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Dwimmerlaik reviewed on 03 Oct 2012
This is absolutely one of my must-have apps on every Mac that I own. I love having the accessibility of apps on the menu bar, but I hate the clutter that inevitably results. I keep the most commonly accessed apps on the menu bar and through the other less-common apps on the Bartender bar and the result is a clean, flexible, "hybrid" that meets my needs perfectly. The developers are very quick to respond to any issues that I've reported and consistently strive to deliver a quality product. This is truly one of the best apps I own (yes, I purchased a license) on my Mac.
[Version 0.9.13]

Dwimmerlaik commented on 13 Jun 2012
I definitely like the look/feel of Fantastical, but I was surprised when I created an event that it informed me that the event would not be sync'd to my Google Calendar until I opened iCal. I was hoping for an application that would take the place of iCal so that I didn't have to open that bloated piece of crap software.

In contrast, CalendarBar does not require me to open iCal and it's able to pull my events directly from Google's servers. The only thing that CalendarBar is missing is the ability to create an event.

I may be missing something, so I'm definitely open to suggestions on how to use this program without having to open iCal.
[Version 1.3.1]

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Dwimmerlaik replied on 13 Jun 2012
Looks like this was an issue with SyncServices on my machine. With the help of Kent from support, I was able to reset sync services and everything is working fine now.

Just as an FYI, the software is currently discounted 50% and you can buy it for $9.99

Dwimmerlaik reviewed on 13 Dec 2010
While overall I'm fairly pleased with the updated Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications, I am extremely disappointed in the Outlook application. My hope was that Microsoft would finally come to realize that Exchange is not the only means by which users access eMail, Calendaring, and Contacts. When there are so many free programs (Thunderbird, Lightning) that work wonderfully with Gmail and some truly great paid apps (Postbox), I just don't understand the logic behind not implementing cloud-based synchronization with services such as Yahoo, Gmail, and even Microsoft's own product Windows Live. The decision to exclude these from the initial launch and offer *only* contact synchronization via OS X's Sync Services is a severe disappointment for anyone hoping to take advantage of the features Outlook offers without having to shell how hundreds of dollars a year for a hosted Exchange solution.

Until Microsoft finally realizes that they've lost the battle for cloud-based PIM services, and that a vast majority of their Mac customers utilize Office on their home systems, they will continue to fall short of their target sales and Office for Mac will continue to languish as the red-headed step-child of a product that it is.
[Version 14.0.2]

Dwimmerlaik commented on 08 Apr 2009
Still not working with Safari 4 Public Beta.
[Version 3.2v61]

Dwimmerlaik commented on 27 Nov 2007
Wonderful app. I discovered this one when I was looking for a good replacement when I converted from Windoze to Mac. :)

One suggestion...would it be possible to create/enable a setting to set Smultron as the default Text Editor? I like to keep things fairly simple and when I double-click on a *.txt document and it opens in the default Text Editor, it annoys me. Sure, I can right-click and tell it to open with Smultron, but if there was a system-wide default setting that could be configured, that would be ideal.
[Version 3.3]


Dwimmerlaik reviewed on 15 Jun 2007
Initially, I was quite pleased with the Movie Collector product. I happily input each of my DVDs, typing each of the barcodes in by hand. Shortly after acquiring the software, I saw the barcode scanner offered on the Collectorz.com website. Unfortunately, that has proven to be less than useful.

The scanner itself seems to function adequately; however, the interface to the Mac is inoperable. The troubleshooting pages on the website instruct users to install the drivers provided with the device, no drivers were included in the packaging. There is a helpful link provided to the drivers which I installed; however, the software continues to inform me that it cannot locate the scanner even after multiple reboots, reinstallations of the drivers, etc.

So, I'm forced to seriously downgrade the rating on the "Ease of Use" category given the troubles I've had trying to get the scanner, which was designed to work directly with the programs, to actually WORK with the programs.
[Version 2.0.5]

Dwimmerlaik commented on 06 May 2007
While the peer-to-peer backup functions and the online backup are both exciting features, Code 42 unfortunately left out the more often used backup strategy of external hard drives or network attached storage.

I do like the option of backing up my important files to another computer or to an online repository; however, I prefer the simplicity of being able to backup to an external USB or Firewire drive.

Based on reviews I've seen for CrashPlan, Code 42 is planning on adding in the functionality to backup to external drives, but if that's your only solution for the moment, I would suggest looking elsewhere until this feature is added.
[Version 04.20.2007]


Dwimmerlaik reviewed on 06 May 2007
Unlike the previous version, this one actually worked completely with my current hardware. I use a MX 1000 Laser mouse when my laptop is "docked" and a V320 Cordless Notebook mouse when I'm out and about. Up until this release, my V320 wasn't even detected by the LCC. With this release, it's now being detected correctly and I'm able to configure all of the various options.

I can relate (somewhat) to the frustration expressed by other users and I do agree that Logitech has released some crappy versions in the past, but with this latest release (2.1.4) it's actually working as it should and I don't have any real complaints.
[Version 2.1.4]

Dwimmerlaik commented on 23 Apr 2007
Program does exactly what it says it does. Great little app for clearing house before starting up a game like WoW or any of the other processor-intensive apps.

Definite Thumbs-up!
[Version 2.0.1]

Dwimmerlaik had trouble on 31 Oct 2007
I can't seem to get it working under Leopard either. I've tried both the PlugSuit and the SIMBL method and neither work.
[Version 3.0L149]

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