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Ferruccio Busoni commented on 30 Nov 2008
Yes, I would change the name. Aside from annoying Apple, this program does not much resemble MacPaint.
[Version 0.1]

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Ferruccio Busoni replied on 03 Dec 2008
Well, there's just nothing particularly MacPainty about it. MacPaint was really something in its day; if you're trying to "upgrade" it to the modern day, your program should be a lot more advanced. If, however, you're trying to bring MacPaint to OS X, the interface is not much the same, and it lacks MacPaint features like FatBits and Brush Mirrors.
Ferruccio Busoni commented on 11 Mar 2008
Does not fix the restart-on-wake-from-sleep issue (just happened), but it does fix graphics glitches and allegedly the screen freeze issue.
[Version ]


Ferruccio Busoni reviewed on 15 Apr 2007
Works terrifically; would be nice if the developer would bother to compile a universal binary. Presently you can download the source code and compile it as i386 with no problems.
[Version 2.0.1]

Ferruccio Busoni tipped on 02 Apr 2007
Nice -- but how about an option to hide it from the dock?
[Version 1.4]

Ferruccio Busoni commented on 13 Feb 2007
Is there any way to order chapters? Each chapter is a document, and I have labeled them "Chapter I, Chapter II", etc. But since CopyWrite orders them alphabetically, it screw up when I get to "Chapter IX". Is there no way to override this ordering?
[Version 2.2.8]

Ferruccio Busoni commented on 14 Jan 2007
Can someone tell me why it is necessary to overwrite a file more than once?

Suppose you have a 100MB hard drive. (I know -- it's just an example.) It is filled with a 100MB file. You delete that file, then load another 100MB file onto the drive.

The first 100MB is completely gone, right? Because if it isn't, then you would be fitting more than 100MB on the drive -- and if anything significant could be recovered, then you'd be fitting a lot more than the drive's capacity.

If any remotely useful data can be recovered after one -- let alone seven -- rewrites, couldn't one find a way to fit more data on a hard drive than its capacity?

I don't see why one would need to overwrite more than just once.
[Version 2.2.3]

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Ferruccio Busoni replied on 14 Apr 2007
So, then, they're saying it is possible to store 8.75TB on a 250GB drive, provided you overwrite 35 times and then use fancy forensic hardware to recover the rewrites.

Is that really true? It would be far to slow to actually use, but it's still surprising that after 35 random rewrites, you can recover all, or even most, of anything coherent from each layer.

Ferruccio Busoni replied on 14 Apr 2007
Yes -- I'm saying if you don't use the Gutmann method. If you just overwrite thirty-five times. The Gutmann method is supposedly necessary because even after thirty-five rewrites, your data can be recovered.
Ferruccio Busoni commented on 07 Jan 2007
Quits unexpectedly when loading any commercial game, including Mario 64, on an iMac Core Duo.
[Version 0.5.1]

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Ferruccio Busoni replied on 07 Jan 2007
Never mind. Make sure you copy the whole Mupen64 folder, not just the application.

Ferruccio Busoni reviewed on 10 Nov 2006
Still my favorite screenwriting software, for the following silly reasons:

1. I can trust it - because it is an industry standard, I don't have to worry about formatting, fonts or anything. I just write. ("Just add words.")

2. It has a very simple interface. There's just a window with your script in page layout - or, if you want, note cards next to it.

That said, it isn't work the price if you're presently looking for software - but that is only because of Celtx.
[Version 7.1.3]

Ferruccio Busoni commented on 17 Oct 2006
This is a steal at that price.
[Version 1.5]


Ferruccio Busoni reviewed on 03 Sep 2006
My experience has been better than I could have expected. It's amazing how many things run - Office, IE6, Kontakt2 (although there isn't much of a way to use it without MIDI support). Nice GUI, more compatible than WINE for Mac - considering what it's trying to do, it's amazing. Of course you can't expect everything to work! It's a beta of something that states explicitly that not everything will work.

My chief complaints are launch speed and hardware support, but it would be a miracle if both of those were perfect.
[Version 6.0b1a]

Ferruccio Busoni had trouble on 30 Oct 2007
Little Snitch Network Monitor uses about 1% of CPU about when it is first started, then gradually builds up to 5% - 10%. I am running 2.0b10, which says it fixed a problem with Little Snitch Network Monitor... was this the problem? Either way, it's still there.
[Version 2.0b10]

Ferruccio Busoni had trouble on 16 Feb 2007
I have a USB Dazzle video digitizer, and it still doesn't work. Seeing as the software comes with a DirectX installer, I suppose this is due to lack of DirectX support? Why is it that emulators / virtualizers feel that DirectX / 3D support is unimportant? There's actually little I can use Parallels for because of that one problem causing so many others.
[Version 2.5.3170]

Ferruccio Busoni had trouble on 01 Feb 2007
I have a Dazzle DVC100 video capture device -- USB 2.0 -- still doesn't work under Parallels. Works fine under BootCamp and VMware (although VMware's too slow to handle it).
[Version 2.5.3150]

Ferruccio Busoni had trouble on 11 Nov 2006
Am I insane, or is there no Intel version? The Intel download on the site gives me a PPC binary that runs under Rosetta even after it is fully launched.
[Version 2.10-1]

Ferruccio Busoni had trouble on 26 Oct 2006
Quits unexpectedly on launch on my 10.4.8-equipped iMac Core Duo.
[Version 1.0b1]

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