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Evolut reviewed on 18 Mar 2013
Multimon seems to have been thought only for side-by-side monitors configurations, mine is vertical with one monitor on top of the other. Not working for me...
+ other issues...

1- App Store only, no demo ---> I lost $10

2- Does not allow windows to be expanded across 2 monitors. If I do, the window snaps to one monitor or the other after a second or so. This is a deal breaker for me.

3- Menu mentions "left monitor" and "Right monitor", no option to change to Top and Bottom like I have.

4- Clock display does not follow my System preference for 24-hour format. Tutorial says setting available in Preferences, but nowhere to be found.

5- The green dot on each window looses its "toggle" functionality, i.e., in Mac OS X, one click maximizes window and the next click brings it back to original size/position, but with Multimon. only maximizes. I don't want to loose the Toggle functionality!

6- Multimon menu is supposed to appear at the end of each menu bar, but only appears in one menu bar.

On the good side, this is implemented as an app, so it is easy to start and stop, not some system-level add-on that require rebooting.

This app does not work for me, it may work for some people though.

About my ratings, Macupdate forces to rate "Stability" but I don't have a real opinion, just it didn't crash for the short time I tested the app.
[Version 2]


Evolut reviewed on 06 Mar 2013
aaaargh! Can't find any way to display the seconds! How frustrating, what an oversight!

Other than that, the app looks great, world time and 24-hr clock, optional in menu bar... all that is nice, but a digital clock is a NoGo for me if I can't display the Seconds.
I gave this app limited ratings because of this missing functionality
[Version 2.4]

Evolut rated on 20 Feb 2013
[Version 2.7.4]


Evolut reviewed on 12 Feb 2013
Excellent program! However...

- I hate the sort feature that omits articles like "A", "The", etc... because it behaves differently that the Finder, and therefore my sorted list of files in the Finder doesn't match the list in DVDpedia.

A way around is to use the "SortTitle" field, but it is a pain to edit all those lines manually, it is only OK for a few exceptions but I just have too many entires to edit.

It makes more sense to have Preference to choose whether sorting is desired by omitting articles or not.

I would also love, for expert users, to be able to open the DVDpedia database in an external program such as Bento or Filemaker in order to make global edits. For instance, I wish I could automatically fill the "Sort Title" field with the first letter of the "Title" field.
[Version 5.1.3]

Evolut rated on 04 Feb 2013
[Version 2.5.7]

Evolut rated on 21 Aug 2012
[Version 7.0.0]


Evolut reviewed on 27 Nov 2010
I really wanted to like this application... Somewhere, it contains a lot of functionality, but the awful User Interface makes it extremely hard to access.

The UI is a mess, absolutely awful! This app is in love with paging and clicking… lots of it!

What's wrong with an iTunes-like User Interface? Apple, and others, have thought through many usability issues, so why that desire to imitate the mess of a badly designed web site instead?

For instance, RadioShift has a great ability to find radios, but the results are useless because of the UI:
Let's say I search for "Jazz"… I get 629 results. This sounds great, right?
But wait! The results are shown in pages of 10! So I need to painfully browse 63 pages!!!! Click, Click, Click, Click…. . This is INSANE!
What wrong with scrollable lists, spreadsheets with rows and columns that I could scroll quickly with the mouse wheel/trackpad/magic mouse??? …with meaningful columns that I could sort by, with a filter to tune-in within the search results, etc, etc…?

And to view the details of one particular station, I have to click on it, and I get to another page to read it, and then page back to the list (and the animations are making it even slower) and then carry-on clicking and clicking and clicking and clicking… What's wrong with an Info panel that details whatever is selected in the list. No! This application can't show the list together with the details of the selected station.

Now… you can elect favorites… Great! you may think… But wait! You cannot simply right-click on a station and add it to Favorites, you have to page to the details, select Favorites, and go back to the list in search of another station.
And there is only ONE list of favorites! What's wrong with multiple collections like iTunes' playlists?
And the favorites are also painfully shown as pages again. My initial stations searching lead with 74 favorites (the search was so painful that I put many in favorites for checking later, to avoid repeating the search). Well… that meant that I had to pages through 8 pages of favorites! And I cannot reorganize them. Let's say I want to compare a station in page 1 and page 6 to see which I prefer? Click, Click, Click, Click…

Again, please look at iTunes and learn how to do a functional and simple UI! Besides, it would be familiar to everybody…
Very usable UI concepts have already been discovered for the kind of issues Radioshift has to deal with, the flagship being iTunes. Why go the opposite direction, and go for the look of a fancy, glitzy and mostly useless web site?

What a pity to have Radioshift and all its great underlying functionality put to waste by an insane User Interface!
[Version 1.6.2]

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Evolut replied on 27 Nov 2010
I forgot one thing... the app description says "PVR for Radio". That caught my eye for sure, I thought... Great!
But no! This is not a PVR! It will not let you Pause/Rewind, at anytime, what you are listening. It can only record what you have (painfully) set up in advance for recording.
So forget about rewinding to try and catch the title of a song you found nice, what was said before the song when you were not paying attention...

Calling it a PVR for radio is very misleading! It is not.

So please Developer... a PVR for radio is a great idea, but implement it first before advertising it.
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