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Eric-Woehler commented on 04 Apr 2014
Might be interested at 1.99 but not at 9.99. Looking at other alternatives/options. Don't have a problem paying a small fee to dev but I believe 9.99 for this is too expensive.
[Version 4.0]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 26 Feb 2014
Confirming 10.9.2 did not fix the NTS issue with significant drift in System clocks - to get system back to correct time, I have to open Date + Time Pref Pane and unclick then click on the "Set date and time automatically" box. Drift is significant and well known issue - see

for starters.
[Version 10.9.2]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 25 Jan 2014
I am still using iWork '09 - previous versions are so much better than current 'improvements'.
5 stars for iWork 09, ZERO stars for Pages/Numbers/Keynote 5.
[Version 5.1]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 12 Jan 2014
Approached dev and he has been remarkable in assisting with my troubleshooting efforts - identified out of date Adobe utility and some legacy SIMBL files that prevented TMS from running.
Installed and all working fine - can recommend this app if you want to tweak your TM schedule. Worth a trial run!
[Version 4.0b8]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 03 Jan 2014
App hung when I dragged a folder of 600 image files onto it. Forced quit, restart and tried 100 image files. Another hang. Deleted app, still looking for alternative.
[Version 2.3.3]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 31 Dec 2013
Highly recommended - been using it for several months to sort/manage/cull a very large image collection (2.4 TB) of mine. My workflow requires image files to be sorted by date/project/subject etc and so stuff gets moved around, duplicated, edited etc I use Fusio to maintain integrity of my master collection of images. If you are unsure, the price shouldn't be a barrier to trying this software.
[Version 2.1.4]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
Fails under Mavericks.
Mini and Air on same network, each 'sees' the other but nothing ever gets transferred. I have added specific IP address for each machine and even when selecting specific IP address, the file transfer fails with a wide ranging variety of error messages from 'remote host not available' to spontaneous 'file transfer cancelled' etc. Using USB flash drive instead... Happy to send logs to dev (have offered to do so in past) to help solve frustrating proble. App was excellent but reliability has deteriorated over time.
[Version 1.88]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 05 Dec 2013
Seems sluggish under 10.9 Mavericks.

Also I see that 6.0.8 is available at dev's web page - but requires Oracle account to login/access/download.
[Version 5.2.34]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
Can't install under Mavericks 10.9 despite having operating Java environment. None of the mandatory 10, 11 or 12 updaters run or install.

Would like to know why software updates/patches are Java rather than DMG/applications.

Java is a train wreck on Mavericks but we still need it for CF and other applications, so more headaches to come!
[Version 10.0 Update 12]


Eric-Woehler reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
Dev and others looking to replace login screen - please have a look here - in case you haven't seen these instructions:

hoping to Loginox for Mavericks soon!!
[Version 1.0.7b1]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 01 Aug 2012
Running QGIS 1.8 after loading various libraries as required.
Taking 2 minutes from clicking on icon to having application running on MBA mid-2012 with 128G SDD and 8GB RAM.

Lots of log entries for unresolved DYLD issues:

2/08/12 1:23:10.000 PM kernel[0]: QGIS (map: 0xffffff80336e6308) triggered DYLD shared region unnest for map: 0xffffff80336e6308, region 0x7fff94200000->0x7fff94400000. While not abnormal for debuggers, this increases system memory footprint until the target exits.

Also repeated calls for SIMBL:

2/08/12 1:20:59.599 PM QGIS[1086]: Performance: Please update this scripting addition to supply a value for ThreadSafe for each event handler: "/Library/ScriptingAdditions/SIMBL.osax"

running 10.8 so I guess some of the slow startup is due to calls to SIMBL, but 2 minutes does seem a long time..

would have preferred to log bug report on dev web pages but wasn't interested in establishing user acct and more, so posted here. Happy to contribute to any trouble-shooting that might solve this for me.
[Version 1.7.4]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 28 Jul 2012
Am wondering if Moom is ML 10.8 compatible? Some strange window behaviours, including windows stretching way beyond normal bounds (eg window with 2 columns of files, when hover over green button, window zooms to right to expand window to accommodate 3 or sometimes 4 columns of files even though they aren't there..)
hard to describe behaviours but quirky and unpredictable would sum up my experiences under ML
[Version 3.0]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 23 Mar 2011
Help - is anyone else having problems with Flash and ShockWave content? {Before I get flamed re Flash content etc], I need Flash for a couple of sites - no choice. Any site I visit now tells me that I need to install Flash and ShockWave plugins (that are installed) so any ideas why this is happening? Any solutions out there?
[Version 4.0]

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Eric-Woehler replied on 23 Mar 2011
Folks, solved this: you have to use Firefox 4 in 32-bit mode. The plugins are 32 bit and will not load if you use Firefox in 64bit mode. Other people's comments re performance (better in 64bit mode compared to 32 bit mode) hold water for me - there is a noticeable difference to me.
Eric-Woehler had trouble on 11 Aug 2010
No go, updater didn't work.

After 5 minutes of looking for files to update and no progress made, I killed the process. How hard can it be to update your own software? Updater was hanging, soaking up CPU, the fan was going wild and nothing was happening.. why do we bother with this sort of software ??
[Version 11.6.0]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 28 Mar 2010
Confirming, DropCopy 1.6.2 Universal with hidden Dock pref starts up as Developer indicates. Slimming non-intel code kicks in the annoying startup message, so stripping non-intel code breaks app signature. So- don't strip languages/non-intel code from DropCopy and all will be fine.
[Version 1.6.1]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 28 Mar 2010
Been doing some digging around as to why 1.6.2 still gets the annoying message at startup ("Do you want to allow...") with a hidden dock icon.

I followed up on re-signing the app as per the DropCopy FAQ and came up with this:

$ codesign -v /Applications/
/Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid

hmm. digging around some more I found this:

$ codesign -dvvvv /Applications/
Format=bundle with Mach-O universal (i386)
CodeDirectory v=20100 size=2197 flags=0x2(adhoc) hashes=104+3 location=system
Info.plist entries=14
Sealed Resources rules=4 files=57
Internal requirements count=1 size=144

is it possible that the app must remain Universal to be signed? I strip all my non-intel code from all apps using XSlimmer - maybe DropCopy doesn't like to be slimmed?

any thoughts?
[Version 1.6.1]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 16 Feb 2010
Download file corrupted, DMG not able to be opened, can't find alternative DMG file on SourceForge site.
[Version 1.3.7b20100215]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 10 Sep 2009
Major problems after upgrading to 10.6 Snow Leopard. Under 10.6, Word was unstable, crashing occasionally. Under 10.6.1, essentially unusable - hangs/crashes constantly. Have cleared font caches etc. no go. Tried to reinstall latest updater for Office (12.2) but was unable. What now?
[Version 12.2.1]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 29 Aug 2009
Performance not so good under 10.6 Snow Leopard - transparent background is now opaque. Different appearance but not as useful under 10.6 as under 10.5
[Version 1.3.6]

Eric-Woehler had trouble on 29 Aug 2009
confirming flaky/unpredictable behaviour under 10.6. suggest you dont use it until developer releases update for SL.
[Version 4.8]

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