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Ebonweaver reviewed on 04 Jun 2013
I can't comment on all features because I was halted almost immediately testing this browser. Apparently it's a re-skin of Safari, because it uses all of Safari's information, including keychain items, with no challenge, which would indicate it identifies as Safari to the OS. As such, I can't use this for my purposes of running two browsers side by side signed in with different accounts to the same site, because they step on each other regarding file access and authentication. It seems decent otherwise, if somewhat simplistic in features, but until it's actually it's own distinct application and not sharing files and keychains with Safari I have no use for it.
[Version 3.3]

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Ebonweaver replied on 05 Jun 2013
Appreciate the reply and correction! Let's go with the most public example, Facebook. I have confirmed that log in and log out functions in either browser carry to the other one every time, so they are definitely linked in some way. Given what you are saying, I'm not sure why this is the case, but I would suggest divorcing the product from Safari entirely. I have however confirmed that other sites do not react this way, and the log ins are separate. This cross over does not happen with any other of the big 4 (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari). Related suggestion: best scenario is offering one time at launch import of info (bookmarks, home page, maybe security settings) from either Safari or Firefox. Sharing data with another app or doing an import without option is never a good idea in my experience. Cheers!

Ebonweaver replied on 05 Jun 2013
Ah, that makes sense, then, anything cookie based is what I'm seeing issue with where sites that use some other token based authentication are fine. Yea I'd say this is a bad idea from a design standpoint :) Thanks for the info, I'm sure this will help others as well. I've played with the browser a little and have some other thoughts, apologies if this is not the best forum but I see no method via your site.

The browser lacks some more advanced security and privacy settings we see in most other modern browsers (Safari not being one of those...) like block and allow lists for cookies or plugins, options to purge history and cache at exit (yes you have undercover, but no option to retain during a session then purge automatically), setting helper applications, or dictating how the browser launches (restore last session, home page, blank). That being said, it has some really brilliant features I've never seen before, so many kudos for that.

Performance wise it seems pretty good, Firefox is still the fastest launch, but you're better than Chrome and Opera for sure. Page rendering is zippy, but it's PDF display via the Adobe plugin is rather slow and jittery. Still, better than Safari where it's unusable due to epileptic accelerated scrolling issues, and I'm willing to blame Adobe for some of the inefficiency.

From a design perspective, it's odd that there are 3 places to check for updates, but they all say cinnamon rather than roccat or runecat. I'm sure there is a reason for that, but without knowing it on the user side it's somewhat disorienting. There are so many other tools that link out to other services, I thought it was for something other than the browser. Also, the little toolbar you can't edit or move in the upper corner is a bit odd, and having the + there to add a tab doesn't really make design sense.

Lastly, if you customize the toolbar, the address bar gets resized to hide the social button and you have to slide it back over. Few minor things, but as you seem receptive to feedback I figured I'd go over my experience and thoughts :)


Ebonweaver reviewed on 05 Oct 2012
I've used this in the past with great results, though it's a very niche application. The current versions (1.5.4 and 1.5.5) however are not fully functional. The app used to clean a system in a few minutes, now it takes a few hours. It then got hung up somewhere and after 12 hours did not progress further. On re-run it appears to not be doing anything after an hour. This seems to indicate that it's search and delete process is incredibly inefficient to the point of crippling the application. Hope to see this fixed so it works like it used to a few years ago. That being said, it did remove 1.8gb on 10.7.5 before it choked and died.
[Version 1.5.5]

Ebonweaver commented on 01 Sep 2007
This application does nothing when launched, and you can not drag it into the toolbar as indicated. It appears that this application actually does nothing and is non-functional.
OS 10.4.10 on MacBook Pro
[Version 1.2.1]

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