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Fatfreddyscat commented on 06 Dec 2012
Worked great until about two weeks ago, at which time Pandora apparently changed things on their end. Now PianoPub fails to connect, generating a "TLS Handshake Error", for which there is a fix for Pianobar on which PianoPub is based but which does not apply to PianoPub. No response yet to queries to the developer, but I'm hopeful that s/he hasn't abandoned the application and will come up with a fix soon.
[Version 1.5.5]


Fatfreddyscat reviewed on 30 May 2012
What I can I say other than that Fantastical is simply brilliant. It's everything an application like this should be; well designed, very useful, and does exactly what it says. With the edition of Reminders support, it's now almost perfect. Only the ability to tear off the app from the menu bar and make it free-floating so I can keep an eye on my calendar and tasks list at all times would make it more useful to me.

I can't image working without Fantastical now. Well worth the money and highly recommended.
[Version 1.3]


Fatfreddyscat reviewed on 16 Feb 2012
Off to a very promising start. As some have characterized it, a "Fantastical" for contacts and a very welcome new app.The current inability to address multiple accounts (e.g. an Exchange account as well as locally-stored contacts) is a bit of a limitation in this version, but one that Cobook promises to address in version 1.1. It'll be well worth paying for the release version, assuming it's priced fairly, given that the beta is so good (I'm guessing it won't be free in the release version, but that's fine; such fine development deserves to be paid-for). My overall rating should be higher but for some reason once selected I can't change the number of stars before submitting a rating.
[Version 1.0-beta6]


Fatfreddyscat reviewed on 13 Feb 2012
I wish I could give Today a better review. It used to work reliably, although lacking features and capabilities that would have made it much more useful. I purchased this version (the third time I've purchased Today) since the developer said that the App Store version was the route to future update. But what I've received is a version less functional than the previous version - 2.9 won't update reliably and frequently has to be quit and relaunched to get it to update at all - much less a version with new features. The developer appears to be much more interested in his iOS app. That's fine if that's the interest or what's making the money, but when you urge people to purchase yet again, at least have the courtesy to fix the bugs before you abandon development of the app.

I can give this only a lukewarm rating. It's useful, but it often irritating. If you like menubar utilities, there are others that are better value for the money.
[Version 2.9]

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Fatfreddyscat replied on 16 May 2012
Developer has now apparently admitted that he is not working on any updates to Today, though said admission has been made only in a web interview on another site. Really poor customer support; he's well within his rights to move on to other things, but if he's stopped development and won't even update to fix the bugs, he should say so publicly and pull the application from sale.
Fatfreddyscat commented on 08 Dec 2010
This is not a new release. TrackballWorks 1.0 was released back in June of 2010.
[Version 1.0.0]

Fatfreddyscat commented on 22 Jan 2010
Perhaps I'm missing something about what this utility does, but why would someone need to spend $30.00 on this when they can create a disk image (i.e "virtual disk") for free using Disk Utility that is included with all versions of Mac OS X?
[Version 1.0]

Fatfreddyscat commented on 19 Nov 2009
Got a canned email from Chronos tech support today saying that they're FORTY DAYS BEHIND in answering their tech support queries!!!

This is just totally unacceptable. They blame the fact that they released a new version, but any competent company knows and expect an influx of questions when a new version is released.

Sorry, Chronos, but you've lost my business and I will be recommending to all my users that they select software from a company that has sufficient technical resources to test and support their products adequately.
[Version 8.07]


Fatfreddyscat reviewed on 13 Nov 2009
A unique feature set if it could be relied on, but every version has had bugs, many very obvious to even the minimal level of testing, and Chronos "tech support", if it can even be dignified by that title, can only be described as terrible if not outright nonexistent. I recommend avoiding Chronos products unless you just can't find anything else that will do the job for you. It's just not worth the headaches and interminable waiting for responses and bug fixes.
[Version 8.07]


Fatfreddyscat reviewed on 30 Oct 2009
Still some minor bugs, but overall Eon is stable and for me quite useful. The developer has been very responsive to fixing reported bugs and accepting suggestions for enhancements, so expect Eon to continue to improve. It's completely usable in it's current version, though.

While Eon won't fit everyone's workflow, it's very handy if what you want/need is to see your schedule and to-do list at a glance, without having to open an application, pull down a menu, or go to Dashboard. It's by no means the only schedule viewer available and depending on your needs and preferences another solution might suit you better, but if schedule-at-a-glance is of interest to you, this application is well worth checking out.
[Version 1.2.1]

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Fatfreddyscat replied on 21 Jan 2010
The developer has unfortunately more-or-less discontinued work on the application. Too bad as it's quite useful in the right workflow.

I does, however, work well as it is with only some minor bugs. But given the expected dearth of future updates, I'd hesitate to recommend that anyone purchase Eon now.

Fatfreddyscat replied on 08 Apr 2010
Eon fails completely under Mac OS X 10.6.3 and no response from the developer. Clearly a dead product. Too bad.

Fatfreddyscat replied on 15 Jul 2010
Working again now under 10.6.4. Too bad the developer won't update any further. It was a useful app. Perhaps he'll consider releasing the code to open source.
FatFreddysCat commented on 06 May 2009
Sorry, but the pricing is very unrealistic for this utility even it if works exactly as promised. Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" will offer direct Exchange support for not only iCal but Address Book and Mail as well, so not only will it support more functions, no extra server software will be required and the full OS will, if the price is the same as all previous releases of Mac OS X, only cost $30 more per workstation as this utility costs by itself.

Julia/Brutus might have some interest for those who, for some reason, cannot upgrade to Exchange Server 2007 (which Snow Leopard will, I believe, require), but otherwise I don't foresee much future for this product now. A year or two ago, yes, it might have been very appealing, but now, with Snow Leopard probably on a few months away, no, not unless Julia has some functionality the developer's web site doesn't make clear.
[Version 1.0]

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