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Ericjiannelli reviewed on 02 Aug 2004
A hundred stars if I could give them. QS is the most-used app on my system.

Thanks for this. And I'm sure when Tiger appears, Spotlight technology will give QS even more power and utility. I can't wait.
[Version B27]

Ericjiannelli commented on 28 Jun 2004
1.4.0b2 isn't stable on my iBook G3/500, 640MB RAM. It loads the weather but quits within seconds. Back to b1, which was running well.
[Version 1.4.0b2]

Ericjiannelli commented on 22 Jun 2004
Man, this developer gets an inordinate amount of flack.

Clogged bandwidth is a hosting issue and isn't the developer's fault, especially when he's offering an app for free.

There have definitely been some glitches in iTunes XHTML Playlist in its various incarnations, but the developer seems polite and quick to leap on them, going so far as to release bug-fixed point revisions in a single day. The app has functioned relatively well for me and my aging iBook since I started using it several months ago (I post my entire 15,000 song library on my .Mac site for rarity and OOP trading); so I don't see why every new release merits some snippy comment from the peanut gallery or a begrudging thanks from some haughty, reluctant user.

If there are bugs, follow the instructions on the bug report form included inthe .dmg and contact the developer. If you want something better to suit your specific, pampered needs, learn some code and write an app yourself.
[Version 4.1]

Ericjiannelli commented on 22 Jun 2004
Fantastic! My UK and German cities are showing up properly, complete with extended forecast (this was a problem in previous versions) and correct weather icon display. I'm so glad to have Meteo back. Now I can trash WeatherPop.

Thanks ever so much to the the developers who have picked up the ball on this.
[Version 1.4.0b]

Ericjiannelli commented on 20 Jun 2004
Just (well, almost) what I've been looking for: an unobtrusive, easily accessible, standalone to-do list. As a freelancer, I've always got dozens of different projects for as many clients. It's nice to view them all at once during the planning and preparation stages; it's even nicer to tick them off during the completion stages.

Would really like to see the following:
• iCal or Entourage integration (preferably both) or a syncing option
• Due date option with the above for scheduling reminders
• Ability to link task to an app or document

Thanks for working hard on this app, and thanks for keeping it free.
[Version 3.0b1]


Ericjiannelli reviewed on 09 Apr 2004
I kept all major western European languages and English variants (just in case), and still reclaimed 347MB. Excellent app and a cinch to use.
[Version 1.2]


Ericjiannelli reviewed on 05 Feb 2004
Now that Books 2.0 is past the beta stage, it's time for all Booxter, Readerware and Library users to migrate to the best library catalogue application available. The developer has solicited direct, ruthlessly honest feedback from the whole community of Books users throughout the beta development, and it shows in the application he's produced: stable, attractive, full-featured, intuitive, useful and, above all, free.

Like many other users, I've followed Books from its practical 1.x incarnations to the professional tool it is today and I've come to regard it as an essential application for OS X. The latest version rivals or betters its competitors in every way by offering ISBN autofill via Amazon(s) and Library of Congress, LoC lookup, customisable features (date formatting, column height, cover image size), a lending list, batch autofill, and so on. For expanded compatibility, it exports to and imports from all catalogue app file formats (Readerware, Library, BibTex, etc). This way you can barcode scan -- one feature Books presently lacks -- in a clumsy, bloated app like Readerware and then easily bring the information into your existing Books library. Because the developer is still keen to implement more user-requested features, it's only going to get better. He's even made the source code public so that Books can morph into a (free) DVD catalogue tool.

I've tried all other library catalogue alternatives and I've deleted them after using Books 2.0.2. This is -- hands down -- the best app of its kind, good enough for bibliophiles, book retailers, amateur collectors and anyone with a growing personal library. It ought to be on MacUpdate's "select" list.
[Version 2.0.2]


Ericjiannelli reviewed on 21 Jan 2004
Altogether more responsive and more intuitive than previous versions. I haven't spotted any memory or resource problems (then again, I didn't in the last versions, either), nor have I had any glitches in functionality or system conflicts so far. My one caveat is that I believe the system must have Quartz enabled to experience these dazzing desktop switches in 0.5.0 -- my iBook G3 lacks Quartz, and all I get is the standard switch, no matter what option I've selected. All the same, I've trashed CodeTek. DM is alpha freeware and still comes out tops.
[Version 0.5.0]

Ericjiannelli commented on 18 Dec 2003
Allow me to clarify my previous assessment. iTunes froze on the FIRST track I chose to play the FIRST time I launched the app. I didn't even get a honeymoon period with 10.3.2, thinking all my problems were solved.

This is a recurring problem between iTunes and Panther. SEE HERE:

I'm tempted to knock all my 10.3.2 ratings down, but this seems to be an iTunes issue and not a system issue.
[Version 10.3.2]

Ericjiannelli commented on 05 Dec 2003
Using v1.1 on Panther, I can't tell the ops from other users (no graphic icons) and the GUI is a bit mangled.

I've come here straight after being shamed out of a hub because I was using a backwards DC client on Mac when everyone else was using up-to-date Windows versions like DC++. I thought there might be an upgrade so I could go back in, head held high. Wishful thinking.

So much for uniting PC and Mac users via P2P. It's still very much an Us vs. Them scenario.
[Version 1.1]

Ericjiannelli had trouble on 05 Apr 2004
I've been having a problem with DM in which a memory leak (I assume) is eating up hundreds and hudreds of MBs of space.

I have just under 1GB free space on my 10GB iBook internal HD. While running DM 0.5.1, I start getting "Startup Disk Full" warnings (
[Version 0.5.1]

Ericjiannelli had trouble on 14 Nov 2003
Anyone else having trouble getting the scripts to appear in the Entourage menu bar drop-down or the right-click contextual menu? I start, restart, change script locations, change them back... nothing seems to work.
[Version 0.13]

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