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Dthdunn reviewed on 13 Mar 2012
I strongly encourage all smart Mac users who can clearly see that those cheating snarks at MacKeeper are creating fake accounts to jack-up the score of this useless product, to create their own fresh negative reviews to drag the score back down to where it belongs (i.e., in the toilet).

Do not let your fellow Mac users get scammed into paying for this malware and perpetuating its existence! Fight back.

By the way, on what planet would you need to run anti-virus software on a Mac every minute? Besides the fact that Macs do not get viruses (they mainly pass them along to PCs, and that is relatively rare), any antivirus application worth anything takes at least 15 minutes to run.

This is another bogus "upgrade" designed to get free advertising and suck in more clueless users.

[Version 2.1]

Dthdunn commented on 22 Feb 2012
Progress of a Leopard issue? Good show! Way to keep up with things.
[Version 2.0.1]

Dthdunn commented on 19 Feb 2012
I always state that I try very hard not to criticize "free" software. But now that I am thinking of sending them money, I will make a few comments.

As a person who regularly sends things to PC users (doesn't most everyone?) I feel an obligation to check for viruses that I might pass along. The product reviews I have read, seem to be biased, pointing you to a product that it appears is a sponsor of the website doing the evaluation. So for now, I have opted for "free" ware.

This product found two phish-related items on my Mac Pro.

- When you classify yourself as being free, you should not program a nag screen into your startup sequence. To most people a nag screen is associated with shareware.

- I don't understand why a user must manually select the entire disk for scanning. Why isn't that one of the menu options?

- On my system, I get an error message at each start-up stating the software cannot find what it needs. I cannot figure-out how to fix this. I may just delete the file and download it again.

If these issues are fixed, I will gladly send in some money.
[Version 2.2.2]

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Dthdunn replied on 23 Feb 2012
UPDATE: This software has found another phishing document. These appear to be coming into my Mac via emails related to college scholarships for my son. Unfortunately, also another problem: virus definitions won't update due to error 62 (whatever that is).

Dthdunn reviewed on 08 Feb 2012
If this application is "the best there is" for the Mac user, there is an opening here for some company.

I used Quicken since the day it was released. So perhaps, stating it was easy to use is slightly unfair, since I knew the product so well. That said, I never looked at a manual or had to study how to do things. That software was easy to use and simple to understand. After five weeks I have still not created all of my accounts under iBank.

The software basically feels clumsy and the screen is visually busy. Many things are not intuitive.

I hear Quicken is going to release a Lion compatible version in a month or two. I am considering dumping iBank and going back to Quicken.

Maybe if I give iBank more time and effort I'll become a convert, but so far I am just missing Quicken, a product I was ironically trying to move away from for years.
[Version 4.3.2]

Dthdunn commented on 21 Jan 2012
OK, this is free, but the provider clearly wants to get paid.

I used this after using four other utilities (all fee based) that claim to be able to remove ALL non-English software. Well, this utility said I had 1,666 files left. Wow! This software is either great or highly flawed.

The very next morning, I ran the utility again and it said I had hundreds of non-English files. Where did these files come from? Why do non-English files seem to regenerate? Do ANY of these utilities work?

In the PC world you can buy multiple utilities to fix registry issues and run them one after another. Each one will always claim to be fixing your software.

As a user, I must take the position that either: (1) I am being lied to, or (2) There are things happening inside computers I do not fully comprehend, or (3) These products are just ways to suck money from me.
[Version 1.4]

Dthdunn commented on 18 Jan 2012
Can't argue with the price. Most of this can be done for free, but $2 is about as close to free as one can get...

What baffles me is that: I now have four pieces of software that include the ability to eradicate non-English software. I run these applications regularly, as I am using an SSD main drive and it is too small and must be kept lean until I can afford a larger one. These applications, including this one, keep telling me I have loads of non-English software. This is simple not possible, at least logically it makes no sense to me.

Does this non-English software regenerate itself? Can someone suggest how this unwanted software can be kept off my computer?
[Version 1.6.2]

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Dthdunn replied on 21 Jan 2012
FYI, I download iCleanLanguage after seeing it posted above. It claimed (immediately after I ran Disk Diet) that my computer had 1,666 foreign language files.

I now have 5 utilities to clean-up language files and none seem to work.

Dthdunn reviewed on 30 Dec 2011

This software seems to be stable enough now for a rating. The last several versions worked fine on my Mac Pro (early 2009) a quad-core Intel with 10.7.2 OSX.

The software takes you straight to the movie, bypassing the previews and standard trappings of the traditional Blu-ray DVD. I'm not sure I consider this a defect, since all the junk in front of most films is something I do not miss.

As for this legality issue related to VLC open source code, I don't see how this is a user issue. I have paid for more than one application that appears to be a rip-off another application (for example: BusyCal is iCal with window dressing -- kinda shocked Apple does not sue them).

The Mac world needs Blu-ray movie capability, so I'm not one to look for reasons to not buy whatever solution finally arrives (despite all the initial problems). If like me you love movies, have an HD monitor, an HD capable video card, and a 5.1 sound system -- you want to be able to play Blu-ray. Now you finally can.

Dthdunn commented on 15 Dec 2011
Mac Blu-ray Player (

This release is the first to play on my Mac Pro after version 1.0 worked briefly. I will pay for the software only after doing more thorough testing.

Despite the comments of "Dunno Sternlight" below, this application has had serious problems and has not worked for many users on many types of Macs.

Perhaps we are finally out of the woods.

Dthdunn commented on 07 Dec 2011
After two months of emails and testing, the vendor finally acknowledged the software does not work for many people and they do not seem to know why. Clearly, the software DOES work for some people.

One "fix" is to create a new user on your computer and reload the application under that user. I never tried this, but they claim it fixes the problem of not starting on some computers.

They also suggested running the software under Windows on your Mac. I also rejected this "solution". I did try this, but was unable to get a driver for my internal Blu-ray player for Windows XP (running under the Parallels application).

I have received a full refund.

Blu-ray, or any movie DVD application for that matter, must be updated often to deal with changes to the way movies are made. If this software ever does work for most people, further issues are going to happen.

To my knowledge, there is no alternative. I hope they get this to work. Shame on Apple for putting profit over customer needs. Apple claims (per MacRumors) to be working on a line of products using a new higher-end version of Blu-ray. Who knows if that rumor is valid.

Dthdunn commented on 29 Nov 2011
The current version of this application is 1.9.4 on the date of this entry. The version posted here is multiple revisions old.

I notice that the product rating dropped to 3.0 from 4.5 (since my last comment below) but no one has rated the application. That's weird.

I have now spent 23 hours trying to get this application to work. My 2009 Mac Pro has only current and legal software. Other users report that this application works, but it will not even load the Blu-ray movie for me. Version 1.0 loads the movie, but then does not play it correctly. The manufacturer continues to request information (albeit with a one or two week delay between emails), but after four revision changes, there is no improvement.

I have a standing request for a refund, which so far they refuse to pay. If you want to play Blu-ray disks on your Mac, stay tuned. At this point I would NOT pay for this software.

Dthdunn had trouble on 11 Nov 2011
The following message was sent to the manufacturer:


Diagnostics steps taken:

Removed current version of Blu-ray player, including all preferences and associated files.

Loaded version 1.0 of Blu-ray player.

Loaded Blu-ray movie and started Blu-ray Player software. Movie starts.

Stopped movie and closed Blu-ray player. Restarted Blu-ray Player and searched for updates. Downloaded current version. Loaded software.

Started Blu-ray played and tried to start movie. Movie would not start. I get the following error message:

Failed to get Blu-ray disc playlist.

What do you want me to test next? As I have stated from the beginning, version 1.0 works and the releases after 1.0 do not.

Mac Pro with 2x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Intel, 16GB DDR3, OS 10.7.2, Matshita Blu-ray device (internal).


Dthdunn had trouble on 20 Sep 2011
If you, like many unforyunate users, deleted Safari from Lion, thinking a fresh load would make it run better, then you are in a fix. The people we used to trust at Apple have a browser which will not load under its current OS. What the h_ll are they thinking? Safari 5.1 only loads under Snow Leopard. So, if you deleted Safari, you basically have to wait until the next release to get it back.

After 2+ decades of loving this company, they turn more into another Microsoft with each half-baked decision.

I miss the old Apple. I miss having control over my machine.

I know there is some Lion restore you can download to repair Lion and perhaps get safari running again, but why should I have to go through that? When Lion was released, they should have upgraded safari to e loadable under that OS. Another in a string of recent blunders. My son's $800 PC, suddenly doesn't seem so bad next to my $5000 Mac pro set-up.
[Version 5.1]

Dthdunn had trouble on 19 Sep 2011
I tried going back to SL, thought I had it working, and realized some things are NOT working. When I drag over my Mail file from the 10.7 disk, then start to use mail it forces an import which wipes out the transferred mail data.

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET 10.6 MAIL WORKING WITH DATA FROM 10.7? The Mail program is the same rev level. Doing an import does not work either. With my mail data I must return to using Lion. HELP!!!
[Version 10.7.1]

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Dthdunn replied on 19 Sep 2011
Without my Mail data...
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