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Erunno rated on 09 Aug 2012
[Version 21.0.1180.75]

Erunno rated on 24 Apr 2012
[Version 12.0]

Erunno rated on 10 Feb 2012
[Version 10.0]

Erunno commented on 18 Nov 2011
Why does my recommendation for Google Chrome gets deleted all the time? Chromium is *not* the same as Chrome as it lacks certain features including:

1) embedded PDF reader
2) H.264 codec
3) Auto-update mechanism
4) Official branding

and probably some other stuff I forgot about.
[Version 8.0.1]

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Erunno replied on 18 Nov 2011
Well, I added the Chrome recommendation yesterday but it was gone today so I added it *again*. I was just wondering why it was gone in the first place.

Erunno reviewed on 27 Sep 2011
Still a loveable workhorse with unique productivity features. I have subtracted half a star for some missing Lion features.
[Version 7.0]

Erunno rated on 22 Mar 2011
[Version 4.0]

Erunno rated on 22 Mar 2011
[Version 10.0.648.151]


Erunno reviewed on 22 Mar 2011
Firefox is still the old and loveable workhorse it used to be. Other browsers may be faster or slicker looking but when it comes to daily convenience during web browsing Firefox combined with the right extensions beats every other browser for me at the moment. The only other browser which I consider an alternative to Firefox 4 is Chrome but it still lacks some functionality I got used to over the years but who knows, in a couple of version it might be viable to do the switch.

I'll list some things which caught my eye during usage. This list does not contain all new internal and interface features by a long shot, so read the release notes if you are interested in a comprehensive feature list. :-D

Positive things:

* It's noticeably faster when loading pages, subjectively faster than Chrome 10.

* Cold and warm also improved noticeably.

* Tab Groups/Panaroma/Tab candy is a godsend since I tend to open a lot of sites for reference purposes and Tab Groups are more comfortable than having to use several separate windows (e.g. tab groups are searchable and can be arranged in a way that improves locating them in addition to simply naming them)

* "Switch to tab" falls into the same category as Tab Groups. In the past I used to open the same site repeatedly because it would have taken longer to locate the tab among dozens of others. Talk about needle in a haystack. Now I can simply jump to the open tab via the AwesomeBar.

* I already used Sync as an extension so it's not a big change to me but it's still nice being able to work on Windows and OS X and still have the most important data in synced. And I still feel better about it knowing that nobody other than me has access to a lot of personal data due to Mozilla decision to encrypt and decrypt data on the client with a private encryption key. Still won't persuade me to buy an Android Phone though. ;-)

* I love the new notification popups. One does not have to travel to the top with the mouse pointer anymore to dismiss them as with the previous notification bar but can just simply click anywhere onto the site.

Negative things:

* One has to roll a new profile to pick up some of the latest changes to extension packaging which improve startup time (unfortunately some of these improvements will not work with existing profiles unfortunately).

* The switching to and from Tab groups animation is not as smooth as would wish it to be.

* The interface still freezes momentarily when the browser is under heavy load (although it's better than in 3.6).

* Not really Mozilla's fault but some of my regularly used extensions have not been updated yet.

* One has to use the the status-4-evar extension to either get the old FF 3.6 status bar behavior back or move the link target and status messages into the location bar (like it used to be in earlier betas and which behavior I prefer compared to the current Chrome clone).

I'm sure I'll notice a lot of over stuff in the coming weeks, both negative and positive. But combined with many already existing awesome features (Awesome Bar, bookmark tagging, etc.) I can't help but to give Firefox the highest rating. It's just that good. :)
[Version 4.0]

Erunno commented on 17 Jan 2010
Yes and no. Out of process plug-ins will be released with a minor update for Firefox 3.6. Probably for Windows only for the time being. There's also talk about backporting some other minor features to 3.6. Everything else which was planned for 3.7 has been pushed back to 4.0.
[Version 3.6rc1]

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Erunno replied on 17 Jan 2010
Oops. This was meant as an answer to WEBMOTIVA's comment.
Erunno commented on 14 Nov 2009
Scrolling performance noticeably worse on my MacBook Pro 5,1 when using the touchpad compared to Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4. It feels very jerky even when there is only static content on the page. Hopefully Google will optimize before before the final sometimes later this year.

Erunno had trouble on 19 Aug 2009
Newest beta version doesn't sync unread status reliably anymore.
[Version 3.2b19]

Erunno had trouble on 14 Jun 2009
Reader notifier sometimes fails do check Google Reader periodically. The drop down menu only shows "Checked 1 minute ago..." but this number never changes. Manual checking still works but does not fix the aforementioned problem, only restarting the application does.
[Version 1.10]

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