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Egn rated on 23 May 2011
[Version 6.2.3]


Egn reviewed on 23 May 2011
This is a great program for the ham that has a Mac. And the price can't be beat: FREE! I would gladly pay for this. Specially interesting is the integration with the logging program Aether (also a native Mac app). I just wish other digital modes were supported in CocoaModem like in MultiMode (although the look and feel of that apps is not very Mac-like).
[Version 0.87]


Egn reviewed on 23 May 2011
Very easy to use and very productive when logging to LOTW or eQSL. Specially like the integration with CocoaModem for digital modes, easy logging, quick syncing with LOTW and, fast lookups of call signs and maps. Better than others costing 3 times as much.

Wanted: more seamless integration with CocoaModem although it is almost there.
[Version 1.5.4]


Egn reviewed on 12 May 2010
I think this app is not good.

1. Icons for the app from where the clip was taken overlap the information that is clipped so if you are copying a series of numbers to the clipboard you can't see the first 2 digits.

2. Clips pastes in 2 copies of a clip.

3. Shared clipboards on 2 macs on same network causes clips to crash on both sides.

4. Oftentimes Clips will be "not responding" so any new clips you make never make it there.

Have reported these issues twice to the developer. Have not received any reply. Their refund policy seems to be that they give you "x" days to try it out first before you choose to buy. Well, I don't care and I will be bugging for my refund since this is way overpriced anyway. And if it doesn't work correctly a refund should be available. You can't put out faulty apps and charge and then look the other way. If the app ran perfectly then yes, they could perhaps object but not when half the time it doesn't work correctly.
[Version 1.5]

Egn commented on 30 Mar 2010
This would be super-duper if it had what it now has plus the features of Office Time and Concentrate. I generally have Concentrate run the other things I need on or off, Office Time to keep time records and for which client, Blackout to control screen luminosity and focus and now Vitamin-R. Guess I just found a great productivity mix! If any of the above had some or all of the other's functionality they'd be a whole lot better.
[Version 0.4]

Egn commented on 31 Dec 2009
I've used JollysFastVNC for years. That means I did not have to pay for any other VNC software in all that time. So I saved $$$ and so did all the others who used it.

So don't come whining now about how awful it is that this developer wants to finally make some money from the product he has worked on for so long. I never sent in a bug or error report. Never had to. All of us knew it was beta and used it, and saved.

So those stingy enough not to want to pay now go ahead and use Chicken of the VNC which is from Jan 2006! Bet if you can't even shell out $40 something for this you certainly won't buy ARD which is almost $300! Or use macPorts and go though all the install hell, extra disk space, etc. to get some VNC app to work.

You can't expect to have any good software if it is all free forever. People have to pay bills!

I'm buying this!
[Version 1.00RC1]

Egn commented on 26 Nov 2009
Another month gone by and no upgrade, no news, no nothing. X-mas maybe? I already had to invest in other software to keep my serials.
[Version 2.0b]

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Egn replied on 02 Dec 2009
I moved to Wallet and also got the iPhone app to go with it.

Sad this app died and none of the deadlines were met by the developer. The timeline on the comments here tells the story. All of us that had to shell out $$$ for some other new app to replace this won't come back to info.xhead.

Egn reviewed on 22 Nov 2009
I was baffled by some apps not working but via excellent support provided by ForeverSave every issue was cleared in no time (and it is a Sunday!).

This app is great for people who program and would like versioning but with much finer control over which apps and files created by those apps. I suppose anyone who continually produces versions of files can use this as it is very easy to lose info and with this you can return to any previous version you had of the same file(s).
[Version 1.1.2]

Egn commented on 04 Jun 2009
Have tried others but for me this is the best one. Not because it's free, but because the ease of use and options make it the best one. Excellent time saver.
[Version 3.0b9]

Egn commented on 03 Apr 2009
This has all the necessary things to handle all type of invoicing and all the extras to email, save as PDF, etc. Client selection could be a bit more selective to handle Companies from AddressBook. As it is, the whole list is shown. The interface is not like most modern Cocoa apps. It looks outdated although the app version is very recent (2009).
[Version 1.4]

Egn had trouble on 09 Feb 2010
Dont bother. The site does not exist any more. The link is bad. This should be delisted.
[Version 1.3]

Egn had trouble on 07 Jun 2009
Great for encoding PHP and works on all platforms I have tried it on.

But support is really slow and the license changes every time you upgrade or reinstall which really stinks since you have to go to their web site and create/download another. This not always works correctly so you have to request support for one. Licensing scheme should be changed to a fixed license.

I can understand the author wanting to control the number or installations, etc., but I'm sure there are better ways to do it.
[Version 7.0]

Egn had trouble on 06 Jun 2009
The link to download here is broken. Had to go via VersionTracker to get it. The project can be found at SourceForge. The file is 1.8MB not 18k as it appeears here.

The developer homepage URL is wrong here and at VT or the page is down.
[Version 1.0]

Egn had trouble on 18 May 2009
After 10.5.7 update LittleSnitch "forgets" rules specially on startup and shutdown and does not seem to record them for each time I shutdown or turn one of my macs on this happens. On Intel as well a G4.
[Version 2.1.1]

Egn had trouble on 15 Oct 2007
This does not work out of the box as stated in the developer's website. It complains about a classpath not being set or of some file not unzipped. There are no instructions on how to fix this. The app runs but it can't connect to anything.
[Version 1.1]

Egn had trouble on 13 Oct 2007
The download link brings up a "site suspended" sign.
Not there.
[Version 1.1]

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