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Dualie commented on 22 Nov 2013
Having no issues with Cyberduck 4.4 starting up and running on 10.6.8.

However, file names with foreign characters (é, ç, ö, etc.) cause Cyberduck to not be able to do anything with the file, such as get or rename.

FileZilla (Mac version only) can't see these file at all. They don't show up at all.

I must use either Terminal or Transmit from 2003 to rename the file.
[Version 4.4.2]

Dualie commented on 05 Nov 2013
Apple should be all over this and make its own desktop telephony app.

Dualie commented on 07 Oct 2013
I'd buy this for the uke in a heartbeat
[Version 3.0]


Dualie reviewed on 20 Aug 2013
Well now, isn't this special. It's like 1 step forward and 5 steps back for reliable font activation. Sets that used to work just fine now don't - fonts often don't even show up in the set even though the set folder accurately shows how many should be there. And still no fix for the bogus "corrupt" font issue. In fact, it's worse than ever now. Fonts that work EVERYWHERE except in Suitcase are listed as "corrupt" when they clearly are not, and Suitcase, even though it claims to open them in place, refuses to use them. I suppose the tech support answer will be to start over from scratch. Thanks a million for that.

Just put your fonts - any Mac or Windows type - in your InDesign (if that's what you use) fonts folder and forget unreliable Suitcase - which STILL can't load Windows PostScript fonts.
[Version 16.0.0]

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Dualie replied on 04 Sep 2013
Font Doctor is useless to me. It reports all fonts are fine, yet Suitcase sees some (usually customer fonts) as "corrupt." They are not corrupt. Loading them any other way except through Suitcase works just fine.
There is nothing special or unusual about my set up (which I have managed for over 20 years across multiple work stations), other than have to manage over 10k fonts. The fact that Extensis just released an update addressing one of the very problems I am complaining about (poor auto-activation) simply proves point.
Dualie commented on 06 Aug 2013
"'Enable JavaScript' preference checkbox has been removed and user-set values will be reset to the default"

Does this mean that JavaScript is defaulted to ON and it can't be toggled on and off when needed?
[Version 23.0]

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Dualie replied on 07 Aug 2013
Thanks. Everything seems normal. I use Quickjava and it seems to work just fine.
Dualie commented on 11 Jul 2013
All I really wanted to do was change the desktop picture delay from 5 seconds or 1 minute to something in between (I like 20 sec.). I was hoping this app would do it, but unfortunately as others have stated, it doesn't work properly in Mountain Lion. So, I did it myself by simply editing (using Text Wrangler) the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.desktop.plist, and by searching for "ChangeTime" in the applicable space, then changing the number in "# immediately below it to the number of seconds I want. I then restarted and I now have a 20 second delay on my desktop picture. If you mess up just trash the file and the Finder will create a new one. You can also lock the file to prevent any accidental changes.
[Version 3.1.4]

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Dualie replied on 11 Jul 2013
"then changing the number in "#"

Should read "then changing the number in "#".
Dualie commented on 11 Apr 2013
I often find myself wishing VLC had some basic editing features, such as the ability to cut/paste and save, but I'm not complaining. It's an outstanding app that handles 90% of what throw at it. I especially love the playlist and the simple aspect ratio controls.
[Version 2.0.6]

Dualie commented on 04 Mar 2013
Nice idea at a very fair price. I'm looking forward to trying this at my workstation.
[Version 1.1]

Dualie commented on 31 Jan 2013
Keeping a eye on this. I will likely buy if/when the price comes down.
[Version 2.4.0]


Dualie reviewed on 13 Sep 2012
My own experience? I've used it for years. I still use the old version in Lion. Works great, no need to change. I use the new version in Windows 7, and I have no problems with it. Seems easy enough to use, but I can't speak to the current Mac version.
Skype is my only phone, other than my cell phone. It's really all I need. I took the leased phone number and Skype-out options, which renews for *cough* $50 a year. I also get free calls to Canada. Awesome deal. Oh, and I had a technical issue a while back and the tech support, once I figure out how to actually reach tech support, turned out to be remarkably efficient and even friendly.
Obviously, I really like Skype.

Dualie had trouble on 22 Nov 2013
Having issues with foreign characters in file names causing the file to not show up at all in the file list.
Cyberduck can see the file at least, but can't do anything with it (rename, move, get, etc.).
When encountering these types of files I am forced to use either Terminal or Transmit c.2003 to change the file name.
[Version 3.7.3]

Dualie had trouble on 15 Nov 2013
After the recent update the Photoshop CC plugin is non-funtional.

Disabled it, re-enabled it, but Photoshop, after loading the plugin, can't find the FMCore.

Plugins for the other CC apps are working as expected.
[Version 16.0.4]

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Dualie replied on 18 Nov 2013
After an exchange of emails with Extensis support, during which I was instructed to do various trouble shooting procedures, including Bobby Basic make maintenance, nothing happened to fix the problem. They clearly don't believe the problem is with their software, even though I explained that the Photoshop plug-in worked perfectly until the most recent update. I'm not really even sure the technician really even read my original mail.
Dualie had trouble on 25 Jan 2013

Another Firefox update (v.18.0), and another broken 1Password Helper.

Honestly, I spend way, way too much time troubleshooting this.
[Version 3.8.20]

Dualie had trouble on 31 Aug 2011
Version 4.1.2 is hanging after downloading, necessitating a force quit.

Version 4.1 is available here:

[Version 4.1.2]

Dualie had trouble on 03 May 2011
Running Cyberduck 4.0.2 in OS X 10.6.7. Cyberduck won't launch. It bounces once in the dock and then nothing. I have tried disabling all adds-on, running in a clean user account, trashing preferences and bookmarks, but nothing works. It runs fine on another Mac with same versions.
[Version 4.0.2]

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Dualie replied on 31 Aug 2011
Turned out to be a Java version issue.
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