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Elandy reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
imposible to install without a super hassle. I ahve not tried it yet cause I can't install it. Its unbelievably complex and opaque and uses various words like pin and password and acitvation and registration without any logic. I wrote and asked for either help to iunstall it or a refund. I would look elsewhere unless you are up for a huge hassle installing this, IF it even can be done.
[Version 4.2.3]

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Elandy replied on 27 Nov 2013
He did write to me direclty immediately but I have not followed up yet as I just don't have the time to mess around. So I want to acknowledge that his will to help is sincere and I guess it was a bug in his system, which, from the previous emails, is not as easy as most are. But I will write back about this when I get a chance to deal with it. It looks like a good audio editing app.

Elandy reviewed on 29 Aug 2013
I hope that 1.4.1 improves something because previous versions added nothing to Expression Media/Iview. Their redesigned interface is AWFUL and I can't read the text easily without squinting and hunting. Expression media and this, is THE BEST way to catalog photos. Without expression media, I'd be lost as I have over 40 years of photos. This company which now owns this, has a gold mine if they were to work on it and treat it properly, not as a stepchild to Phase One. There is nothing like it. ONe of the main problems with Expression Media and versions of this prior to 1.4.1 is that when you make a catalog over the network and then try to use that catalog on another computer, the catalog loses the paths of the folders. They say they fixed that in 1.4.1 . If they did, then its worth buying this, even though the interface, its fonts and colors are horrid, and very difficult to read. If they did not fix that, then just get an old copy of expression media as its as good functionally and MUCH easier to see and, therefore to use. I wish they would allow the user to set the size and look of the interface fonts and background colors. Kudos to Yann Calotychos who created this most fantastic of all catalogers ever made. I hope phase one gets it together and hires him as a consultant to bring ti back to shape.


Elandy reviewed on 02 Aug 2013
I loved YouSendit and subscribed for a few years. Hightail is awful. 1. The recipient can't just download a link that has been emailed to them. When they click on the emailed link a browser window of some sort opens, dedicated to hightail. This window is filled with promotional text which will confuse many people. And, it uses up time and window space. So already they have added an additional step for someone to receive the file you want to send.
2. Half the links to files I sent did not work. I sent them to myself and could not download about half of them. So in this special window, you are faced with some links working and some not.
3. This is the horror of programming and promotion. I am starting my search for a new way to send large files. I am happy to pay for it as I have been to pay for YouSendit. How could they have done this—taken away the simplicity and functionality of a great app.
4. My half star rating for "Stability" below is only there because MacUpdate will not let me change it once i clicked on it. The app is, I guess, stable, but maybe not, since half the links did not work. I never had a problem with yousendit.

Elandy rated on 19 Dec 2012
[Version 1.1]


Elandy reviewed on 05 Sep 2012
Great App. Captures Still and Video. Gives me all the choices I want as far as outputting many types of formats. So I can output a tif , jpg, png from a screen grab, for example. I can use keyboard shortcuts to grab a part of the screen *comand/shift/4" or the entire screen (or screens) and the grabe is held in the voila interface where i can drag it anywhere in the Finder or other app. So i can drag it into an email and send it, or into Photoshop and modify it, into a document to include it, etc. You can rename it easily and when you drag it to a folder on your computer, it makes a copy in whatever format you have chosen and then you can either leave it in the Voila list or delete it with right mouse click, so you don't clutter your drive up. I use this more and more, to send copies of photos to clients, to capture my mouse movements while creating how to videos. It is far superior to using the built in apple system. Both still and video grabs and options are superlative. I don't often review things online, but I realized how much I use and love this app so I figured its time to "give back" to the developer and "turn-on" other users.
[Version 3.2]


Elandy reviewed on 05 Sep 2012
This seems to be the most complete app for marking up and recording what you do over other apps. $20 is a fair price to pay. The others, that I could find to not do as many things. However they NEED to add text (in some format) to their non-standard icons to show what they do. I haven't spent the time to figure it out yet. and its stopping me from settling on this app permanently.
[Version 1.6.2]


Elandy reviewed on 20 Jul 2011
I Love Iview Media Pro and Expression Media works really really well. Mac 10.6.8 and all versions prior to that and both Intel and non-Intel. I feel that I could not use my computer without it. I have thousands and thousands of photos. See my site LandyVision dot com. And I feel I could not use bear to work with my photos without it as a CATALOGUER. It is too bad that Phase one is too focused on using it as a tool to suppor their own stuff rather than developing it further as the best cataloguer ever. This does so many things, so well, and so easily (once you understand it) that it is mind blowing that probably 4 or 5 years after the Iview inventor, Yann Calotychos stopped developing on it, nothing significantly new has been added to it and still it is unsurpassed as a cataloguer. If anyone knows of a better or even slightly less good, please post it here because my fear is that Phase One, like Microsoft will just let it die by trying to make it into a support for their software. Any company which does that obviously does not recognize the value of the gold they have and is only going to kill it, just as the Phase one version of it does not work as well as the Expression Media version which was last updated years ago. Please Phase One, listen to us old Iview users and lovers and we will guide you to great success with this. There is no other app like it and its GUI is nothing like your GUI's so you don't understand why it is so great. Your GUI's, if you pardon me are counter intuitive and very unfriendly, so don't continure adapting Iview to you, instead contact Yann and ask for his help to make a great app for you.

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