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Espiridion rated on 25 Feb 2014


Espiridion reviewed on 19 Jan 2014
Interesting. MacUpdate bashes Koingo yet sells software by spammers and unethical companies (e.g., ondesoft, wondershare, etc.) via MUpromo.
I'm a customer of both MacUpdate and Koingo. Although both parties have been quite immature, this is NOT about taking sides. It's supposed to be a place to post real reviews of the actual software.
With all due respect to Peter and the people who agree with him, what does his 1.5-star review have to do with the actual use of the software?
I just checked the "awful and very confusing" licensing:

"...we occasionally charge upgrade fees for products. Upgrades are always free if you had purchased a retail copy of the previous version within the past six months. Also, if you own the Software CD or Utility Package Pro, upgrades are free. However, for everyone before the six month cut-off period or those with a promotional copy, a small upgrade fee is required.

In the entire history of Koingo Software, we have never charged for a program update more than once in any given year. Also, any upgrade licenses before 2006 have been converted into full licenses. Lastly, any users who purchased our products through special promotions before 2006 have been granted a free lifetime Utility Package Pro, as well as for users who had donated when we had links on our web site..."

Based on this, and history, people have been able to purchase a Koingo app and get free updates (not a major upgrade) even if the time period is longer than 6 months.
And licenses are valid for both Mac & PC.

That aside, on to the application itself. I have Tinker Tool and Tinker Tool System, as well as Cocktail and others. MacPilot gives me a wealth of information and options via a single application. Some of these options overlap with other software, but MacPilot saves me some time by having it all in one place.

As Ken420 mentioned below, MacPilot's price is $29.95 (For some reason posting accurate information resulted in frownies to Ken420). At this price it can be expensive if you don't use or need all of MacPilot's features and also if you have alternative applications.

I haven't had the need to use the advanced features. I'm sure some people will definitely find those useful.

I've rarely contacted Koingo for support, but they've always been great. The only downside has been perhaps their discontinued software, but it hasn't been a big deal. IIRC they had a periodic table of elements back in the days before OS X.
[Version 6.0.2]

Espiridion rated on 17 Jan 2014
[Version 4.5.0]

Espiridion rated on 11 Jan 2014
[Version 2.01.3]

Espiridion rated on 03 Jan 2014
[Version 2.0.3]


Espiridion reviewed on 03 Jan 2014
It brought my Mac Mini Server to a halt and I couldn't run the software. OS X 10.9.1.
I had to force shut down my computer. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, tried it again, and the software seemed to make more progress at launch, this time scanning for cookies, until eventually it froze my system again. This time I had Activity Monitor open in case I had to Force Quit the application but it was of no use since the whole system froze again. I gave it at least 20-30 minutes each time the system froze before checking again and finally performing the force shutdown.
Upon restart, my Mac was slow and unresponsive as Cookie Stumbler, Activity Monitor and Firefox were starting up, since they were running when the computer froze.
I wanted to try an alternative to Macscan since it hasn't been updated in over a year. As they say, "if it ain't broke don't fix it." Macscan still performs superbly and the spyware definitions and cookie blacklists are updated regularly. The last ones are from January 2 2014.
Using CleanApp I removed 28 files related to Cookie Stumbler, including the application itself.
[Version 2.0.3]


Espiridion reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
I write this quick review in case someone wants to take advantage of their promo (Amarra for $99.00 until Dec 23rd).
What does Amarra offer?
• Adds Sonic Studio Engine to iTunes
• Sample rate support up to 192 kHz, 24-bit
• Automatic sample rate switching
• Plays mp3, mp4, alac, aac, wav, aiff
• FLAC to AIFF conversion
• EQ via iTunes interface or via Amarra Presets
• 384 kHz support
• FLAC file playback
• Cache play
• Amarra playlist creation
• Can work independently from iTunes
• Sonic Mastering dither algorithms
• Independent Amarra EQ Window
• Includes Sonic Studio Processor Sample Rate Converter application

It's up to each individual to decide what features they need, and whether they're willing to pay for those features. For example, Fluke or X Lossless Decoder may provide some features for free.

There's a simple test that shows objectively whether 2 audio files are different. I recorded the output from iTunes into Audio Hijack Pro, and then recorded the same file but this time played via Amarra. If both files are identical, inverting the polarity on one yields silence. This can be done with Sonalksis' FreeG. For example, Fidelia -and IIRC Decibel- sound exactly the same as iTunes. On the other hand, Amarra and Pure Music do not sound exactly the same as iTunes.

Does Amarra sound $189 "better"? Not to me. Since I had tried the demo before, I wrote support asking for a new evaluation. I received no answer. I purchased Amarra and although I will use it, it is buggy. For example, artwork was incorrectly displayed, and it takes a bit of configuring and often relaunching the program in order to get it to work properly. At first it would not play 96 kHz files. On another occasion no sound came out at all.

iTunes measurements in dB after playing a song fragment:
Max Peak: -8.47 L, -8.57 R
Max RMS: -14.02 L, -14.09 R
Average RMS: -22.25 L, -22.33 R

Amarra measurements in dB after playing the same song fragment:
Max Peak: -3.35 L, -3.45 R
Max RMS: -8.91 L, -8.98 R
Average RMS: -16.76 L, -16.84 R

Most people listening to iTunes and to Amarra would perceive Amarra as better due to the increase in volume.

After getting both files to the same levels, the differences between Amarra and iTunes, at least in this test, are very subtle. For example, using FreqAnalist Pro iTunes is stronger (i.e., louder) at 120 Hz and from 18 kHz and above, but in this last case at levels around -93 dB, so no one would hear those differences.

Definitely not a thorough test, particularly since the song I used only has piano and vocals. Still I wanted to get this done quickly in case anyone wants to take advantage of the promo. Pure Music is only slightly more expensive than this promo, so you may want to try both. Amarra does sound good and $99 is certainly more reasonable than their regular pricing.
[Version 2.6]


Espiridion reviewed on 30 Nov 2013
The null test link posted by Moogan makes sense, so I played a file using Fidelia and then using iTunes, I captured the audio from the file using Audio Hijack Pro, and loaded the resulting 2 audio files into Studio One along with the original WAV file.

Using Sonalksis' FreeG to invert the polarity of a track the files nulled almost perfectly, with only something going on below -93 dB. I then tried to reverse the polarity using Melda Auto Align, and this time the files nulled 100%. In practical terms there was silence regardless of which plugin I used to invert the phase.
I nulled Original vs. Fidelia, Original vs. iTunes, and iTunes vs. Fidelia.

What does this mean? That the audio is and sounds exactly the same, regardless of whether you use Fidelia or iTunes for playback. In all fairness, Fidelia does not claim to sound better than iTunes.

Additional issues I encountered with Fidelia:
Very slow and unresponsive.
Adding a song resulted in losing my playlists until restarting the app.
Numerous crashes upon launching -or trying to launch- the app.
[Version 1.3.1]


Espiridion reviewed on 26 Sep 2013
I had used Macupdate Desktop years ago. It amazes me that after all this time, the application is still mediocre at best.
-It warns me about paid upgrades when dealing with a free update.
-Many "installation complete" messages result in no changes whatsoever, so I have to manually install the application.
-Many "Error-the operation could not be completed" messages.
-In some cases it will take me to a page, but there's no download available.

It is convenient when it works, but these days it's painless to launch an application and have the application check for updates and update itself. Nice addition for free, but I would not pay for this application in its current state.
[Version 5.2.3]

Espiridion commented on 24 Sep 2013
My comments when Triumph came out were unpopular. Now 2.1 is out and at the bottom of the release notes there's this gem:
"over 200 bug fixes"
I'm definitely giving it another shot, given that 2.1 has plenty of improvements in addition to the bug fixes. It does put the 5-star reviews in perspective. No doubt this comment will yield additional frowns, but I stand by my comments.
[Version 2.0.0]

Espiridion had trouble on 25 Oct 2010
As an update, I got in touch with Microsoft. Their customer support was pretty good, but unfortunately they were unable to offer any solution. The development team is now aware of the bugs, which include the Entourage pictures bug, as well as the Auto Update bug mentioned by FIVEMINUTEMAC. I had noticed this under Leopard (10.5.8) using a PPC G5.

A poor workaround for the Entourage problem is to resize its window. This makes the "Download pictures" link appear. Unfortunately, it has to be done for every message and the link disappears again when switching to another message. This solution was not provided by Microsoft.
[Version 12.2.7]

Espiridion had trouble on 02 Sep 2010
Same problems as before with 3.8. Finder quits and relaunches itself, unable to access System Preferences via Fruit Menu, etc.
I get a message saying a new version of Application Enhancer is available: "Version 2.6.1 (Wednesday, December 31, 1969)"
As soon as the download is about to start, Application Enhancer quits.

I miss having Fruit Menu, but this is still too buggy for me.
[Version 3.8.1]

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Espiridion replied on 03 Sep 2010
Thanks MJC.
I uninstalled everything back in July and started from scratch. I did the same this time. What seems to have worked for me was:
-Manually installing Application Enhancer 2.6.1
-Removing System Preferences from FruitMenu. I can access this by selecting Customize Fruit Menu, otherwise it just kept crashing.

FruitMenu now works, with the following bugs (so far):
1. Application icons often disappear. I've noticed this mainly with Firefox.
2. Roughly forty of my Contextual Menus are duplicated.

I'll use it for a few days and then decide whether or not to keep it. It does have very useful features, such as a contextual menu to gather multiple items in a new folder, but I can't stand the bugs :(
Espiridion had trouble on 19 Jan 2010
After upgrading to 3.8.4, Contactizer Pro will not launch on my system. Instead, an application called CrashCatcher launches. It's supposed to generate a report to be sent to the developer, but it does not seem to generate anything.
There's an option to "Quit Without Sending" but if I choose it and try to start Contactizer again, CrashCatcher launches instead.
I went back to 3.8.3 even though it has a few bugs.
[Version 3.8.4]

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Espiridion replied on 19 Jan 2010
Hopefully they'll have a fix soon. I sent them a couple of crash reports.
They have instructions here, in case you want to send yours:

Espiridion replied on 20 Jan 2010
I guess they have fixed it, but left the same version number (3.8.4).
I was able to update my copy and launch the new version.
Espiridion had trouble on 13 Nov 2008
I downloaded and installed the file.
When I tried to get my free XMind ID apparently I got the "Captcha" wrong. Now I can't use the user name I chose or my email address since they "already exist"

I downloaded the PRO version, but the "About" information says it's version 3.0.0. My previous copy of XMIND says 2.3.0 Professional.

What are the differences between 2.3 and 3?
Is it just the online subscription?
Or have there been improvements based on user feedback?
I'm surprised to see the jump from 2.3 to 3.0.

This has been frustrating so far.
[Version 3.0]

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Espiridion replied on 13 Nov 2008
In spite of my previous comment, I was able to Sign In to My Account at XMIND.
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