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Endorphinity commented on 31 Jan 2013
My MBP 9,1 (mid-2012) isn't affected, i.e., SU says there are no updates.
[Version 1.6]

Endorphinity commented on 08 Jan 2013
Wow, they've fixed a bug which was reported in 2000! I mean this one: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62178
Cudos to the team which resolves twelve year old issues ;)
[Version 18.0]

Endorphinity commented on 18 Oct 2012
Chrome users, think twice before installing this Java and disabling Apple-supplied one! This version is 64-bit only, so you'll lose Java in Chrome which is still 32-bit only browser.
[Version 1.7.0_09]


Endorphinity reviewed on 24 Apr 2012
Microsoft's page for Skydrive application nowhere mentions that Lion is required. So, after getting it on MacBook Pro with Lion I was unpleasantly surprised it has unpacked into unsupported architecture application on another MacBook with Snow Leopard.
[Version 16.4]

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Endorphinity replied on 25 Apr 2012
That's just shows care of users from Macupdate side, but doesn't justify Microsoft who didn't bother to put the system reqirements on the Skydrive app webpage. I've took it from MSFT a day before MacUpdate added it to their list.
Endorphinity commented on 13 May 2011
Release notes in multiple languages can be found at:


Endorphinity commented on 11 May 2011
Here is the developer's What's new page (in Russian only, found at: http://punto.yandex.ru/download.xml)

Punto Switcher 1.1.0 для Mac OS X
Что нового в этой версии:
Добавлена поддержка дополнительных раскладок клавиатур (Бирмана, Дворака и других)
Добавлена возможность настройки сочетаний клавиш для управления программой
Добавлена возможность задавать сочетание клавиш для переключения раскладки
Улучшена работа программы под Mac OS X 10.6
Обновлены правила переключения раскладки
[Version 1.1]

Endorphinity commented on 27 Nov 2010
As of version 0.7.29, which was announced as Intel-only for Mac OS X, it still contains lots of PowerPC code inside application package, despite application itself is now Intel-only. It can be considered as Intel-only if all sub-projects (I believe, all frameworks) are compiled as for i386 only (or, if possible, for i386 and x86_64 architectures). Size of application bundle is 214 megabytes, while after stripping ppc architecture it becomes 127 MB only.
[Version 0.7.30]

Endorphinity commented on 01 Jun 2009
What is the point of this utility if Leopard's iCal itself includes 'Show Birthdays calendar' option in preferences? Would be useful, if the author have stressed this app's peculiarity and what makes it different.
[Version 2.2]

Endorphinity commented on 31 May 2009
Here is a bug that prevents me from using iTweax. It requires admin password when launched, but doesn't allow to enter the user name, the appropriate edit field is just pre-filled with the current user name. The matter is that I don't use admin account usually and work under non-admin one.
[Version 1.2.5]

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Endorphinity replied on 01 Jun 2009
SLOB, you didn't get my point. Applications designed properly always allow entering in authentication dialog not just a password, but changing suggested username as well. This one doesn't allow editing pre-filled current user name.
Endorphinity commented on 20 Mar 2009
They can't even get it started right.

Found here:

LCC 2.70 is available for downloading.

Problem you might experience in upgrade scenario to LCC 2.70:

- When install LCC 2.70 on top of previous version, after the first reboot, you might not see all attached devices.

- For example, S530 desktop might display either mouse or keyboard in LCC 2.70

Solution: Re-boot the system one more time should fix it.
[Version 2.7]

Endorphinity had trouble on 09 Aug 2012
Still not working with Chrome v.22, the same "Could not load iGetter plugin" yellow warning bar.
[Version 2.9]

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Endorphinity replied on 09 Aug 2012
Third line of the "What's new" section for v.2.9 states:
"Optimized for Firefox v14 and Chrome v22 browsers"
I specified the version in my comment, so — not "most probably", but exactly.
I never installed the extension manually, only via iGetter prefs.
Endorphinity had trouble on 15 Nov 2006
Just installed version 9.0.28 for PPC, the most recent one available from Adobe. WebKit browsers simply don't work with it while FireFox 2 and Opera 9.1pr are OK.
[Version 9.0.20]

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