. Info such as distance from your current location, number of campsites, fees, exact address, water & dump station availability, size of sites, contact phone numbers, etc.

Below the individual listing info there are buttons for Google, Yelp, Weather Underground, and others, to get more info related to the campground you're looking at. Pretty impressive.

I've played around pretty extensively with the app, checking local campgrounds that I'm familiar with, and the info seems quite accurate. I'll be taking off in a couple of weeks for a 2-month camping road trip; I'll add to my review when I return.
[Version 1.3.1]

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Fhf replied on 01 Apr 2014
Ok, after using Ultimate Campground Project for six weeks I can confirm that it is an invaluable resource for those who prefer to stay in public rather than private campgrounds. I have both the Mac and iPhone versions of the app; laptop would be used to do research when we were stopped for the night, and the iPhone version was running pretty much all the time on the truck's dashboard. My recommendation: don't leave home without it.

Fhf reviewed on 26 May 2013
This is a great little app that works perfectly, letting you figure payments, interest rate, years till payoff, etc. Interesting that it hasn't been updated in years, but still works in Mountain Lion.
[Version 2.3a]


Fhf reviewed on 19 Feb 2012
A friend who is switching from Yahoo mail to Apple's Mail app asked me if there was anyway to password-protect Mail so that roommates, who have access to his Mac, can't easily peruse his mail. After poking around the web I stumbled upon MacAppBlocker, and installed it on my MacBook Pro to test it. I've only used it a short time, but it does exactly what the developer says: keeps anyone who doesn't know your password from opening protected apps.

The app is very easy to configure and use, and you're alerted if someone does try to access one of your protected apps: MacAppBlocker's menu icon turns red. Oops, busted.

MacAppBlocker is not a high-security app; a computer-savvy intruder can access documents other ways than thru the app which created them. But in a casual setting (family computer use, roommates, etc) it might be a fine solution.

And no, I have nothing to do with the developer; I'm just fairly enthusiastic about the app, which seems to be well done.
[Version 1.3]


Fhf reviewed on 29 Dec 2010
My MacBook Pro just had a system issue which affected Finder window display and IPhoto albums. No amount of tinkering would fix the issues, so I decided that an OS reinstall was in order. After erasing the volume, re-installing 10.6.5 and my files via Migration Assistant, the problem was still there. Aak!.

I finally used iBackup to back up just my core Apple apps: Safari, iCal, Address Book, Mail, and Keychains. These I really wanted to be right, as losing or manually replacing them would be a complete pain. Erased the HD, reinstalled the OS, but did not take up the installer's offer to import my user settings. Basically, the computer was back to factory-new state. Gulped, ran iBackup 'restore', and bingo! All my mail and mailboxes, Safari bookmarks and history, Address Book contacts, and iCal calendars were just the way I had left them before wiping the HD. Very cool. Oh, and the problems that had prompted me to do the clean install were finally gone; everything works properly.

Five stars and a donation to the developer from me!
[Version 7.1]


Fhf reviewed on 14 Dec 2010
I recently had a minor licensing issue with iTubeX, so I emailed the developer, who responded in minutes with a solution. Ya gotta love that kind of responsiveness.
[Version 8.1]

Fhf commented on 30 Sep 2010
One of the side benefits (for me, at least) of App Tamer is that my MacBook Pro will now sleep if left unattended. Whatever app that prevented my laptop from sleeping is now 'paused', allowing the sleep function to work normally. I went ahead and paid for the App Tamer utility, as this one feature alone is worth the price of admission.

And in case you were wondering if there was a lag 'waking' apps, not to worry. When switching to a background app that's paused, there's zero lag; switching is instantaneous, and the switched app is wide awake and ready to go.
[Version 1.0.1]


Fhf reviewed on 02 Apr 2010
Wrote the above review a couple of months ago. I just got a new MacBook Pro, and running 10.6.3, SpeedBit Video Accelerator now works flawlessly. YouTube videos download in a few seconds, and Activity Monitor shows no additional load on the system. Highly recommended.


Fhf reviewed on 31 Dec 2009
Speedbit Video Accelerator does seem to work; video downloads are defininitely quicker. But, at least on my old G4 Powerbook, it can take over the CPU pretty completely. After charging all night I unplugged the computer, noticed that the menu bar said that I had just over an hour of battery time left. WTF? Activity Monitor showed Speedbit Video Accelerator using 89, then 90% of the CPU. Turned off SVA from the menu bar. CPU usage stayed at 90%. Quit SVA from Activity Monitor. A few seconds later it popped back up (but this time at a reasonable ~1% CPU usage). I'm not real fond of apps that, A: hog your CPU, and/or B: can't be turned off without a complete uninstall.

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Fhf commented on 02 Jan 2010
UPDATE: Discovered that the raging CPU problem was due to some sort of unhappy interaction with ClickToFlash, which is a flash-blocking app. ClickToFlash has an option to 'Play H264 videos in Quicktime'. If that is checked, SpeedBit Video Accelerator would have a problem, at least on my computer. Now that I've unchecked that box in ClickToFlash, SpeedBit Video Accelerator seems to work fine, with no CPU issues.

Fhf reviewed on 10 Dec 2009
I updated to 6.0 pro from V5; only USD $9.95, not that big a deal. A new feature is 'no compression', handy when you want to grab the movie only but don't need to compress (and possibly degrade) the movie.

Used DVDRemaster 6.0 to compress a 6.8 Gb movie to fit on a single-layer DVD disc; using 'Fast Transcode', 'movie only', it took about twelve minutes on my four-year-old PowerBook G4. I'd say that's pretty fast.
[Version 6.0]


fhf reviewed on 07 May 2009
SuperDuper! just saved my bacon. After finally deciding to get a little more modern OS, today I spent hours upgrading my G4 PowerBook from 10.4.11 to 10.5.6. After doing the install and then all the updates I finally got ready to use my PB. Opened Safari, realized that it was v.3.2 instead of the v.4 beta I had been using prior to the update. Went to the Apple website, tried to download the v.4 beta. No go. Would not download. Hm, that's strange. Ok, let's try Mail. All right, all my mailboxes are there, but where are the messages? All. Gone. I can see that there are lots of messages in User>Library>Mail>Mailboxes, but damned if Mail can see any of them. 'Rebuild' a mailbox. Nada.

Searched for 'Leopard...upgrade...lost...mailbox', found a few other people who had had the same problem, but no solutions. Crap.

Screw this. A new flashy OS is not worth this kind of headache.

Restarted from my SuperDuper! backup volume, told it to 'restore' and in about ten minutes I was back where I had started this morning. Whew! That's gotta be the best $28 I've spent in a long time.
[Version 2.5]

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