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Duncan Adams reviewed on 28 May 2013
No workie GI No love you long time .
Downloaded all options in task bar grayed out .
It loaded but would not function ... was thinking about the bundle offer not now ... I have things to do other than trouble shoot someone else's work .
[Version 2.10.1]

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Duncan Adams replied on 04 Jun 2013
Dear Clip Buddy:
Thank you for your concern .
I don't want to take the time .
Maybe it's my system ... maybe it's not
As I stated .
I loaded it on my system and then click the icon and it would not start .
I look for software that simplifies my life not adds more maintenance to it.
Thank you
Duncan Adams

Duncan Adams reviewed on 25 Jan 2013
I am not a mixing or music head ... I just like to be able to tweek some stuff for my personal consumption . IE some YOUTUBE songs .
I found Audio Hijack Pro gave ME better sound and was a lot easier with the Effects tab to use to get what I want ..
I own Hear it was part of a bundle I think ... would have to go back and look .... Tried it a few times ... then went back to my Audio Hijack ... it's just easier to get the sound I want ...
[Version 1.1.6]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 10 Jul 2012
If want a good editor this is .
If you want a screen capture tool .. well it does it . But it lacks .
When capturing you have no way to see what the status is .
You don't know if the sound is recording until you get the finished recording .
You can't choose the section of the screen . You have to capture the whole screen .
For me I find this an inferior product .
I am glad it was part of a bundle it would have been a waste of money if not I would want my money back . It is not worth 100 bucks .
I may use it if I need to capture a whole screen .
If they would have made it so it would edit quicktime files at least you would get some usage out of it . But it does not .
It is no replacement for IShowU.
For me ... it's a failure .
[Version 3.0.6]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 28 Jun 2012
Ground my Mac Pro to all but a halt ... It ran like a G 3 on OS8 Glad it was a free trial .
[Version 4.1.1]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 09 Feb 2012
In a word . Terrible . I tried different export formats . They ranged in size . I made an export with two movies and an opening , closing credit 10 sec. ea. and a divider 10sec. the total MB of the two movies was 11 MB ... the exports ranged from
50 MB on AAC h.264 ( low quality )
132MB on AAC Mpeg 4 Video
86 MB AAC H.264 (Best Quality)
The exported video was darker .. fair amount . And it was blurred . I was doing it on a stock chart demo and the words and charting was such I would not use it and for something like this it does not have to be crystal clear in HD .
If I had not gotten this in a bundle I would be screaming ... to their credit they give you a 30 day trail . I WOULD NOT BUY IT ! It's pretty easy to use . Simple intro and credit screens . But the finished product is not good . It is no way worth 50 bucks . I would not pay $5 for it because it will not perform . THe developer has to know there is quality issue with the export .
Failure .
[Version 1.0.0]

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Duncan Adams replied on 12 Feb 2012
Something else . :

Dear Sir :
Thank you for the response .
I figured out that you have to use the font adjustment embedded in the program and not through the
OSX - hi light text - right mouse click -fonts . That is what I used and it would not take .

On to another problem .
The export of a video is degraded by 30 to 50% in clarity from the original .
Also it is much darker than the original .
Is there a planned update to fix these problems ?
It is not subtle . So I must assume that it is know .
Also the files produced on exporting are big .
I played around with it and the original vids combined were 11mg.
The exports were any where from 56 to 120 MG .
They also took about 20 min. to complete .
Is this to be expected to remain as how the program will render the exports ?

Thank you
Duncan Adams

Response :

Dear Duncan,

Many thanks for your efforts.

As for the quanlity of the exported video, you can choose the best resolution 1920 x 1080 for the best quanlity.

Also, we'll update the product occasionally to optimize it.

Thanks for your support and wish you a nice weekend!

Support Team
Wondershare Software

They know it's bad . The Resolution setting is not the answer . I used it .
Just kind of an unspoken - oh well that's the way it is .. maybe later .
More Failure .

Duncan Adams reviewed on 23 Dec 2011
This program has helped me greatly over the years ... the problem is that about every other new build is buggy .. at least for me . If you by it on deal this round ... great ... but ask for an older version ... it will work better . I had to go back to one . Every time I update I cross my fingers .
[Version 10.4.1]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 03 Nov 2011
I had to write a review here . Did one on the Apple App store too. This thing is the best I have used . EASY to interface with . I have bought a couple of others ... don't use them not handy enough . THis is just cherry . If you are thinking of getting it DO it at 10 bucks it worth 2 to 3 time yes as good as it works I would pay 30 and yes if i owned it I might try to get 30 .. depending on the volume of sales ... it;s worth 20 with out blinking an eye . It's on sale at the App Store for 10 GET IT . Thanks for resurrecting this I hope you make 100 k on it . Duncan
[Version 5.0]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 02 Nov 2011
Dear God man I know you want to make money but this is out of sight . The question begs . What is the data feed for the program . If you are getting NYSE and CME feeds ok you have to pass on the cost . Ok reading the home page ... have to take some of it back . You are getting exchange feed not just hooking into google and this is for the apple program too so that may be a benefit to some . Of course Thinkorswim is out there and you can get this too for free ... but .. I can that if you are outside of the United States this could be a benefit
[Version 1.018]


Duncan Adams reviewed on 26 Sep 2011
I bought it . It is great . I have a program THNKORSWIM with multiple windows set up . It does not always repopulate on the monitors in the same configuration that it is shut down in . Could not solve the problem ... well STAY did ... works great .
Thanks .
[Version 1.1.4]

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Duncan Adams replied on 02 Oct 2011
After some experimenting on both and tweeking on the THINKORSWIM program . I have gotten it to work . STAY does what it says it will . The developer contacted me a couple of times trying to help me with the problem so he is attentive . It save me a lot of time and aggravation . Good purchase .

Duncan Adams reviewed on 31 Aug 2011
This thing works great ! I needed to download Camtasia Vids could not get it done .... this program WORKED LIKE A CHARM .
[Version 2.1.3]

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