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Drsfg reviewed on 17 Nov 2013
Upgraded one of my less important computers to 10.9 Mavericks which includes Safari 7.0. Testing the sites I was having problems with 6.1 under Mountain Lion, the results are exactly the same. Sites like FedEx slow to an absolute crawl with the blue wait ball returning after each key stroke.

For this reason alone, if you must use Safari, do *not* upgrade to Mavericks and stay with Safari 6.0.5.

Safari 6.1/7.0 is a disaster. WHY HASN'T APPLE FIXED THIS YET????
[Version 7.0]


Drsfg reviewed on 05 Nov 2013
I upgraded to 6.1 using Mountain Lion. 6.1 is simply horrific. Websites are slow, produce error messages. It's driving me crazy! And I don't have Glims installed.

Is there anyway to downgrade??
[Version 6.0.5]

Drsfg commented on 17 Jun 2013
If you already have a paid version of Printopia, it's better to update via the general preferences pane rather than running the downloaded demo. Only your registered email address is asked for.
[Version 2.1.10]

Drsfg commented on 10 May 2012
The upgrade messed up my mail settings, reactivating mail settings I had put away, but after deactivating them again, things seem to be working okay.

I didn't have any problems restarting, but I always repair permissions and check the drives integrity before I install an upgrade to the operating system.
[Version 10.7.4]

Drsfg commented on 28 Mar 2012
My version of Eudora OSE has somehow developed a corruption and I can no longer access any of my emails. Does anybody think that having Thunderbird import the Eudore OSE data that I could then get to my emails?

I tried leaving messages at Eudora OSE's blog but I have received no responses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
[Version 11.0.1]


Drsfg reviewed on 17 Mar 2012
I was glad to see this version of Quicken for one reason only: to access my legacy data, and this it does. And for that, the price couldn't be beat. I moved to MoneyDance mid-2006 because I was just fed up with Intuit's lack of Mac support/interest. And boy! was I happy I did. The (attempted) conversion to Quicken Essentials was a disaster. More than 50% of my data never made it over. I couldn't convert over to Quicken PC because I have many, many split transactions that have twenty lines or more, and they will not convert (I would have run Quicken PC through CrossOver).

So, when I moved to Mac OS 0.7 Lion, literally 10 years of data became unavailable. Until now. All the data seems to be there and that's great. And I think that that's what Intuit wanted to do. Provide access.

As far as I'm concerned, Quicken is no longer being developed for the Mac. I would advise ALL of you out there to begin looking at alternatives. I chose MoneyDance because it is fully cross platform. It has quirks to be sure, and I think some of those quirks are there in order not to look like it is a Quicken clone and risk being sued. There are other programs as well. Try them all and find which you like. Even if Intuit decided today to redo both platforms to be truly cross-compatible, I wouldn't/couldn't go back.

Face reality: Quicken is dead. May she rest in peace.
[Version 16.1.0]

Drsfg commented on 18 Jan 2012
Well, I took the plunge and installed V2.8.1 on my MacBook Pro. My Brother HL-5370DW, which would not print two sided after the last update until I reinstalled the older driver, is working okay under this update, I very relived to say. My Brother HL-5280DW printer is at home and I'll try that tonight, but I am encouraged by what happened today.
[Version 2.8.1]


Drsfg reviewed on 26 Jul 2011
I installed this update through Software Update. The size of the file was 1/10th of what is being downloaded here. It was quick without any problems. Some people have stated that the About This Mac window notates the supplemental update. My window still says OS 10.6.8
[Version 10.6.8 v1.1]

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Drsfg replied on 26 Jul 2011
I think it's all a plot to make us think we're losing our marbles :o)

Drsfg reviewed on 17 Jun 2011
No longer works in Camino or Firefox. Completely crashes Camino, nothing renders in Firefox.

It does work in Safari.
[Version 2.4]

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Drsfg replied on 21 Jun 2011
But I'm not using 32-bit mode, why would one?

Drsfg replied on 21 Jun 2011
This is from the Camino Project:

You recently submitted a Camino crash report[1], presumably triggered by viewing a PDF file. If you haven't already diagnosed the problem yourself, this crash is caused by version 2.4 of the SchubertIT "PDF Browser Plugin". Unfortunately, this newest version of the plug-in only supports Safari, per its "System Requirements"[2]. The previous version, 2.3.2, is still available for download[3] and works properly with Camino 2 on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

Drsfg reviewed on 29 May 2011
I've been using Moneydance since 2006 and have been very happy with leaving Quicken behind. It is a good program. However, there seems to be a trend (Paperless is another example) where new versions, with "improvements" are actually worse than their older versions.

First, there appeared the inability to print reports in Portrait mode which appeared in v2010. This, I was told would require a complete rewrite that may still not be solved in v2011.

Now, in V2011, the split lines have been changed from single line to double line format "in a effort to be consistent with the companion entry format" (I am paraphrasing what I was told.)

Well, this may be well and good, BUT it makes working with the split lines and hence the program far more difficult and reduces efficiency. And the whole idea is to make life MORE efficient, NOT less!

I can deal with the print format problem, as I only print for tax reporting, but I cannot deal with the split format issue, which I use practically every day and with entries having at least 15 splits twice a month. So I returned to V2010 and entry speed immediately re-improved by leaps and bounds.

If you do lots of split transactions, beware of V2011!
[Version 2011]

Drsfg had trouble on 08 Feb 2013
Has this version been withdrawn?? When you go to Apple's website there is no way to download the file.
[Version 7.6.3]

Drsfg had trouble on 27 Jan 2013
FYI, get an error "improperly signed" trying to update within the program.
[Version 20130127]

Drsfg had trouble on 20 Jan 2013
Still having a problem updating from within the program.
[Version 2.6.6]

Drsfg had trouble on 01 Jan 2013
I can't seem to update the program from within the program itself. It always says that there is an error, the site may be down and try another time. This has happened with several different attempts.

I wind up downloading from MU and replacing the program manually. Anybody else have this problem?
[Version 2.6.5]

Drsfg had trouble on 26 Jun 2010
I have my machine set to San Francisco time. Yet, no matter what I try, the time on the Moon Menu drop down is 7 hours too fast. How does one fix this? I have the preferences set to local time.
[Version 3.0.3]

Drsfg had trouble on 28 Apr 2010
There seems to be a problem with this version of Xsounds. When I put my machine to sleep (MacBook Pro 10.6.3) and then awaken it, my ethernet connection (through which I get my internet, and connect to my other computers, as well as my printer) is dead and I have to disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable to restart it. When I remove Xsounds the problem goes away.
[Version 3.0.1]

Drsfg had trouble on 05 Mar 2010
Also, the read/unread button does not remove itself when you open a message as per the preferences.

This is a terrible update!!!! I'm going back to b8. b8 was much better!
[Version 8.0b9]

Drsfg had trouble on 05 Mar 2010
The classic view option (where the mailboxes are listed in a left-sided pane) no longer works.
[Version 8.0b9]

Drsfg had trouble on 26 Feb 2010
This version doesn't crash when you go to the help menu, thank G-d! But does anybody who how to change the "recipient" listing to a "from" listing? I need to know who my mail is coming from, not who it's coming to (which is me). Please, help!! I'll be eternally grateful!
[Version 8.0b8]

Drsfg had trouble on 04 Sep 2009
I also have lost my trash icon. Does anubody know how to add icons to the tool bar?
[Version 8.0b7]

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