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Dremwkr reviewed on 13 May 2012
Grade: A

This fires on all cylinders. It just works. It does what it needs to do...100%. It is "Mom" proof (I hope she isn't reading this...LOL). It doesn't crash.... AND in terms of value, you can't beat free...

I extend gratitude and blessings to the developers for this charitable work against internet evil. Grace be with you.

I extend to them, the traditional US Navy WELL DONE!
[Version 1.1.3]


Dremwkr reviewed on 24 Mar 2012
For a free program it does fine, it does do system upkeep. It has a really good clean interface and is easy to use. I have given it a good work out under MtLion dv2 and it ran great, which tells me that the basic coding in it is solid and reliable. I paid for (in app) for the Premium Package, and it ran well too. The premium pkg was I think less than $10 and includes not only all the current extras but any future extras the developer is working on (I am assuming that he is...). I agree with the other reviewers that this app should either:

1. Name this free app something like iBooster Free or iBooster QuickClean and the Premium version something like iBoosterPro or iBooster+ in the MacApp store. OR

2. Just call it iBooster in the MacApp Store but note right up front at the top that the free version does like QuickClean, Disk Health, Firewall check, Startup Items, etc. and "can be upgraded for $X" to include: (Specify additional functions).

It also needs to say up front that it is written for and works only with Lion or better.

Having said all that, it should be noted that even the "Premium" version does not do every thing that say Onyx does for free. In consideration of that, anything charged for more than $5 is basically on the wrong side of the Laffer curve (i.e. what I am saying is the Developer will maximize revenues on the program if he does no exceed beyond the apex of the curve which I think is about $5). As a practical matter, if the developer can get this thing to do more and better, THEN charge more. Just say'n.
[Version 3.0]


Dremwkr reviewed on 16 Oct 2011
This is a MUST HAVE mac App. It saves so much TIME and EFFORT. Apple should have thought of it. It is an unexpected jewel, I'd know I needed it, now that I have it, I can't do without it! It just works, I just does what I need it to do, and it is a steal compared to the labor and hassle it saves. WELL DONE!
[Version 1.9.65]

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Dremwkr replied on 16 Oct 2011
Read: I didn't know I needed it vice I'd know I needed it.

Dremwkr reviewed on 24 Aug 2011
Bootcamp is an essential if you want to run PC games on the mac. For example, I play StarTrek Online, it is windows only,and it only runs fast on Bootcamp. Also, I have world of warcraft on both Mac and windows, but for some reason, the windows version is faster (something about OpenGL vs DirectX. Bootcamp does what I need it to do, it is transparently easy to use, it is FREE (with OSX), and I have not noticed any problems with it crashing. In other words it just works. My only comment is that I have problems keeping my Apple MagicPad to stay connected bluetooth wise at times. As such I am giving it a slight hit in stablity. (this could be something specific to my MacPro).
[Version 3.3]


Dremwkr reviewed on 23 Aug 2011
I have a completely different take on this.
I find just pressing the icon doing what I want, is a great thing. It is my guess that is in fact what most other users, even them that describe themselves as "Power Users" would want to do. I find it helpful and the easiest and simplest way to get the user library.

It does what I want it to feature wise, it just works, it has unbeatable value (its hard to beat free), and it is stable-it works every time.

I suppose Apple hid the User Library folder because it may have confused many by having TWO Library folders, and it is true I need access less, but when I do need it, I need it.

My thanks to the developer for sharing this simple and useful fix. I suggest he put it on the app store if he can. It is also my recommendation to Onyx developers (and the like) to make this feature available on their apps as well.
[Version 1.0]

Dremwkr commented on 14 Oct 2010
Version 4.01 (PreCat) is out, and it is optimized even more for Open GL, and has many, many ingame enhancements.
[Version 3.3.5]

Dremwkr commented on 13 Sep 2010
Note to Developer:
Thank you for continuing to develop and polish myWritings!
My wish list for myWritings:
*Under info button, for text frequency: have the option of word count per 1000 words.
*Add a dictionary button to the toolbar.
*Add an underline color button to the toolbar.
*Add insert line or column to table commands
*Use a brighter electric blue for the app icon (More colorful!)
*Lastly, for your default set of icons for the toolbar, include a customize button on the end.
[Version 1.2.3]


Dremwkr reviewed on 08 Aug 2010
A great app, it just works, developer is to be commended for willing to take a fresh clean approach to Word Processing. I like the customizable toolbar, I can set it up with just what I need. I am sorry I missed that feature before. My suggestion is that "Dictionary" be added to the tools available.

The developer is also to be commended for continuing to improve and polish an already excellent app, I get the feeling he has great passion for making great apps for the mac, and this app shows it.
[Version 1.1.7]

Dremwkr commented on 01 Aug 2010
See my comment below more than two years ago.
[Version 1.5.1]

Dremwkr commented on 27 Jul 2010
A note to the developer: The app really needs a customizable tool bar so I could add what I needed (text Color, underline color, dictionary, table) and delete what I don't need. Bean does this but I think you can do it better. I have learning disablities so having icons for these things helps me use the app by not having to try to remember where stuff is buried in the menus.

The underlaying app is so good, its a shame, its missing this to make it a 5 star app.
[Version 1.1.5]

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