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Elegraphy reviewed on 09 Oct 2013
I read the previous comments and I have to say, I've been using FStream for many years, since my PPC PowerBook days, until my MacBook Pro in current days, I have not experience much problems with the app. The only two problems I have noticed, first, certain radio stream buffering takes a long time before they begin to play, so I just change the channel instead. Second, sometimes after hours of listening, FStream would discontinue the streaming by itself, no problem! I just restart the app and it will stream the station again. So overall these two problems never bothers me that much anyway, because I haven't found any app can work quite well and customizable and simple like FStream, and it is FREE! What more could I ask for!

FStream has become one of my startup apps on my menubar since the first day I installed! I am so glad that it's back for more updates for the new OS X system. I truly appreciated the developer make this wonderful app and share it with us for free. Please keep up with the good work, thanks so much :)
[Version 1.4.7]

Elegraphy rated on 30 Sep 2013
[Version 2.8.1]

Elegraphy commented on 14 Mar 2013
I thought this is FREE, but when I click download, MAS shows Done is $2.99.
[Version 1.0.1]


Elegraphy reviewed on 14 Mar 2013
Still works great on my Lion OS X 10.7! Thanks Balthamos for convert it into UB, and thanks the original developer for this nice little app for free.
[Version 1.1]

Elegraphy rated on 06 Feb 2013
[Version 1.0]

Elegraphy commented on 23 Jan 2013
The MAS is not the problem here IMO, that argument is getting old. (I admit I used to be one of them) If you have intel machine but you cannot accept using MAS, then just move on, look for non-MAS apps instead.

The real problem here IMO, is that you have to ALSO install the iOS version on your devices, and that costs money. Well as of today (Jan 23, 2013), their iOS app costs $3.99 US dollar, and I bet people who download the Mac version first never aware of it.

I think NOT INCLUDING the price of the iOS app in this page description is very misleading - users should not be trick into thinking the whole thing is free like Dropbox.
[Version 1.7]

Elegraphy commented on 28 Oct 2012
There's a trend these days, many great gems on Mac turning into shit when these apps sold to another company, and Skype is one of them.

My FREE Skype account just got hacked earlier this month (Oct 5-7th 2012). The scumbag who hacked into my account was from China, she also used a stolen credit card to sign up for one year Unlimited World calling plan (changed my account holder's real name into this credit card holder's name), and placed many calls to China and Japan. I've contact Skype agents, blocked the pay feature so nobody could use it, so the hacker finally gave up using my account, but before she gave up, she changed my primary email address so I couldn't access my own account. However, I contacted an agent again, finally regain the access of my own account, and deleted that stolen credit card from my account. I also figure it out by pretending adding a Skype credit, I can get into payment menu, and change the name back to my own name.

I've learn this terrible incident of mine is not isolated. There's an outbreak news on Baidu (said originally on Twitter) that some hacker broke into Skype, turning it into open source ware, so everyone can access and add credit and make free calls. They said this is a revenge act to Microsoft, because after Microsoft took over Skype, the company also put the "backdoor" code into this software, so every government around the globe can track any person's activity on Skype, and seriously compromised the privacy on their users. Someone re-posted 3 hackwares on, also if you type in keywords into Google, you'll find a lot of hackware up there.

How to prevent your Skype account to be hacked? Set your password to their maximum 20 characters, and change them very often. Use 1Password's password generator can help you come up a good password and change it often.

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Elegraphy replied on 28 Oct 2012
Macupdate hide the keywords when I posted my comment. Its "PasteBay Skype Hack". Also I found out when that scumbag hacked into my Skype account, she never need to through my primary email address on file (mine was Gmail), she can just keep change the password directly inside Skype, and I would keep receive email from Gmail every time she changed the password on her end. I was asking Skype agents to delete the Unlimited World plan completely from my account, but they said I can only deleted the future reoccurring subscription by delete the credit card on file, but the current subscription of the plan (and calling credit) will still be exist in my account. In another words, anyone who intent to use stolen credit card to pay for their free Skype calls, can keep stolen other people's credit card and get more free credit every year. Stupid.

Elegraphy reviewed on 03 Oct 2012
Thanks dev for making this gem for free! The UI is nice and clean, and I love it takes a tiny space on my menu bar! This is just what I've been looking for. Now Timi is part of my login items :)

I know this is already a great app, but I wonder if the dev could let us choose the sound (Not from iTunes) instead of the preset. Also, is there a special meaning for number 32 for the menu icon? Just out of curiosity ;-)
[Version 1.0.2]


Elegraphy reviewed on 09 Sep 2012
I left a comment in the app review of NoMenuBar, wished someone had finally made a menu item container for us who loves menu items LOL!

This is one the coolest app on MacUpdate now! Thanks so much Surtees Studio that finally answers my prayer :)))
[Version 0.9.12]

Elegraphy commented on 15 Jul 2012
It's listing $4.99 in MacAppStore, NOT FREE!

I am also annoyed this is in MAS. If you going to let your app on MAS, then stop listing your app supporting OS X 10.5 and under. Before I received my new MacBook Pro yesterday, I was still using Leopard on my PowerBook Pro, and developers who did this really is a teaser. Not very nice!
[Version 1.1]

Elegraphy had trouble on 05 Aug 2012
Version 2.7.4 works perfectly under Lion, but 2.7.5 is not able to install under Lion, so I keep 2.7.4 on my new MacBook Pro instead.
[Version 2.7.5]

Elegraphy had trouble on 23 Oct 2011
I am still using PPC mac with Leopard 10.5.8, and B60 DOES NOT RUN on PPC mac! Someone has to change that info for B60.

I believe the last PPC version of Quicksilver is B58.
[Version 61]

Elegraphy had trouble on 10 Oct 2011
This version does not work on PPC. I have an PowerBook running Leopard 10.5.8 and I cannot install this version.

MACUPDATE: Please fix the system requirements on this page, AND please don't delete this comment!!!! This is my second one.
[Version 1.1]

Elegraphy had trouble on 06 Oct 2011
Boxcar is NOT PPC compatible! I cannot install it on my PowerBook. Please change the requirement.
[Version 1.1]

Elegraphy had trouble on 15 Jan 2010
When reopen the Preference window saved city never saved on the list.
[Version 2.1.8]

Elegraphy had trouble on 04 Jan 2010
This version 1.0b23 of Glims never reopen Safari tabs for me. I have a brand new internal HD for my PBG4Ti and a fresh copy of Leopard 10.5.6, and I've reinstalled Glims 1.0b23 about 5 or 6 times, but it never reopen-tabs like previous version does. Gilms used to work like charms on my old HD and Safari4 beta on Leopard 10.5.6. Now only if I can find a older copy of Glims.dmg in my Downloads...
[Version 1.0b23]

Elegraphy had trouble on 03 Nov 2009
The download link does not working. It got hijacked or something.
[Version 0.2.6]

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Elegraphy replied on 03 May 2013
Hi bbw7, Thanks for the heads up, however, I still went to the developer's site that list on MU to check what is going on.

Here's what I think: I do have the latest Flash plugin so I saw the whole fancy flash intro before they take me into the public beta sign-up page. I don't get why they going through all the trouble to make a fancy grand intro for Vox, this really makes me believe the developer is going to turn Vox into a commercial ware after public beta... anyone agree with me?
elegraphy had trouble on 02 Sep 2009
MU download link redirect us to its site's security download page, the link yields useless gibberish file format. I hope someone can fix the problem.
[Version 4.0.7]

elegraphy had trouble on 04 Jul 2009
There's a strange behavior I like to report. A year ago I've noticed my PowerBook G4 (Titanium 1Ghz) developed some audio problem. If I listen to anything on my computer, iTunes, QuickTime, or YouTube, you name it - the audio would lost after I moved my mouse or press a key or press an on-screen button, but if I plugin a headphone jack into the port, the sound would come back again before I make another move. I thought nothing but maybe the computer is getting old, maybe the phone jack port has some loose connection problem - like other users has experienced on the Apple forum.

Couple days ago I had some other problems and I looked into the Console window, I saw a lot of error logs from iBeeZz. I haven't been use iBeeZz lately, but it was on my startup app item. The error messages of iBeeZz seems none-stop by every second on the log, and it kept complaining about it couldn't find the directory of this certain file that belongs to iBeeZz. So I uninstalled iBeeZz and it's associated files from my PB right away. After it's gone from my system, Voila! The audio came back right away and it has been steady like it should, and no more losing sound again.

I am not sure why uninstall iBeeZz would cured my audio problem, but I am sad that iBeeZz is such a good tool, but I cannot have it on my PB until someone look into this problem and fix it.
[Version 2.6.2]

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