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Fed UP2 reviewed on 11 Dec 2006

This is the most useless product you could ever try. don't be duped by the fancy website. Take a really good look at exactly what you get and don't be duped. Have you ever seen an FAQ page that doesn't answer anything at all. A product that doesn't have a troubleshooting page online anwhere and zero techinical infomation or help pages? . A PDF manual that is a couple pages and doesn't explain as single thing except how to set it up. (and doesn't even do a good job at that). A demo movie that doesn't show you anything excpet the porgress bar moving. That dupes people into thinking that it makes entourage work with spotlight when all it does is sync to ical so spotlight can read Ical. that doesn't work and when you try to find any information about what could be going wrong there is no problem solving process other than to email their customer support and they don't return your emails.

WOW! How did this company get away with being around this long? Where are the software police??? Are you pissed off too? Band together and let's put this bad bad company out of business. Don't think that it's not worth the time to voice your opinion here. That's how they get away with it.

I've used a lot of software and this one is the absolute worst of the worst. Just pray that after you buy it something (probably everything about it) doesn't work. Because you have no resources to get it fixed and no recourse. And trust me probably all the positive reviews you see here are from the owner of this nasty self serving no service scam operation and his cohorts. Save your money and put it into a product with real people behind it who care about you and aren't just in it for the money.

I had a run in with these people some time ago when I purchased their product and it just didn't work at all. I couldn't get an answer. I had a nightmare getting a refund that went on for over a month, And shamelessly I didn't write about it here to help others from falling into the same pit. Sorry about that. My conscience and slacker attitude finally gave way and I had to write this.

I had the worst experience I have ever had with a tech company and then was given a bunch of Christian gobbledeygook and lies. I don't know why these people don't know that what you put out there comes back to you, but they have created a substandard product and then when someone complains they whine and blame you for complaining. I wanted to try to think the owner was a nice guy. He plays music and stuff, but truth is he's a scam artist and should be arrested for stealing money from unsuspecting unschooled software buyers looking for an answer to the entourage problem.

Trust me, you have an 80% chance it won't work. And most people will just write it off and eat the cost and that's how this company survives. Crappy, crappy, crappy product. Install it and it eats your database, creates cuplicates, doesn't sync things right, everything goes wrong and nothing works and you can problem solve until the cows come home to no avail. Good luck! You'll need it!!!

Maybe somewhere, somehow, if you knew all the ins and outs of this product and had a really good trouble shooting manual you could figure out how to get it to work, but don't expect to plug it in and have it workt right out of the box. And with all the bugs this beta-like product should at least have a decent manual you could read to problem solve it yourself but they obviously didn't want to spend that much time on it. They keep it vague and info sparse to make you think it's easy to use and user friendly right out of the box. Hah! If you bought shoes from a shoe store and when you got home and tried them on your shoe's exploded they'd get arrested. But software developers do that to us all the time and we allow it. There should be some kind of government regulation for this sort of thing. For now we have to policy the industry ourselves.

Product developers should speak out about this product. Download a demo and try it and then speak out about it. It gives your the whole industry a bad name.

I hate to bag on people so I held off for a year before I got the nerve up to write this. But fact is I feel a duty to post this as my civic duty. I'm tired of wasting money on useless junk that makes me crazy because there is no quality regulation in the industry. I waited a year to see if they would get thier act together and decided to try it again just out of curiosity and it's still as bad as ever. I still can't get it to work right. I use hundreds of software products and I've never found one that I absolutely can't get to work like this one.

Any software snake oil salesman can sell a product that doesn't work and keep taking people's money. As long as we don't stop to speak out and warn others about it they get away with it.

My suggestion. Is to stay clear of this company completely. And not only that, spread the word. Don't let companies like this take your hard earned cash and disrespect you in the process. And if you are a current customer and you don't get an email reply within a few days from them when you have a problem, yell bloody murder. Post it all over the internet. Put the word out on every tech site on the internet. FIGHT BACK!!!

If you have had problems with this company before post your complaints here and complain to regulatory agencies. The owner of this company does a podcast for Christians. Maybe that will help his bad Karma while he picks your pocket. He should take a really close look at what he is doing and if he doesn't have the time and resources to create a decent product shut his company down. That would be the Christian thing to do. It's too late to give the money back. But you can always make amends and try to do better.

I spent probably twenty hours the first time (because I hate it when I can't get something that is supposed to be simple to use work) and a couple hours (stupidly) this time trying to get this junky product to work and I think of myself as pretty pretty tech proficient on the mac.. Sad. Sad Sad. Don't be duped. If you have been duped also spread the word. Let's put them out of business. They should call their product e2stinks. Because it sure does!

I took the time to write this not because I am mad, and the lost time is not the issue, but because I think it's wrong. If the company is out of business the next time I check back maybe this time wasn't spent in vain. At the very least maybe this will make them actually spend some money on hiring some tech people who can create a stable reliable product that actually works.

If you feel the same way about this product and company speak your minds too !
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